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  1. I see what you're trying to do, since it looks like it's set to craft at a default speed. The best workaround I think of offhand would be to add some kind of new turbo ConcreteMix recipe by copying the existing recipe and just multiplying both the output and ingredients by say 10 or 100 for a similar increase in speed. It's not very granular, but when you're making mix, you're probably looking to do 6000 at one shot instead of 17. <recipe name="resourceConcreteMix" count="100" craft_area="cementMixer" tags="cementMixerCrafting"> <ingredient name="resourceCrushedSand" count="100"/> <ingredient name="resourceRockSmall" count="100"/> <ingredient name="resourceCement" count="100"/> </recipe>
  2. I'm pretty sure the trader doors are 2 high x 3 wide, and the electric garage door is 3 high x 5 wide. If you alter the blocks.xml to put advanced rotations on the smaller 2x3 door, you could place it on its side and have a 3 high x 2 wide door. Then hide the top third with some kind of block and have the doors open inward. Just a thought.
  3. The number in the blocks.xml is the lootlist, which determines how many rows by how many columns are displayed (via the size info in loot.xml). If you change the lootlist value, you're pointing it at a different present container/set of containers (since many share the same lootlist). So, that 420 would represent a player-defined LootList in loot.xml of size x,y (haven't seen the a19 xmls, but before vanilla was using into the 390's), while 17 is a vanilla-defined container. Just make sure LootList 420 has a size of 10,10 or less, and you should have a function set of containers with 100 available storage slots.
  4. I know the xmls for vanilla vehicles say their storage is maxed out at 100. It might be that the same limit applies to containers, as it look like you've got 100 slots in that screenie. Is that the point where the error pops up? If so, you might try setting the capacity to 100 even. To do that, look at the entry for the cabinets in the blocks.xml, make a note of the LootList value, then find that value in loot.xml. You might try editing the size down to 10,10 to give you a total of 100 slots in the cabinet.
  5. Like Telric said, it's probably a problem with the T_Mesh_B tag. The model must be tagged with it, and it must come in the proper order on the list of tags (3rd option as I recall, but at work so I can't check). Trust me, I made this same mistake with xyth's flags, and found that I could place them, but not pick them up/destroy them. The culprit was me having T_Mesh_B out of order in the options.
  6. xyth, I love your mods, and your Youtube tutorials are the only thing that could convince me to jump into Unity. I'd love if you'd put out mini projects on the video players and theater screens. And thanks again for all you do!
  7. After the change, were you starting a fresh game, or continuing a previous experimental game? If it's the latter, I've found that some changes to the game (especially the Progression.xml) can seriously bork an existing world. That's all I can offer you.
  8. If you have FTP access to your rented server, you can set mods up on it the same way you install them on your personal machine--by setting up a Mods folder and dropping them in there. I've had success using Filezilla for this. Be aware that mods that contain anything other than XML files (so, anything not in the Configs files--icons and models in particular) will need to be installed on each player's machine, too. My group uses PingPerfect for hosting and we've been quite happy with them. We can put mods up with either FTP or through the File Manager part of their Control Panel. However, the File Manager only lets you upload 3 files at a time, and there's a limit of, I think, about 20 Mb combined for the 3 files. With FTP it's much easier, and no restrictions.
  9. It shouldn't be a problem. I constantly test new mods on my machine, then join my friends' server (which lacks them) without incident. Unfortunately, the opposite isn't usually true. If your server has any mods that aren't purely XML, you'll have to have the other components on your system, too (unity3d files, icons, etc).
  10. Great stuff here, succinctly explained. Love it. For returning modders looking to update past work, you might want to note that quest localization no longer has its own file, plus the change to localization being pushed (I think--not playing around with a19 yet).
  11. blockplaceholders is where you'd adjust the chances of getting any given vehicle, say more red ones and fewer white ones. If you want to pump up the number of vehicles spawning on roads/out in the desert, go into biomes.xml and search for instances of "carsRandomHelper". It should be followed by a probability you can tweak to your liking. There are 13 occurrences of it in the copy of biomes.xml I'm looking at (a18.4), so you could pump it up for each biome/sub-biome individually. There's also "carWrecksRandomHelper" which will give you more beaters to strip if you turn up the probability. None of this will affect the number of vehicles in parking lots or other POIs, AFAIK.
  12. First off, many thanks to you and everyone who contributed buildings to the CP. My friends and I started our first server with these a couple of months ago and really loved the variety. Favorites: xcostum_AltenburgCastle(by_Horst) -- would like to see a lot more zombies inside it, thoughxcostum_InsaneAsylum(by_Genosis) -- atmospheric as all hellxcostum_ModernArtGallery(by_Pille_TopMinder) -- this is a work of art in itself. So creative! xcostum_WaterPark1(by_NAGGcommunity) -- lots of action everywhere except for in that obscene loot chamber off to one side xcostum_Spirallibrary(by_Tom) -- good balance of risk/reward, and you've gotta love the books xcostum_SkyDiner(by_Tom) -- looking forward to hang gliding off the roof of this xcostum_Roundhouse(by_Tom) -- easy on the eyes and plenty of action xcostum_Lost_Joels(pseudo-trader)(by_DMC) -- totally sucked us in the first time (and some of us more than once) xcostum_Multi_Trader_02(by_War3zuk) -- convenient if you can make the jump (I don't do it half as well as some zombies) xcostum_Library(by_War3zuk) -- could probably use a few more sleepers for balance In Need of Some Attention: xcostum_nepa_base(by_Eihwaz) -- maybe throw some sleepers in there so you have to clear it before you get a solid bloodmoon base xcostum_LittleLeagueBaseball(by_Curmudgeon) -- great idea, but loot is totally over the top (60k dukes or more on a run without perks) xcostum_StripClub(by_Wsiegel) -- no sleeper volumes xcostum_Pawnshop(by_magoli) -- no sleeper volumes xcostum_NSiteMissileSilo(byEphoie) -- regularly get 70+ repair kits from the garage alone, and don't get me started on two dozen unguarded boxes down below xcostum_house_modern_02(by_Kam) -- looks great, but the entire building and backyard is made of adamantium, making it a PITA to get into the panic room Granted, this is my experience running CP42 or 43 in A18.4. Some of this might've been addressed since then, and if so, you have my apologies.
  13. Ragsy, wanted to say thanks for the mods--I've had fun messing around with the boats and the hang glider is an insanely good time. Just wanted to point out that the included recipe for the Hang Glider consists of 6 different parts, but if you're building it at an unmodded workbench it only shows the first 5 (no wheels shown). Might cause some head scratching for folks who try to craft them instead of just spawning them in. Keep up the good work!
  14. Now that I finally got around to creating an account here, just wanted to give you a big thank you for all these awesome vehicles. They are so much fun! Keep up the good work.
  15. Longtime lurker, first time poster. For starters, Xyth, thanks for all you do for the community. I love your mods and tutorials. I've messed around with both the posters and flags to put them in as variant helper blocks. Speaking of Fun With Flags, I was having the same problem as an earlier poster with interacting with newly created ones (meleeing them or picking up) in game. This was with version 2 of your templates. It looks like while your sample Looted flag has a Tag of T_Mesh_B on the polest object, that's been assigned to Tag 0 instead of Tag 2. When I finally redid the tags so T_Mesh_B was on Tag 2, I was able to interact with my new flags in game. Just thought I'd give you a heads up on that. Thanks again for everything!
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