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  1. Maybe it's too early to be thinking about it for A20, but if you guys are planning to use streamers to advertise again for A20, you have a really good opportunity right now because the latest Hololive English member IRyS apparently plays 7 Days to Die and is going to stream it in the next day or two. She debuted only 2 days ago and is already at 450 thousand subs , and especially since it's a game they could easily collab on and have multiple of the Hololive girls play, it could definitely be an insane advertising source if you guys reach out to them to get them to play A20 before it launches.
  2. I 'member back when A20 was going to be a small update that was out before the Christmas sale, as they were going to try for small but frequent updates instead of the slower but bigger updates. Technically they didn't say which Christmas sale, so it's still on track
  3. UnholyPapa: "Son, I love you, I'm so proud of you" Unholychildjoe:
  4. Yep, I honestly just want one gigantic city at this point, where it's basically just a gigantic city biome with each trader spread throughout the city and 1 or 2 of every PoI scattered in it. Since there isn't a Junk Teleporter (hint hint hint) you basically HAVE to build your base next to a trader for easy questing and selling, so you just pick the biggest city you can find and call it good enough. I literally never ever ever see the big Skyscrapper T5 or the construction site jump puzzle t4, I've seen each like 2 or 3 times max in nearly 700 hours. They just don't seem to ever spawn. I saw the new (I assume?) Grocery store T4 for the first time in my current run too. Basically all I see end game is the 6 Story Apartment, Shotgun Messiah, and Shamway. I see the hospital like once every few playthroughs but it doesn't seem to spawn in forest biome There's a ton of PoI that don't even seem to be part of the quests at all, I encounter them while driving around but never ever have quests to go investigate them. Ones like the Post Office / town hall-ish building, school, fire stations etc I don't think I've ever had a quest to go clear. But don't worry, I get Waterworks like 984 times per playthrough and even when I drive to every trader I've met, they all REALLY want the Waterworks building cleared again . . . Edit: What the heck, I just looked on Google and there are two Tier 5's that I've still never even seen a single time after dozens of playthroughs?? Skyscraper_01 (Dishong tower), Skyscraper_02 and Skyscraper_03 (these are Higashi and Crack-a-book tower) I've seen Dishong like 2 times total, and never seen Higashi or Crack a book tower and had to google them to see that they are actually real. What's the point of doing all the work to make those assets and level design if they just flat out don't spawn?
  5. Speaking of vehicle changes, are there any changes to the Bicycle planned? It's pretty counter intuitive ATM and it seems like most people don't actually know how to ride it properly. Instead of holding W and letting off Shift to regain stamina between speed bursts while pedaling, you hold Shift and just pulse press W every 2-4 seconds depending on your stamina regen. If you hold Shift and let off W you maintain your speed FAR longer than if you hold W and let off shift, it's just kind of a wonky experience all around, and with so much focus being shifted to the primitive stage, the bicycle getting a bit of QoL love might be warranted imo Edit: Actually just tested and even the 4x4 behaves the same way. If you hold Shift and let off W you will go WAY further than if you hold W and let off Shift. Letting off shift basically instantly brakes the car and slows you down, holding shift and letting off W lets you coast for a bit
  6. Said Faatal, with a malicious smirk
  7. Shaking that base design up! Zombies just crouch walking through your intended kill boxes will catch a lot of people off guard for sure. One zombie issue I've been struggling with is the vulture change to make them move 900 mph towards vehicles. It makes it basically pointless to even go near a wasteland biome because your gyrocopter will get taken out by a flock and you can barely land in time to kill them before they shred you. Hopefully one of the new vehicle mods is some kind of shock defense for the bird spam! There could be a work around for horde nights so it doesn't let you do the old "drive all night" tactic, but currently . . . screw the Wasteland biome
  8. Faatal is the strongest! While you are being so kind to answer about the drone, can you chime in on whether you have heard if the current iteration of the drone still takes up a turret spot or if it's affected by your Robotic perk line at all?
