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  1. . . . people fight her legit? I thought it was common knowledge you only snipe her from above the pit without dropping down until she's dead lol I'd be scared to take her in a brawl even at level 50+ with steel armor and auto shotties lol, at least on the difficulty I play at. Even cheesing her from above, she takes a LOT of bullets and molotovs
  2. Srsly, can we please not balance basically *anything* around PvP primarily? This game seems to solidly focus on PvE which is great. There are plenty of other survival games that are built more for PvP where it works better with the existing mechanics and engine. So many things in this game get janky when you add in a PvP angle and basically every change you would have to make to balance it would make PvE worse PvE primary focus with a "Make sure this doesn't glitch out in PvP" makes way more sense for this type of survival game imo.
  3. Yeah, I do invest a point in master chef for coffee, I'm talking about blackstrap not just normal coffee. Normal Coffee isn't really enough for mining. Basically to mine early and mid game, you need fairly high to maxed out sex rex, good food, and black strap. Which is quite an investment for something that really isn't even important or very strong atm, as like you said, you basically never have to actually craft bullets. The only thing I even mine is shale and iron, and even that is only because I eat iron like mad for Junk Turrets and because you have to mine shale basically 1 time per playthrough to have infinite gas. Honestly though this time, I've not even gone shale mining, just wrenching cars has kept me at well over 10K gas without ever boiling down shale a single time and with me using a motorcycle + Auger
  4. Yep, basically just means it's less of a joke, but with my f key sticking on the word of. Stun Baton actually seems okayish even though it's definitely not min max efficient, but it's fun. If the candy was a perk instead I think it would be in a pretty decent place assuming you can find the fabled stun repulsor mod, but atm it requires an RNG chance mod / book + a time limited candy to compete with the other options. It requires a lot more work than a club, for less pay off, but it's better than Spear and Machete imo and I attribute most of the min max problem to club just being way stronger than everything else. If the candy was built into the perk and especially if it had 3 variants like everything else, it would be pretty appealing. One more thing that should be fixed while talking about it, is it's not worth anything. Like it's not even worth picking up a level 6 stun baton to sell and stun baton parts are worth basically nothing too. Not sure why it's valued so much lower than other stuff, I assume because it's priced as a T1 weapon? I just checked and a baseball bat and Junk Sledge are both worth more, so I think the Stun Baton is maybe priced against stone age stuff? Just a point that's worth investigating if it gets some balancing TLC and if there won't be a higher tier version of the stun baton in A20+
  5. Just want to say thanks to the devs for being so active and responding to forum comments. It's so nice compared to many other early access devs that basically ignore all feedback and don't interact with their player base at all. 19.2 has been great so far IMO, only issue I have run into is still the stamina drain on mining being so high it makes it pretty hard to really do. I think if Blackstrap coffee / the recipe for it wasn't so rare there might actually be a way to mine pre-Auger but atm on all my A19 runs I have basically stopped mining until late game when I've got an auger. In my current run I've found like 2 total blackstrap coffee, no recipe for how to make it, and eggs for bacon and eggs / decent food are too rare to really make mining feasible. Instead off spending a night in a mine, I'm way better off just spending that time wrenching cars or looting houses and scrapping everything metal I find, even with Rock busters. Gunpowder mining takes way longer than just finding / buying bullets and buying the gunpowder outright, same with cement and cobblestone etc. Currently in A19, you can essentially never touch a mine and probably be further along than someone who actually mines I'm loving the Junk Sledges now, I honestly use them more than the Junk Turret most of the time to conserve resources. Stun Baton is also less off a meme thanks to junk sledges. Dual Junk Sledge + Stun Baton can work pretty well, although I think Stun Baton requiring a unique candy just for it is kind of weird since all the other weapons just get buffed from their perks + skulll crushers. The Stun baton candy being a max rank perk reward instead would make the baton a bit more appealing than clubs Just a small nitpick, only thing I've been running into is basically just mining being a bit more work than it's really worth / needed.
