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  1. Was about to suggestion the same, a vehicle mod to increase damage against zombies so you can at least one hit kill basic zombies would be nice just for the fun of running them over while driving. You could even give bloodmoon zombies a resistance to it if you thought it was OP for horde night, but after the terror of the super horde vultures I doubt anyone still tries to drive around all night. It's mostly just fun to bonk zombies with a car, and then it's kind of sad when you have to back up and do it 20 times to actually kill them lol
  2. They can de-aggro, kind of. But it's WAY more based on distance than it is your stealth skills. If you just put 900 blocks between you and the zombie, yeah they will finally stop chasing you, but it's not reliable or even usable really. It's easier to just get them stuck on a janky piece of furniture than to escape via stealth (without just sprinting away) It's ALWAYS the lumberjack zombie that hears me and will tear through 400 concrete walls to find me in the middle of the shotgun messiah
  3. Good questions as both are issues imo. Stealth builds are just a bad meme because they can't de-aggro zombies and they are useless on the most important night of the week, and like you said, the way the encounter zones works makes them useless too. I tested suppressors and I cannot find a single benefit to them. You can sit outside the room entrance and just crouch and use an unsilenced hunting rifle to shoot sleeping zombies, and it will only wake them up if you miss a shot and hit a wall or something. Best I can tell, the suppressor only matters for wandering zombies out in a field, which
  4. I've been harassing them about this for like 4 months without a reply lol. I think they've said there might be a pipe baton and nothing else so far. I would love a way to get Junk Sledge to work day one, as it's quickly become my favorite weapon in the game since Faatal fixed it after A19 dropped. My suggestion is a blow pipe or something that uses junk ammo / iron darts so that ammo type and skill line has a use early game (which is a big part of why pipe weapons are being introduced). Simple and easy, could even use existing in game iron pipes or something
  5. Muh realism in my game with zombies and digging to the core of the planet.
  6. I dunno what the streamer plans for A20 are, but you guys should consider reaching out and try to get the Hololive girls to play 7 Days again. The JP ones played it in the past, and I bet the EN ones would be open to playing. If you snagged EN, it would likely be nuts even if they only played it once. Gawr Gura alone gets 25K-70K+ live views on literally anything she streams, she had like 30K+ people listening to the audio of her making a cake in the background lol Even if only the JP ones played again, they pull quite big numbers themselves even among international fans and you gu
  7. I actually did my tests on the second hardest difficulty with zombies that sprinted, and that was where the knife did the worst of all lol You basically have to rely on stun above all else when you are being chased by 2-3 irradiated ferals that are sprinting, and the DoT bleed seems. . . quite low. I'm not even sure how much damage it does as it takes so long to actually kill them it was hard to really notice. The Club is second best to Junk Sledges on the higher difficulty just because of knock back / stun + the club doing so much more damage to stunned targets and re-knocking the
  8. Speaking of bleed damage, wasn't that supposed to be getting a major buff / rework in A20? I recall Mad Mole talking about wanting to make status effects more important for players and I think also mentioned it applying to the machete line to make them more appealing. ATM from all the tests I've run, machete is one of the worst weapons in the game just because it can't really compete with a club or sledge in any real situation. Even for hit and run you can just use a fire mod on a better weapon and bonk them
  9. Deep biome confirmed, cave systems being introduced for A21 confirmed. Faatal already hiding from the press to avoid the 3,000 questions per hour Really though, my biggest wishlist item for 7D2D is a randomly generated cave and tunnel system to take advantage of the Voxel based world and give mining some more flair and cool stuff. Could have mole type digger zombies and some cool stuff to reward that type of playstyle
  10. Any word on Spiders being able to climb again, or being able to do anything unique? They are not really a threat at the moment imo beyond their annoying hit box. It'd be cool if they got a ranged web stun attack or something if the wall climb is too much work
  11. Nah, leave if you don't like seeing other's opinions and stances you don't agree with
  12. I didn't leave it at that, because that isn't my over all intention. I see why Roland thought it should be done, but I don't agree that it's best. An opinion I am 100% allowed to have, who are you to say what I can or can't say / feel? Especially so after downvoting my post after crying about others doing it to you just a day or two ago lol
