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  1. Better tip, deploy junk turrets to guard your mine for free exp and loot! Half the fun of mining is seeing that exp bar grow while you hear a faint "Put put put put put" in the background
  2. Lol, people debating food spoilage again? I'm pretty sure the devs have very explicitly said "Nope. No way. Not happening. Nada, nope, nah" like 4 or 5 times to food spoilage. It just adds a bunch of annoying anti-fun mechanics that are really punishing to new players, require a lot of dev work to set up, and are a non factor late game. Food is never an issue in any survival game past early game, that's just the nature of survival games. Which is how it should be. Balancing your food bar isn't fun. Having it be a risk if you ignore it or get stranded somewhere is good, having it be a never ending struggle for the entire game to the point where you can't even go clear a T5 PoI because all your food will expire in your bag and you'll starve to death isn't fun, it's annoying in fact and actively stops you from being able to enjoy the rest of the game because you are playing a food bar simulator I play almost nothing but survival games, but I still can't think of a single one where food is relevant past early game, for good reason. Stamina is the same way. It's essentially just a limit on how much fun you are allowed to have before the game says "nuh uh uh, take your hand off the keyboard and stand still for 10 seconds before you can play the game again!" , and usually is mitigated as you progress to a point where you can finally actually play the game without playing the green bar simulator. They are there for the early game challenge, but then are mitigated as you advance because they are annoying and tedious later on when you are trying to actually do something beyond just scrounge in the dirt in the early game
  3. Yeah was about to say, stun baton is actually pretty useful in high tier PoI, although I think the repulsor mod is bait that makes the baton worse. I wish there was a mod to do what the Candy does. Other weapons don't require a candy to be good, stuff like skull crushers are just added bonus rather than part of what the weapon is balanced around requiring. You can use stun baton without nerd tats, but without them it's definitely pretty meh compared to just using a club
  4. Default day length is 60 minutes I think? So that's an extra 50% time per day, so day 4 on 90 minute days is about day 7 normal I think? A motorcycle on day 7 is still fast, but not like absolutely insanely unheard of fast. And yeah if you super sweaty min max it traders are good, but I think that's just one of those "Don't super sweaty min max it if you don't want end game gear that fast" situations imo Traders could use some rebalancing, but I don't think the devs are balancing it based on hard core min maxing veteran player strats vs just making sure new players playing a normal pace don't buy a motorcycle before they've even got a bicycle Honestly the main reason the traders out pace loot so fast is because the loot perks aren't as impactful as better barter + rng rolling from multiple traders is. If you just head straight to the wasteland with all the loot perks + loot candy and googles etc and rush to the top of a t5 to the loot room, you can find some pretty crazy stuff day 7 too. Day 1 alone I think you can find entire stacks of ammo per ammo container and you will very likely be finding level 1 steel tools etc there as well. IIRC Wasteland adds like 50 to the loot stage, and a tier 5 PoI adds another bonus to it, so you can push your loot stage pretty high if you min max it
  5. Judging by the fact that you appear to be level 22, with steel tools and quality 6 primitive ones etc, you definitely don't look like you are playing on standard day length / exp etc, and are likely on a MUCH higher gamestage than anyone would normally be on day 4. Also, none of your strat involved intellect lol, unless that was your point. I guess you could have put a couple of points into better barter, but on normal progression most people would be level 6-8 by day 4 and wouldn't have maxed out better barter so it wouldn't impact the price that much
  6. Try it in a laggy area, like T5 skyscrappers or cities when there are a ton of zombies chomping at your bits. That's when it starts happening for me The sad part though is those moments are the times when you actually need a junk turret, and then it falls through the floor instead. I think I started having the no clip issues around t3 or t4 PoI
  7. Yeah, Madmole has hinted that A21 will have a lot of crafting changes to maybe make it more appealing. ATM crafting is basically pointless besides just for mods or *maybe* to craft a quality 5 t3 weapon if you didn't get one already, but once you've crafted it once you are done. I'm really hoping the crafting perks get a pretty good overhaul as well, they are just a noob trap atm and are a complete waste of points. Madmole also mentioned knowing the int tree sucked as well, so hopefully it also gets a nice pass through to give it some buffs. I'm hoping they can nail down the sledge and turret issues in the next patch or two, the robotic weapons are in a pretty bad spot in A20. The sledge can't hit jack crap thanks to the zombies crawl animation, and they both fall through the floor constantly so you can't even use the turrets in a PoI Sad int boy is sad
  8. Do you test with AMD equipment as well? With a 5600x cpu and 6900xt GPU I still get pretty rough frame drops sometimes at 1440p, especially in cities. Turning off dynamic mesh etc hasn't helped it for me.