  6. Google wants to know your location. Oh wait, they already know it and want to know why you made 3 stops on the way home
  7. I'll never understand the zipline thing. It seems like there's an entire subset of gamers that REALLY like Ziplines and want them in all games. I'm personally terrified of them because basically every game that has them, they are a glitchy death trap I fall off of half way across and fall to my death. That, or it glitches when you try to mount it and you just walk right through it and fall off the cliff I do still want my elevator / late game teleporter though. Teleporter would give so much more base location variety instead of just "Within walking distance of the trader located in the best city". Would need a lot of balance thought though, like limited placements and stuff. If it didn't work on horde nights, and could only be placed in your land claim, and could only teleport to traders and back, would at least go a long way to eliminating it's cheese uses
  8. >Come back after a few week break >People still talking about nerd poling
  9. I have to admit, I felt like a dinosaur when I tried playing modern Minecraft so I'm pretty out of date on it. Back in my day it was just a game where you dug and built stuff, now it's got magic and villages and villagers and apparently dragons?! Have I mentioned I basically do not have RNG, I believe I was cursed from birth. I have to max all the trader perks to have any chance at seeing anything I actually need, and even then it's a crap shoot. Freaking junk parts just don't exist for me, every run I've done in A19 I get a full Junk Turret as a reward before I've ever even seen a Junk Sledge or gotten enough parts to craft one. Junk parts scarcity (for me at least) are like 90% of the reason I loathe the "parts" system honestly Unrelated but while talking about crafting, there's one thing I saw someone mention once on the forum that's really stuck with me and I think raised a good point. Armor crafting could really use a re-work, because of the way your perk scales with it. By the time you can craft level 5 leather or cloth armor, you can just craft level 5 Military armor instead. It would make a lot more sense if the perk unlocked higher level lower tier armor faster. For example, 2 points in your armor perk would let you craft level 5 Cloth Armor, level 2 Leather armor, and level 0 or level 1 max Military armor. The actual numbers would have to be thought about, to decide if level 5 cloth armor is equal to level 2 leather and level 1 military armor etc, but you get the point. Not sure how hard that would be to code, but it would make armor crafting . . .actually a thing. Currently, I've not crafted a single piece of armor since like A16 or when ever the perk overhaul was, there's just no reason to craft armor yourself when you can find it easier and when you are punished for crafting lower tier armor instead of crafting a higher tier item that's the same quality. Like why would you craft level 3 Cloth armor when you unlock level 3 Leather Armor at almost the same time, and can find the materials for it just as easily? The perks differentiating armor tiers to grant higher quality options for lower tier armors earlier would actually make the armor perks appealing early game, or appealing at all tbh.
  10. Nothing wrong with better graphics, his point is just that there is a "budget" to running games. The developers very carefully place objects and can make good use of a really "expensive" graphical item to make PoI look better etc. Players wouldn't, you would get the type of douche player that SPAMS hundreds of coffee pots in their underground base just to crash the server on any public server, so it's best to just not let players have that option. If you are playing on your own server, you can just open the cheat menu and add the coffee pot to your inventory, the devs don't care if you crash your own server
  11. The game is not centered around builders. There's basically two main groups of players, those that want to build and mine and play "Adult Minecraft", and those that want to play "Survival builder CoD Zombies" and run around shooting stuff. The game is completely balanced around the second group, you literally can't even function as the first group anymore as of a few alpha ago. You can't build anything end game without materials you are unable to make yourself. So even the players that want to be a den mother and stay at home mining or building are required to go play CoD Zombies and run around shooting stuff to get magic uncraftable parts and springs. The current approach is basically focused on the looter shooter types, with a bit of builder stuff on the side if it fits, but the actual balance is 100% on the run and gun players. You can function completely without being a builder or crafter at all and never doing more than making a wood block with a bed and storage chest on it and doing nothing but missions and run and gun 24/7. You can't do the same without cheat mode if you just plan to build and mine and stuff. There's not a single craftable only item that I know of that can't be found in loot or bought from a trader, but like 90% of the end game stuff is uncraftable without loot only items. Not weighing in on the rest of your message or opinions, just saying, you are of the wrong mindset right off the bat, like a lot of people on this forum which is what causes the disgruntlement and friction. People keep asking for coffee pots and more paint options and builder items, because they are of the Adult Minecraft group of players, but they aren't the target market at the moment and don't realize that. Might change in the future, might not, just depends on how the market statistics go. Builders very well might be in the minority, or just might not be the target market at all even if they are in the majority.
  12. We were talking about this other day, but someone on Reddit has a thread right now about the plant hitboxes thing. Definitely seems to be a really common issue as it gets mentioned quite a bit, the plant hitboxes might need another pass to see why they are so finnicky, it really does take a lot more attempts than it should to harvest a small garden, and then you have to go back through and repair all the damage you did trying to punch your plants
  13. Then just replace it with something that does the same thing since the engine can clearly handle it and there's so much demand for it. Delay the "fix" until then 🙃
  14. oooooooof, rip silly coop shenanigans
  15. 1. I dunno what you mean, unless you are calling out me saying Blizzard instead of the full name?? In which case, it's "The Fun Pimps", not "TFP" etc. 2. That's just illogical and irrelevant. We have working cars, we have working garage doors, we have working lights and generators, we have a freaking gyrocopter and automated flying drone with a lightning canon dude. Also, as per always, Gameplay >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Realism. TFP quite obviously care more about practicality and fun than strict lore restrictions 3. Well yeah duh, but they've already killed it once without addressing it in years. This game has several useful / fun and silly bugs that don't really need to be fixed like the spider-man motorcycles, junksledge yeeting players, and the hatchframe elevator. Mostly harmless bugs that all increase player enjoyment
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