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  1. While talking about Proton and Linux and such, has there been any word yet if 7 Days will work right off the bat on Steam Deck? It seems perfect for late night playing in bed
  2. Half blocks would be a life changer for this game. Being able to place flooring and stuff without making all your benches and walls randomly float would be amazing I don't get motion sick irl, but some games absolutely floor me. It's usually related to FoV, headbob, and how fast your character moves. Games like Half Life 2, Serious Sam, Doom etc will literally have me on the floor dry heaving within minutes of playing because you have a weird FoV with headbob, and move REALLY fast . Skyrim VR also is a stomach breaker. Just turning to look in different directions in that game will send me staggering across the room like a 3 day drunk
  3. Strength has been pretty wildly OP for a fair while, so they def might try to distribute the goodies around. I just want wrench perks to be in the same tree as mining ones, it's really weird that wrenches are under perception randomly instead of with all of the other builder perks. Anyone who's ever tried to take a wrench to a rusted old car knows it's not got anything to do with perception, and it's all just brute force strength to break everything loose I could see strength being the building focused tree, while int is the crafting one
  4. I'm sure he's played A20 a fair bit since he's MadMole, but yeah I don't think he's the primary play tester anymore. They mentioned in one of the videos that he's been in charge of the drone stuff, but he also said once he played A20 he couldn't go back to A19 so I'd say he's getting his share of time in even if he's not active on the forum anymore
  5. Yes Tier 0 - Stone age / primitive / pipe / where blunderbuss used to be Tier 1 - Iron age , think Double barrel shotgun, Iron pick etc Tier 2 - Steel age, think pump shotgun, steel pick etc Tier 3 - modern age, think auto shotgun, auger, chainsaws etc So shotgun goes pipe -> double barrel -> pump -> auto for the 4 age span Edit: Actually, did the bow get updated? Crappy bow -> Wooden Bow -> Compound Bow Bow and Crossbow both seem to be missing several stages AFAIK
  6. Well yeah you could plan around them to a degree, just like you plan around demolishers, vultures, cops, regular zombies etc. But it would add an interesting and dangerous element to base designs and horde nights, and you'd have an extra resource tax for spikes, and have the risk of the zombies taking out your spikes etc. They could also make webs coat spikes too and make them safer to climb over ATM spider zombie is by far the least unique special zombie and is only annoying because it's mildly harder to hit. The web idea would be pretty neat and create very memorable horde nights where you were standing on a roof shooting away at zombies when suddenly they started swarming up one side or got to an upper floor you weren't expecting them to get to etc
  7. With the talks of Bandits using cover, was there any thoughts on bandits building their own cover? Just have them place blocks the same way a player could, but use them as cover. They could have sandbags / fences etc I'm still waiting for the day when the Spider Zombie gets a re-textured ladder. All it would need is a web look but function exactly like a ladder / climbable fence, and they could focus on just putting them on the sides of player forts to potentially create new pathways into the fort. It could probably be done pretty easily / cheaply too, like not even have any real thought in it, just have spider zombies "spray" out (place) like 4-5 spider webs (ladders) in a cluster on the side of a building every few seconds. After a couple of sprays there would probably be a new pathway built that zombies might start pathing towards or using without needing any fancy dedicated AI for the spider zombies to calculate the best place to put webs
  8. Dearest Faatal, Please spend between 70, and 450+ developer hours, valued by the company at 60 to 80+ dollars an hour, working on an obscure and very complicated feature for me. This feature has no resale value or marketing value, and will not entice a potential buyer into actually making the final purchase. In fact, my feature will appeal to no one besides customers who already paid $7 for your product 5 years ago and have put 2,000 hours into it. I think this investment of the most highly contested resource at your company (developer time) will be very well spent on my obscure and barely marketable feature. Best wishes, Every gamer who has never worked at a big company before and has never had to answer the "And who will pay for this? What else could that developer time be spent on?" line of questioning Dear The Fun Pimps, I appreciate that you have spent over 7 years working on implementing, balancing, and programming the zombies, but I regret to inform you that I do not, in fact, like zombies. Please add an option to remove this unwanted feature from my interactions with the game. Furthermore, I also regret to inform you that I do not appreciate your addition of crafting, eating, or looting, or most of all, shooting. Please add an option for those of us who wish to run in an empty field and complete jump puzzles Sincerely, Random obscure internet forum poster #2342394
  9. Everyone gets the drone AFAIK, that's what I was saying was the issue a while back when they were wanting the drone to take a Junk Turret slot, it was a literal nerf to int builds instead of a buff because you had to trade 50% of your DPS for something that everyone else got for "free" (because they weren't going to use unperked junk turrets anyway) I'm still hoping they talk a lot more about the drone, as currently no dev has ever commented on whether the robotic perk line and magazine line even affects the junk drone in any way. So a level 1 character with no perks would have the same junk drone as fully leveled max int robotic focused build
  10. Yeah the exp side has me a bit worried, as building exp was the only way a stay at home base builder that did all the building and crafting etc got exp to compete with friends who were doing nonstop questing and scavenging. Building gave good exp, but would directly be competing with spending a day clearing a T6 Hospital or Shotgun Messiah etc which gave EXP and loot and dukes I'm sure the devs will take it all into account hopefully, as Madmole was always pretty up and up on efficiency and min max strategies etc
  11. Honestly my main use of Rebar was just a more slightly more reliable nerd pole and that it was better for planning out bases etc because of the higher structural integrity. For actual building, you got way more exp by using wood frames and upgrading from there
  12. At this point I'd just wait for them to cover the topic explicitly in a video, before getting worked up. They've pretty clearly done a lot of revamping on the building system as a whole, so A20 will very likely change the process entirely and be rebuilt and rebalanced from the ground up for the new system
  13. I'm finally caught up on everything, and wow A20 is looking amazing!! I know you guys really want extremely complicated to implement feature suggestions, so if you guys are really really bored while working on terrain generation, expanding on the underground generation at some point would be really cool. A cave system generator might be a bit too taxing, but a "spawner nest" that spawns near areas with too much heat on the heatmap and spams out zombies forcing you to go clear the nest would be pretty neat. There could be quests for it too, where a trader sends you to go clear a tunnel complex full of strong zombies to reach the "core" Sure, zombies spawning out of a nest may not make sense to zombie fanatics, but who cares about the babies crying about muh lore breaking burnt zombies and zombie spawners.