  9. What ever happened to the 'breadcrumb trail" that was talked about in the past? Was a really interesting idea where the zombie would follow the footsteps the player took to get to their vantage point. I feel like my suggested "Spider zombie that can "spray" a web ladder" or another zombie that could build a temp dirt block or something would help with that too in case the player breaks the stairs behind them.
  10. Have you never heard of a quest board? A staple of RPGs since like, the dawn of mankind. Why would it not make sense that the trader has more than one place he wants you to go clear out a day? "It would be nice if Walmart was cleared out so I could go get some stuff from there, although if the Burger King was cleared out I could get my favorite straws, and well if the hardware store was clear I could go get a new tire for my lawnmower . . ." Wut, how does it impact that at all. There's literally zero chance you've fully cleared any decently sized entire town early game even if you are ignoring quests and only checking buildings all day for the first week. Currently if there's an item you really want, you look for it while doing quest PoI, or you go raid higher tier PoI that are above your quest level. With 1 quest a day you would look for it while doing your one quest, then go raid higher tier PoI, exactly the same, except you'd just have less incentive to bother with any low tier PoI without quest rewards so you would ignore anything that didn't look dangerous enough to have good loot. Less quests -> Less rewards -> less incentive to go for a perk that makes rewards better More quests -> more rewards -> more incentive to go for a perk that makes rewards better Less rewards -> Less loot to sell -> Less incentive to go for a perk that makes items more valuable to sell More rewards -> More loot to sell -> more incentive to go for a perk that makes items more valuable to sell
  11. A general "daily quest" / weekly quest like MMOs have would definitely be nice to give something to do, but IMO that would be more something that would exist along side the trader quests. Like if the Duke himself would send you a quest of like "Clear these 15 PoI for me" and you'd have a week to do it and some would be T5's etc so it was a challenge for early game. The problem them replacing the trader quests completely is it would still kill the trader reward perk from intellect because you wouldn't be able to collect rewards very often, and atm that perk is literally the only thing giving int a purpose lol. Even the junk turret perk is F tier atm because you can't use them without them falling through the floor so they are essentially useless / extremely unreliable I like the idea of the weekly quest as a standalone thing though. They could add new quest types really easily too, using already in game assets. Like quests to raid a nearby abandoned settlement that has power and turrets etc on, with zombies inside once you get past the turrets. That looks like a pre-gen PoI but I've never seen it. None of the cities I've found have subways that big Because limiting it to 1 quest a day, by default, means nobody elses play style even *can* exist. For anyone who chain does quests, they suddenly wouldn't be able to play their own preferred play style Like I said, it's fine if it's a player set limitation, but I was just saying that I wouldn't want it in official I mean, why? Why change it at all lol if a player doesn't find X quest type fun / rewarding enough or just wants to do quests why slap them on the wrist and tell them to eat their veggies? I guess I'm confused on why break something that ain't broke. There's a lot of other things that *do* need fixing instead rather than destabilizing the game by hitting quests that hard
  12. Because 1 job LIMIT means you are limited to one job per day? Driving 1KM+ to a trader to then get sent another 400-1KM+ to do your quest is the same as saying you basically aren't doing more than 2 quests a day max until you get a motorcylce, and by that point quests take so long that doing more than 2 or 3 at most a day from a single trader is already a challenge, not even counting the added 1km+ drive to each trader I'd say it would need to be like 3 quests per trader a day minimum and even then, arbitrary limiting it is very ???? to me as it just makes intellect even worse by nerfing it's only good perk and doesn't let people play the game how ever they want. A player set limitation is one thing, but I personally definitely wouldn't want that as a dev enforced design choice going forward