  13. Best I can tell, my message was terminated anyway lol. It's not in the main thread or this one. I'm undecided on the multi thread approach, I get why it was done, but it basically just killed both threads as there's basically no discussion in either one now, just once off comments that get moved to this thread where essentially nobody actually reads or replies. The main thread is a bit less cluttered, but the devs aren't replying either way, so there's no discussion and instead just pages of dev questions with no answers or other players commentary / opinion / ideas on those quest
  14. The loot hasn't really changed all that much for the points you raised. You still have to explore to get loot, and it's still random, it's just more gated than it was. It already was gated to where you weren't very likely to find a t6 steel chest piece day 1. Now they just made it take longer to get it, which IMO is a much better system because it makes your loot and crafted gear WAY more impactful. You don't just skip past the entire loot pool and never use 90% of the gear. In A18 there was basically no real reason to use stone or iron anything, because you'd find a steel pick and
  15. Can any of the devs comment on what ever happened to the "spawn next to each other when starting a game" thing that was mentioned during the A19 pre-release streams? I can't remember if it was Lathan or Mad Mole who talked about it, but basically the point was that you guys wanted to make it easier for new players to play with a friend and just start a game and not have to do the 3KM death sprint to find each other. Would be a really cool feature to have if it's still on the table / in the works! I mean, the original time line for A20 was before Christmas, so
  16. Yep, junk turrets are a miners best friend. I either put them on top covering the entrance to the mine with covering firing angles, or put them down in the mine itself ready to blow away and zombies that stumble in and drop down. Honestly, playing with Junk Turrets watching your back is so much harder lol
  17. Ah this could be it. I have different ores flagged around the local area, and just drive out once every week or two and mine for about 10 minutes then leave for another week or two. The heat map probably cools between sessions. I always put my junk turrets watching my back ready to kill anything that falls into my mine entrance but I usually see a max of like 1 screamer per mining session. It's usually just a random zombie or two that wander by and fall in more than screamers. With the chainsaw thing, I've got a tree farm right next to the base so I bet it's a hot zon
  18. I had tons of screamers in A18 when I used an auger, but I dunno, in A19 I run my auger right at surface level for 10 minutes (until my rock candy runs out) and rarely ever have more than 1 total screamer. Now chainsaws, THOSE attract screamers and hordes like mad for some reason, maybe auger is bugged in A19
  19. There is not, that would definitely be a 7 Days 2 Die feature for the sequel as it would require like, all kinds of new mechanics and engines. Sound barely makes a difference in current version, you can fire guns and run an auger all day and you'll only get a roaming horde every once in a while. Screamers are mostly attracted to forges as best I can tell, just normal crafting and moving about in your house shouldn't cause any issues I kind of miss the old system where they were super srs bsns about finding the player and would track you if you had meat and stuff on you. The first t
  20. It seems like Legendary gear is being pushed towards 7 Days 2 Die instead of an update for this game right? I'm fine with it either way, super excited for the second game, just curious if there's even any intent / point in putting it in this one
  21. I don't agree with your a lot of your rant, but I'm surprised people didn't know you were joking with this line. I say stuff like this all the time as a tongue in cheek joke . . . . uh oh, do people actually think I'm being serious when I walk into a room of friends and announce that the main character has arrived? Lol
  22. They answered this on dev streams before, and the answer is basically "It would be a lot of work, require completely rethinking essentially every aspect of the game, and would probably be minimal reward for the work. So maybe" I would love a VR version, but I don't see it being very high priority or honestly even being all that playable in VR. The Forest VR is cool but makes me so motion sick I can't really test it, and VR doesn't really fit this type of game that well. Just so many mechanics and controls and UI elements would have to be totally reworked to work
  23. Main thing I hope for the pipe weapons that devs have been suspiciously silent on, is a stone age Junk Turret type weapon. They have confirmed a pipe baton, but that's not a good solution as that's only for a melee weapon. I still like my idea of a Blowpipe weapon, as a ranged early game int option! Could use junk turret ammo and scale somehow with Junk turret perk points
  24. I mean, they can just . . y'know, increase the amount of brass found to compensate? I agree that brass items are just clutter that needs to be optimized. It takes way too long to scrap and when your bag is full, you have to just leave it behind. It's gotten so bad that literally the meta tactic is to just smelt dukes for brass instead and ignore all brass items in loot unless you have enough space to haul them around. I'll usually carry a stack of radiators back, or a stack of doorknobs, but they are one of the first things to go when storage space gets tight. Especiall
  25. Ah yeah, more mods would definitely help!
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