  14. Has there been any more word on spawning together when starting a new world with a friend? I know Madmole mentioned it during the A19 streams, where they wanted to just make it faster and easier for a group of friends to spawn in and get started without the dreaded 12 hour death run to find each other, and desynced trader quests etc. The friend system remembering your friend would also be quite nice, so you don't have to add them back every time you load in
  15. We're reaching peak audiences, anime waifu and weebs! More Hololive streaming the game. Even with it only being JP, the main stream is already at like 250k views in under a day. I'm telling ya, when it comes time to stream A20 bribe the waifu and the weebs will follow, and what game isn't improved by having a dedicated weeb fanbase?
  16. This sounds like a pretty hefty amount of dev work for such a weird niche feature imo. You can just mark PoI you cleared by putting a couple of wood frames out in front and then drive around and know which ones are cleared or not.
  17. Not sure if I missed discussion on it, but I'm super stoked to play this on the Steam Deck when mine comes in. Has there been any TFP and Valve interactions to help ensure it runs great on Steam Deck? I could honestly see that being a pretty easy advertising source if 7 Days is optimized for it since it's a pretty good contender for the type of game you'd play on a Steam Deck while laying in bed or pooping or pooping in bed Then again though, 7 Days can kind of struggle to run on my 1080ti sometimes lol
  18. Gazz confirmed zombies are not people, read all about it! Honestly guys, it's a game. If they added skeletons walking around, then there are skeletons walking around. If they added lizardman zombies, then we can deal with Mark Zuckerberg zombies It's a game, the lore is just there to give an excuse to shoot zombies
  19. Huh? They pretty explicitly said the opposite after A19 and said they wanted to go to a faster release schedule. Alpha 20 was originally supposed to be a fairly small update that was going to be out before the Winter Steam sale last year, it just got out of the original scope fast. AFAIK the last time Mad Mole weighed in on the topic, he said they want to do small and fast updates and focus on polishing existing mechanics to get the game to 1.0 Gold and fully released. Then just start working on 7 Days 2 Die (name pending but my favorite) and focus more of the efforts there The "issue" is just them getting side tracked on adding more stuff than originally intended, which isn't a problem to me since I like more content. The game runs on Valve Time™, it will be out Soon™ and there's no point in harassing them on it, it's better for them to take as long as needed and release something good instead of rushed garbo
  20. What is even the point of a "long term" save anyway, do people really stick with one save long enough for experimental updates to matter? I usually just play one save until I hit end game and have an established base etc, then get tired of raiding the same Shotgun Messiah and Shamway and take a month or two break then come back and start again. The funnest parts to me are honestly when you are leveling up and still have a reason to actually explore and find new items and upgrades and things are still a danger etc What would you even do if you just kept playing one save long after having a horde proof base and having full build and items lol
  21. Maybe it's too early to be thinking about it for A20, but if you guys are planning to use streamers to advertise again for A20, you have a really good opportunity right now because the latest Hololive English member IRyS apparently plays 7 Days to Die and is going to stream it in the next day or two. She debuted only 2 days ago and is already at 450 thousand subs , and especially since it's a game they could easily collab on and have multiple of the Hololive girls play, it could definitely be an insane advertising source if you guys reach out to them to get them to play A20 before it launches.
  22. I 'member back when A20 was going to be a small update that was out before the Christmas sale, as they were going to try for small but frequent updates instead of the slower but bigger updates. Technically they didn't say which Christmas sale, so it's still on track
  23. UnholyPapa: "Son, I love you, I'm so proud of you" Unholychildjoe:
  24. Yep, I honestly just want one gigantic city at this point, where it's basically just a gigantic city biome with each trader spread throughout the city and 1 or 2 of every PoI scattered in it. Since there isn't a Junk Teleporter (hint hint hint) you basically HAVE to build your base next to a trader for easy questing and selling, so you just pick the biggest city you can find and call it good enough. I literally never ever ever see the big Skyscrapper T5 or the construction site jump puzzle t4, I've seen each like 2 or 3 times max in nearly 700 hours. They just don't seem to ever spawn. I saw the new (I assume?) Grocery store T4 for the first time in my current run too. Basically all I see end game is the 6 Story Apartment, Shotgun Messiah, and Shamway. I see the hospital like once every few playthroughs but it doesn't seem to spawn in forest biome There's a ton of PoI that don't even seem to be part of the quests at all, I encounter them while driving around but never ever have quests to go investigate them. Ones like the Post Office / town hall-ish building, school, fire stations etc I don't think I've ever had a quest to go clear. But don't worry, I get Waterworks like 984 times per playthrough and even when I drive to every trader I've met, they all REALLY want the Waterworks building cleared again . . . Edit: What the heck, I just looked on Google and there are two Tier 5's that I've still never even seen a single time after dozens of playthroughs?? Skyscraper_01 (Dishong tower), Skyscraper_02 and Skyscraper_03 (these are Higashi and Crack-a-book tower) I've seen Dishong like 2 times total, and never seen Higashi or Crack a book tower and had to google them to see that they are actually real. What's the point of doing all the work to make those assets and level design if they just flat out don't spawn?
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