  9. Int is still pretty easy, junk sledges are literal easy mode after all. It's more just that some parts of it (basically everything but the sledges) are really mediocre like stun baton and the early game void
  10. Perhaps difficulty level is why I have such a different stance than most people do when it comes to the int tree. I play on the second hardest difficulty and stuff like the stun baton and junk turrets are cool but are kind of a liability compared to just using a shotgun and club. Junk Sledges are amazing though
  11. Devs need to do 1 attribute only focused playthroughs lol I'm curious if any devs have actually done an Int build that tries to use only int weapons primarily. You basically couldn't even do it atm since you need 90% of the strength tree to even function because of the insanely high iron demands, but even if you do int + all the mining and utility strength perks, int is still in such a wonky place as always since it doesn't have a t3 weapon and requires way more investment to use than other weapon types I'm just really hoping the devs have discarded the idea of the drone taking up a turret slot. If it does, dear goodness that's gonna be painful. I think a playthrough for each attribute where one of the devs just says "I'm using only perception for the first few weeks this time to see how it feels" would help a lot with the balance and QoL differences between the attributes And yeah yeah yeah, yOU cAN mIX atTRiBUtEs. When playing with friends, you typically have people focus on different stuff to have some build variety and make it easier to allocate resources. So yes, there are many situations where you *don't* want every single build to just be yet another "Shotgun with a steel club and a pocket full of pipe bombs for hordes" build for the millionth time
  12. Gosh dang it, I almost googled to make sure I used the right one, but was too tired
  13. Burnt zombie looking sick! The new models are amazing when you round a corner into the new fat guy and know you are in for a beat down
  14. Performance already drops to a near slide show on horde nights even on high end computers, imagine trying to add so much extra detail when your junk turrets or m60 opened fire into the horde Personally, my biggest thing I would like to get some love graphics wise, would be a TLC pass for the trees and grass and dirt etc. Not sure if the devs have anything planned in that direction atm, or if that's just a 7 Days 2 Die type update My modded skyrim looks about like this and actually runs better than 7 days most of the time (besides Riften obviously). Obviously not to the level shown in Skyrim, but just some general updating of the fauna to get more variance and stuff in it would be pretty nice.
  15. The issue is more that even after speccing into it, you are still weak compared to the alternatives. I tested it with a Shotgun messiah. Clearing it using melee + Junk Turrets used over 10,000 iron worth of junk turret ammo. Clearing it using an autoshotgun used like 100 shotgun shells, and I got more than that back from clearing it, and the shotgun clear was like 3 times faster because I didn't have the turret set up time etc It's the same issue as the "an unperked club is better than a fully perked and kitted out stun baton" thing. Half of it is just that shotgun and club are OP, but even comparing to an M60 and knuckles or something, the int tree just falls behind resource investment to return on investment wise. The junk turret requires 10+ minutes of mining iron and an entire perk line + an entire magazine line + double the resources to run two junk turrets + all of the mining perks which means it needs strength investement too etc, just to actually be usable. A shotgun or m60 build just needs the attribute + gun skill and half the mods of a dual junk turret build Crafting skills have been useless for a few alpha now where it's only good for rushing items the first week and then useless after because you need parts to craft stuff, can't even craft the tier 6 version, you get books that teach you the recipes for free, and you can just buy the workbenches instead of wasting skill points on it. Not even getting into the "Build all your workbenches and then take a respec potion to put the points somewhere else" levels of try hard min maxing. There's no real reason to craft anything since like A17 or which ever added quest rewards. You are way better off just taking the better quest reward perk and spamming quests to get quality 6 gear way faster and easier than a crafting build can, especially since quests give dukes and exp etc too on top of the rewards I don't think int is trash, but it's just in an awkward spot like agility where you can 100% easily play the game without ever touching the entire perk line or weapons from it and you'd . . . probably be an optimal meta build honestly. Better Barter and the better rewards perk are top tier perks, but the rest of Int not so much, just like Parkour being an amazing perk but it's not worth wasting points on the Agility tree for because the weapons are terrible and the other perks aren't worth it
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