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  1. I don't agree with your a lot of your rant, but I'm surprised people didn't know you were joking with this line. I say stuff like this all the time as a tongue in cheek joke . . . . uh oh, do people actually think I'm being serious when I walk into a room of friends and announce that the main character has arrived? Lol
  2. They answered this on dev streams before, and the answer is basically "It would be a lot of work, require completely rethinking essentially every aspect of the game, and would probably be minimal reward for the work. So maybe" I would love a VR version, but I don't see it being very high priority or honestly even being all that playable in VR. The Forest VR is cool but makes me so motion sick I can't really test it, and VR doesn't really fit this type of game that well. Just so many mechanics and controls and UI elements would have to be totally reworked to work
  3. Main thing I hope for the pipe weapons that devs have been suspiciously silent on, is a stone age Junk Turret type weapon. They have confirmed a pipe baton, but that's not a good solution as that's only for a melee weapon. I still like my idea of a Blowpipe weapon, as a ranged early game int option! Could use junk turret ammo and scale somehow with Junk turret perk points
  4. I mean, they can just . . y'know, increase the amount of brass found to compensate? I agree that brass items are just clutter that needs to be optimized. It takes way too long to scrap and when your bag is full, you have to just leave it behind. It's gotten so bad that literally the meta tactic is to just smelt dukes for brass instead and ignore all brass items in loot unless you have enough space to haul them around. I'll usually carry a stack of radiators back, or a stack of doorknobs, but they are one of the first things to go when storage space gets tight. Especiall
  5. Ah yeah, more mods would definitely help!
  6. Solid change imo, I think more stuff should be gated behind perks as a lot of the perks are currently kind of noob traps. Like pack mule, where you spend perks on it only to find pocket mods that do the exact same thing for free. Books are too RNG for my terrible luck, I literally have never found the craftable lantern or blackstrap coffee books even after like 150+ hours in A19 lol
  7. Ooooo the ability to have one of the big full sized floodlights on your junk turrets / sledge would be freaking awesome!! Maybe as a perk reward / skill book so it's not too OP (as if light is really a problem anyway with head lamps and the display setting) Those big base lights already exist so stealing the code and strapping them to your turrets to create little mobile pockets of light in the dark would lead to some really, really cool "final battle against the hordes" moments at night
  8. So for A20, question about the Pipe weapons. There's a pipe equivalent for everything besides the Junk line. Will there be some kind of Junk Pipe weapon added? ATM there is no stone age weapon for the int line, and a Pipe Baton will be nice but will still leave the Int tree a weapon behind the others. You can craft a stone sledge and will have a pipe shotgun, for example, giving strength 2 tier 0 weapons while Int will only have the Pipe baton
  9. . . . people fight her legit? I thought it was common knowledge you only snipe her from above the pit without dropping down until she's dead lol I'd be scared to take her in a brawl even at level 50+ with steel armor and auto shotties lol, at least on the difficulty I play at. Even cheesing her from above, she takes a LOT of bullets and molotovs
  10. Srsly, can we please not balance basically *anything* around PvP primarily? This game seems to solidly focus on PvE which is great. There are plenty of other survival games that are built more for PvP where it works better with the existing mechanics and engine. So many things in this game get janky when you add in a PvP angle and basically every change you would have to make to balance it would make PvE worse PvE primary focus with a "Make sure this doesn't glitch out in PvP" makes way more sense for this type of survival game imo.
  11. Yeah, I do invest a point in master chef for coffee, I'm talking about blackstrap not just normal coffee. Normal Coffee isn't really enough for mining. Basically to mine early and mid game, you need fairly high to maxed out sex rex, good food, and black strap. Which is quite an investment for something that really isn't even important or very strong atm, as like you said, you basically never have to actually craft bullets. The only thing I even mine is shale and iron, and even that is only because I eat iron like mad for Junk Turrets and because you have to mine shale basically 1 t
  12. Yep, basically just means it's less of a joke, but with my f key sticking on the word of. Stun Baton actually seems okayish even though it's definitely not min max efficient, but it's fun. If the candy was a perk instead I think it would be in a pretty decent place assuming you can find the fabled stun repulsor mod, but atm it requires an RNG chance mod / book + a time limited candy to compete with the other options. It requires a lot more work than a club, for less pay off, but it's better than Spear and Machete imo and I attribute most of the min max problem to club j
  13. Just want to say thanks to the devs for being so active and responding to forum comments. It's so nice compared to many other early access devs that basically ignore all feedback and don't interact with their player base at all. 19.2 has been great so far IMO, only issue I have run into is still the stamina drain on mining being so high it makes it pretty hard to really do. I think if Blackstrap coffee / the recipe for it wasn't so rare there might actually be a way to mine pre-Auger but atm on all my A19 runs I have basically stopped mining until late game when I've got an auger.
  14. Google wants to know your location. Oh wait, they already know it and want to know why you made 3 stops on the way home
  15. I'll never understand the zipline thing. It seems like there's an entire subset of gamers that REALLY like Ziplines and want them in all games. I'm personally terrified of them because basically every game that has them, they are a glitchy death trap I fall off of half way across and fall to my death. That, or it glitches when you try to mount it and you just walk right through it and fall off the cliff I do still want my elevator / late game teleporter though. Teleporter would give so much more base location variety instead of just "Within walking distance of the trader located in
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