  13. 1 quest per day per trader is waaaaay too few. Honestly if a player wants to just spam quests all day then I don't see any reason to tell them their play style is wrong and say it's not allowed, any more than to put locking doors on PoI and say you can only loot 3 PoI per day or block players from entering X tier PoI until they are at the right gamestage etc. That would just be yet another nerf to Intellect anyway, which definitely doesn't need still more essentially useless perks lol
  14. Forced debuffs could be interesting, like give the bear an AoE roar that adds dysentery. Burning zombies can already give the burning effect, so it's kind of there, but they could add radiation sickness etc for radiated ones. There's so many cool tweaks the devs can make for end game stuff, I really hope they lean into it for quests. Like if you accept X quest type it will force set feral senses and force raise difficulty based on quest tier. They could do a lot of really neat stuff like force lower gamma on a night only quest so people can't just see in the dark, raise difficulty, force set feral senses, make screamers spawn in the area, have "spawner nests" that churn out tons of zombies until cleared, have targetted roaming hordes for wave defense similar to the dig quests etc. They shouldn't even be that hard to implement either, since nearly all of the resources and assets are already in the game, it would just be tweaks to change them / buff the zombies / debuff outgoing damage etc
  15. Y'know, as someone who just got done playing with my FPV drone outside, an FPV mod / mode for the drone could be pretty neat. The technology is actually already in the game too, with the camera systems the player can go into to look around with. An FPV option for the drone would let you scout out rooms / areas and check the top of builds etc. Not really tremendously useful or OP or anything, but neat
  16. Intellect / junk turrets falling through floors rants aside, a20 is great! The world generation alone makes it one of the best alpha's we've had of all time imo They seem a bit weaker which imo is fine because dogs were the freaking deadliest enemy in the game bar none before. You would just hear "DOOOOOG" being shrieked from across a PoI when someone encountered one, followed by the person dying or "anyone have two splints, three antibotics, a vitamin, and a painkiller?" Dog weaker, boar aggro on sight, it all balances out. Madmole has been stealth buffing the bear as well, and that thing is a holy terror, I got absolutely shredded by one while wearing almost full steel armor with an autoshotgun. I *did* die one of my only deaths to a stupid dire wolf too
  17. Yeah, the game is definitely turning way more into a looter shooter FPS than an RPG, I'm surprised anyone would feel the opposite. The survival stuff goes back and forth between patches, but it usually still feels important to the design, but as seen by the Anti-Intellect Defense Force™ that argues against focused and optimized builds that focus on one attribute, by saying "just use shotgun on all builds lol" and "game isn't balanced around focusing on one attribute", the RPG side definitely has been falling by the wayside for a while. You can still gimp yourself by roleplaying a narrow focused build, but it doesn't really feel supported / intended / balanced for. Like with your entire stealth build not even working on the most important night of the week or 80% of the intellect tree perks being completely useless compared to just finding schematics / getting rewarded the item outright by traders
  18. Yes, I assume it's probably related to all the shape changes causing the turret to no clip through the floor when it decides there's no floor there. Hopefully our on call after hours wizard Faatal works tirelessly over Christmas to fix this issue. Forget family, your fans are DYING here, alone and cold in a zombie horde! It happens when there's enough stuff going on to make the game laggy, and then the turret just yeets itself away to a more important battle. I've not found a fix for it, besides just not using turrets at all if there's any chance of there being enough zombies to cause lag, which defeats the purpose of the turrets lol. Intellect is not the tree to go into for A20 besides the trader reward perk, but it sounds like A21 might be kinder to it
  19. I've had the issue in A20 when I was living in a pre-existing PoI. When you first load in there are phantom blocks everywhere until you try to upgrade one / make contact with the real ones. In my case it was a Garage that had the door open (via the switch that opens it at the end of a clear quest but doesn't let you close it back) so when I spawned in there would be a phantom wall where the door was supposed to be at
