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  1. You are literally wrong that literally nobody likes stealth.
  2. Maybe you are passionate about what you see as an issue but you're losing credibility with your attitude.
  3. Actually, Roland said 1200 CST at the earliest...
  4. Yes, opting out of betas will stop you from updating until stable is released which will be around 2-3 weeks away I'd guess.
  5. At this point i'd expect any revelations to be discovered in the scheduled streams.
  6. So.... which one are you? Statler or Waldorf? 😉
  7. You do know he isn't obligated to respond to you right? Especially when your question was pretty snarky to begin with.
  8. Yes, this is definitely something I'd like to see.
  9. Hold F to bring up a radial menu and you can toggle your lights (helmet and weapon lights) and night vision goggles on or off as required.
  10. Lol, it is possible that the stat ranges are different for crafted versus looted gear i suppose. You've certainly made me curious to find out so I will investigate further.
  11. Well I haven't seen it that extreme and I don't know what the ranges are in game to know whether that's possible or not. However, if that is true it seems that it's just bad luck and I still say the variety is a positive thing. Next time the odds are the tier 5 item will be way better.
  12. The point is that there is the potential for quality 2 to be better. The range for quality one, for example, could be 10-15 and the range for quality 2 could be 13-18. This is not an unusual concept in games, it's also used in The Division 1&2 and the Borderlands series and many ARPG's. I like it it, it adds variety and makes looting more interesting.
  13. Er, you can absolutely craft things in diablo and they have random stats. And it's the same in Reaper of Souls.
  14. Diablo 3 I've got more but you said name only one
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