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  1. ty for all your help - it was strange it only happened that one time but to both vehicles. I played all day today and no issues. Glad they are working on it. Initially I was more upset because it had all my loot still in it. I had only removed a few items so I was upset to find them gone. Now I just put everything in a dump chest as soon as I get home and pick up vehicle. Thanks again for all your help. Barb
  2. I play on local pc and yesterday my 4x4 disappeared with all my stuff. I logged off and it was back. I took my stuff out and picked up and then it respawned in my garage with all my stuff duplicating it. I was going to log but decided to pick up my motorcycle and when I did, it respawned with all my stuff duplicated. Recently when I parked my 4x4 in my garage it would be moved sideways next time I went to access it. Not sure if this is part of this bug but just wanted to fyi on it. Right now I'm picking them up and putting away when I log off but this has never happened before. I'm on A19 current version. Not sure what to do or how much danger I am of loosing my vehicles/stuff. Should I continue to pick up before I log off? I can do when I'm at base but what about when I'm traveling? any help/info on this is appreciated. Thanks, Barb
  3. ok well the updates finished and between that and the other hint - it fixed it. Thank you so much. I went in through steam and not launcher this time. I will try launcher another time since this worked and I'm ok going in through steam. Thanks again for all your help. Barbara
  4. ok, that might be it then because there was a pending update. I'll check and make sure there is none and let you know. Hey thanks to all. I hope this works.
  5. It's not an external USB adapter. I don't see any wifi errors or warnings in event viewer. There is a steam client service listed under warning. Some scattered steam notice warnings - different files - these are start in Oct through Dec. But this problem with the wifi just started and has happened the last 2 times I played. Those warning could be sometimes I get a pop up within steam about map or location but that's happened since the beginning of my playing 7dtd for several years now. I just don't see anything about wifi. Clearly something weird happened. I went and read some help suggestions and I have gone into my virus protection and created an exclusion. I'll try this tomorrow and see if it happens again. - If you have any other suggestions, I'm open to try. Thanks, Barbara
  6. I'm not sure where to post this question but this just started the other day. I'm running Alpha 19 and have been with no issues. The other day when I exited 7dtd, on close it shut my wifi off. The only way to restart it was to reboot. This doesn't happen with any other application or game that I've found. I can use all other programs, browsers, apps etc withour any issues. It did it again yesterday. So if anyone has any ideas or help on why the game shuts off my wifi (I'm guessing it's the adapter?) I'd appreciate the help. The game is up to date as is all my updates on my pc. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas how to fix? I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong area. Barbara
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