  20. We can all agree that the rarest item in the game is actually the SMG. I've never seen a single one yet despite having almost every other weapon in the game, and haven't found the book either. Every streamer I saw said the same thing as well SMG has to have some kind of super low RNG spawn chance. I guess that could be one alternative to the 44 mag issue. Have a pipe SMG that uses 9mm and have the pipe revolver use 44 mag rounds
  21. Sounds like they just want the Forge to be another workbench like the workbench / chemstation / fire etc Which would make more sense than it currently being a weird outlier / relic of an old game design that doesn't really make sense / add anything of use Heat management and time management etc can all be easily applied to any new form of forge without much issue, all while being less clunky and confusing to people who have the attention span of a dead gnat
  22. I can definitely confirm that new players / casual players do not understand the current forge at all. My friend with 600+ hours still never touches the forge beyond knowing not to destroy mine or I'll screech at him If he needs forged iron or steel for a weapon or mod and there's not any in the box, he just walks to the trader to buy some or asks me to make some, and wouldn't understand the crucible / clay / iron stats in the forge. There's a basically zero chance he'd sit in a mineshaft for 20 minutes IRL mining iron and stone and clay etc either. I'm not going to outright say that run and gun players have severe ADHD but I'm going to imply it
  23. A good post is on the subreddit atm, suggesting the lever action use .44 magnum ammo and I think it deserves consideration. I would take it a step further and say the Pipe Rifle should use it too, because 44 mag ammo is basically useless loot clutter for nearly every build in the game and has absolutely zero use early game
  24. Seems like TFP could pretty easily resolve all the "I want to melee enemies without it being cheesy" arguments by just making a window type that can be melee'd through but not crawled through, and without the high health of a full block. Maybe something like a hatch frame that can be open and closed
  25. I assure that barely anyone cares about the block changes lol. There are a dozen or two people fired up about it at most, but checking somewhere like Reddit where there's 600-1,000+ people on the sub at any given time I don't even see a single thread on it, and even that is a tiny tiny tiny sample size compared to the 48,000 people playing at the time of posting this message Fun fact, while checking if literally anyone outside this forum cared about the change, I saw other people sad that the pipe baton has cool animations but is utterly useless past early game lol. I am honestly baffled on why TFP will spend tens of thousands of dollars making animations, models etc for stuff and then just . . . not care about making it actually useful or something players will continue using. Like . . . the works is quite literally already done , all that's left is just the easy stuff of changing a couple of lines of code to give it a chance to stun zombies or allow it to accept a "tazer mod" or something so it scales with it's own perk line. The mod would require new assets, but just giving it a chance to hit a "pressure point" and "stun" the target for a few seconds would give you a reason to invest in the perk line while using it bUT tHaT wOUlD bE oP Have y'all even read the club line? It has a super high chance to stagger / stun / knockdown and does stupid high extra damage to stunned targets, all while it literally has better stats then the baton to begin with. Make Pipe Baton Great (to begin with) and give it a steel reskin for a t3 People stop playing all the time no matter what. Like MM said, A20 isn't going to fix burnout and if someone quits because they can't find an auger or steel pick in the first week then it be like it is. The loot change undoubtedly increased player retention, and made it so 95% of the items in the game weren't pointless. Finding a steel pick day 5 meant you no longer cared about any iron or lesser drops you found. It honestly feels bad skipping tiers for most stuff. I found a level 3 auto shotgun in A20 too early and went from double barrel to auto and bypassed pump entirely, and feel kind of robbed. I almost stopped using it just to use the pump shotgun for a bit lol
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