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  1. My only qualm with the building block change is the removal of Rebar frames. They were better than wood frames for building out a design because they have a higher structural integrity and can build further. Not having that will make it much harder to layout your buildings before you commit to building it
  2. Yes you can, and you are also not nearly as effective with it, which was my point. Having some build diversity is nice when playing in a group of friends so you can actually cover different niches. Every single player will carry a drone for the storage, so it would be nice if the player who actually spec'd into the tree had a drone that's actually better than the unspec'd ones You say you don't care what other trees do, but you probably would if you were playing coop and your friend was completely spec'd into strength while you were focused completely on the m60, and then you real
  3. Roland's reaction when he wakes up and sees people talking in the main thread That would just give Int builds the same drone everyone else gets, when the drone is supposed to be the T3 Int item. It would be like if a shotgun build could use an m60 exactly as effectively as a fort build could and do the same damage etc. It'd be nice if they would elaborate on what makes the Drone actually match the other T3 weapons and what makes it unique for people with the full set of junk turret related skills compared to a level 1 character who was handed one by ano
  4. I wish they'd elaborate more on this, as they haven't really explained how they are going to make the drone appeal to Int builds and not just be a staple in every build. If you can just throw the drone down like a junk turret, there's zero chance that every single build isn't going to carry one just for the storage capacity alone. Clear PoI --> Throw down drone and load it with your crap --> Carry 2x more stuff than usual and head back to the base The original plan mentioned was that junk drone would take a turret spot . . . which would be awful for int builds, so
  5. Can you release any info yet or early ideas on what makes the drone special for Int builds over the other builds? It seems like every build is going to want the pet drone following them just for the storage or healing etc, is anything in the int tree going to give it some extra oomph or utility for the perk investment of having the junk line maxed out?
  6. That is the point of the conversation, yes. If you are making a build focused on one attribute (like most people do when not playing to day nine thousand) the other attributes can all stand on their own besides int. There's no argument to be made on why each attribute shouldn't have some kind of self contained build that's viable on it's own even if it's not optimal. The actual min max optimal build is pretty much undeniably Auto Shottie + Club + Junk Sledges + unperked explosives. But there are many other less sweaty min max builds that are completely viable by focusing only on o
  7. I mean, this just loops back to the issue of "Intellect doesn't have an endgame weapon" then where it's the only perk line that isn't balanced to stand on it's own as a fleshed out build. I don't really understand the logic of why Int isn't supposed to be a full build. Yes you can use the two turrets + hold a gun too if you want to spend the points and resources to do so. . . and doing that should definitely beat out someone who spent far less resources to do the same thing Easy made up example comparison (not real numbers) Fully perked Autoshotgun with all
  8. Testing was done by just throwing it down and letting zombies run into it, so it'd start firing as soon as it decided they were in range. Which is the only realistic test since it's how it will actually fire when you use it in real situations. Even at close range, it's damage seems significantly lower than a real shotgun, but like you said, it starts shooting early and spews out a wall of wet noodle pellets. It does get the job done eventually, but it's just so wasteful resource wise that I find it really, really, really hard to find a real use for it over just having a junk sledge + me using
  9. I almost said exactly that but didn't want to get into the "suggested features" type territory lol. I think them being balanced around hipfiring the Robotic Turret when in handheld mode would give them a pretty solid niche where you could even carry three junk turrets. Two to place, and one to hold for your primary weapon, although it would be hardpressed to compete with the Autoshottie which just kind of obliterates everything else in the game min / max wise I'll need to do another round of testing to see if you can even put the shotgun choke mod on the turret or if it m
  10. With all the weapon tweaking, has there been any testing and balancing on the Shotgun pellets for the Junk Turret? They really need some love IMO as there's basically no reason to spend so many resources crafting them over just crafting normal shotgun shells. The shotgun ammo has really bad return on investment because a high level Junk Turret fires REALLY fast and will blow the entire stock of shotgun ammo ridiculously quickly, and each shell does pathetic damage compared to a quality 1 unperked shotgun even when maxed out on the Junk Turret skills It's a cool concept for sure, an
  11. Devs make anywhere from 25-50+ dollars an hour minimum Two weeks dev time = 80 hours x $30 an hour (lowest realistic minimum you are going to get a veteran dev at and even that is pretty low) = $2,400 worth of dev time solely devoted to adding and programming a zombie shark and trying to make it work in engine etc. Not even getting into the graphic design team having to actually make the visuals 7 Days to Die goes on sale like non stop for under 10 dollars, so they would need to sell 240 copies of the game, solely because of the new shark enemy, to actually justify addi
  12. Oh snap, forgot Genesis 2 was that close. When A20 comes out Valheim might have died down a bit too, although I'm not sure 7 Days can attract the super casual crowd well enough to snag much off them
  13. Was about to suggestion the same, a vehicle mod to increase damage against zombies so you can at least one hit kill basic zombies would be nice just for the fun of running them over while driving. You could even give bloodmoon zombies a resistance to it if you thought it was OP for horde night, but after the terror of the super horde vultures I doubt anyone still tries to drive around all night. It's mostly just fun to bonk zombies with a car, and then it's kind of sad when you have to back up and do it 20 times to actually kill them lol
  14. They can de-aggro, kind of. But it's WAY more based on distance than it is your stealth skills. If you just put 900 blocks between you and the zombie, yeah they will finally stop chasing you, but it's not reliable or even usable really. It's easier to just get them stuck on a janky piece of furniture than to escape via stealth (without just sprinting away) It's ALWAYS the lumberjack zombie that hears me and will tear through 400 concrete walls to find me in the middle of the shotgun messiah
  15. Good questions as both are issues imo. Stealth builds are just a bad meme because they can't de-aggro zombies and they are useless on the most important night of the week, and like you said, the way the encounter zones works makes them useless too. I tested suppressors and I cannot find a single benefit to them. You can sit outside the room entrance and just crouch and use an unsilenced hunting rifle to shoot sleeping zombies, and it will only wake them up if you miss a shot and hit a wall or something. Best I can tell, the suppressor only matters for wandering zombies out in a field, which
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