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  1. Poor Faatal, can't even chill on the company forums without having to turn in a job completion summary every night. Already stressful enough when the bosses are micromanaging you, but even worse when the (non)paying customers are doing it en masse too!
  2. No plan survives first contact with Madmole
  3. Same, super hyped for A20 Also Lathan has some amazing reaction faces
  4. Dude you wouldn't believe how many people unironically act like that. You'll be in the deepest turbo nerd obscure hobby, and mention anime and you'll still have people start screeching about anime being too much. I'd say trying to coax some of the Vtubers into playing would be a solid move for TFP because the viewer base is ultra dedicated and will watch them play literally anything and then go buy it, and several of the members are already interested in the game so a chance to stream A20 before it releases would probably be cool with them as long as they were told far enough in advance to fit their schedule. From what I remember from A19, most of the streams were around 600-1800 viewers max, so getting someone like Pekora who averages like 25,000+ live viewers would be pretty huge imo
  5. I keep telling 'em, if you want to get a HUGE marketing boost, try and get some of the Hololive girls to play. Several of them have played it in the past, and they have a very dedicated and massive following. You can go read the Steam reviews for a game after one of them streams it a single time, and there will be a bunch of reviews just saying "I saw a shark play this and so I bought it. great game" IRyS has talked about 7 Days to Die before and was going to stream A19 once but had a schedule conflict, and several of the JP members still actively play it. If you guys reached out to try and get some of the English members to showcase A20, I'd say several would be willing, and if you want to hit the over seas market, Pekora (like the third biggest vtuber in the world and second most viewed female streamer globally across all platforms) has actually played 7Days in the past quite a bit. Gura (biggest Vtuber in the world) plays horror games a lot and would probably be open to playing, although she'd be bad and die a lot I'm not saying you guys should do this, I'm only heavily implying it
  6. Wut? They aren't infinite, there's a setting when you launch the game to set how many zombies per player on bloodmoons. Change that if you find it too hard, I think default is pretty low, and it only spawns a few waves of however many you set the spawner too Bloodmoon is the best source of exp in the game, it's hardly a waste of resources lol. You can make AFK bases just using junksledges and stairs, but the simplest and easiest by far is to just make a big pillar and throw pipe bombs or molotovs down on them. Make a 7x7 box that's 5-10 blocks tall, make some wooden bars and use them as flooring and have some over hanging on the sides as walkways, leave spots or use hatches so you can drop explosives down to horde, profit Even on the higher difficulties with like 16+ zombies per player, you can wipe a horde pretty easily and cheaply with the above concrete explosive box, and pipe bombs are dirt cheap to craft and you don't have to waste point investement on the perks since they are OP AF by default You'll get several levels (and more building and repairing your death box) and will clear the horde within an hour or two of it spawning. It takes like 10 minutes IRL time to mine a near infinite supply of mats for pipe bombs
  7. Breaking news, Faatal denies that it's a date, but does admit we are getting closer to each other. Reports are coming in that passersby heard Faatal saying "I-i-it's not like I l-l-like you or anything, baka!"
  8. My component is greater than your component
  9. Possible yes. Probable? No They've talked about bosses before, I'm not sure what they ever decided. I think they have said we will see The Duke, but any other bosses would probably just be stat buffed normal zombies / irradiated ones with triple stats and a size increase or something. It's probably a 7 Days 2 Die thing like legendary / unique weapons and stuff where it would be cool, but requires too much work / balancing for first game. Not sure what you mean by boss helicopter, but they have said it would be neat to work on the Gyrocopter some more, but it's not really a high priority. ATM they have said many times their goal on the first game is basically to get everything currently in the game to a good state, add bandits and get them to a good state, make sure everything is polished and feature complete, and then go gold. From there, they will start working on the next game or maybe expansions or DLC etc, but last I heard, they are trying to avoid adding a tremendous amount of new workload like bosses or sharks with lasers on their head, as it just delays them being able to wrap the game up and start work on the sequel. I don't know that they've said no to DLC entirely, but a sequel is a good idea for them since basically everyone who is interested in this type of game already owns it, so it's hard to keep a good revenue stream when your customer base isn't generating any revenue at all and the ever shrinking untapped market just buys it for $7 on a Steam sale
  10. Haha Auger go brrr Generator quest sounds very nice though, super excited for A20
  11. I am someone, but I can neither confirm nor deny that.
  12. Because businesses. For quite literally every single question you have, you need to immediately ask and answer the question "Who is going to pay for this?" question. With TFP the question will be "Is this going to generate enough profit to cover the dev time spent implementing it?" So minor annoying things are usually back burner issues that devs might "sneak in" time to do, but things like adding dozens of unique marks for zombies or adding in dozens of new zombie types is well within the "This will require actual effort and we will need to evaluate time investment vs return on investment" etc etc etc. And especially when a company is getting bigger like TFP where you will have dedicated teams for some tasks who aren't getting input from everyone else, and developers don't get the final say / much say at all in decisions and the "money men" of the company mostly just say "do X" and they just do what they are told to
  13. While talking about Proton and Linux and such, has there been any word yet if 7 Days will work right off the bat on Steam Deck? It seems perfect for late night playing in bed
  14. Half blocks would be a life changer for this game. Being able to place flooring and stuff without making all your benches and walls randomly float would be amazing I don't get motion sick irl, but some games absolutely floor me. It's usually related to FoV, headbob, and how fast your character moves. Games like Half Life 2, Serious Sam, Doom etc will literally have me on the floor dry heaving within minutes of playing because you have a weird FoV with headbob, and move REALLY fast . Skyrim VR also is a stomach breaker. Just turning to look in different directions in that game will send me staggering across the room like a 3 day drunk
  15. Strength has been pretty wildly OP for a fair while, so they def might try to distribute the goodies around. I just want wrench perks to be in the same tree as mining ones, it's really weird that wrenches are under perception randomly instead of with all of the other builder perks. Anyone who's ever tried to take a wrench to a rusted old car knows it's not got anything to do with perception, and it's all just brute force strength to break everything loose I could see strength being the building focused tree, while int is the crafting one
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