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  1. i luv it as im into hunting irl. However from level 2 and 3 it seems somewhat bugged. Sometimes green paws but nothing on map? Hope they fix it in future update (its great fun)
  2. Working now, Thx for this...
  3. Hi, Links seem dead?
  4. Hi, I just recently started playing the game and i just want to say thanks to the dev... The dam game is just OODLES of FUNZ and 17.2 runs great on my system.. Nearly 1000 hrs in and i plan to go at least that again or more, Now thats just AMAZING value for a measly 20 bucks. Also great to see u guys still updating and optomizng the game. Good for you...
  5. Great stuff... Ive always loved the good old reliable M1 Garand and you have the weapon spot on. And great to see the new discription off all the fantastic weapons. Good on you.
  6. Yeh , Was waiting myself and just happened to check nexus...
  7. Hi I see a mod called firearms 2 on nexus... Are both from the same author!
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