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  1. Hell no, that's either a buffalicken or a chickalo.
  2. You are literally wrong that literally nobody likes stealth.
  3. Maybe you are passionate about what you see as an issue but you're losing credibility with your attitude.
  4. Actually, Roland said 1200 CST at the earliest...
  5. Yes, opting out of betas will stop you from updating until stable is released which will be around 2-3 weeks away I'd guess.
  6. At this point i'd expect any revelations to be discovered in the scheduled streams.
  7. So.... which one are you? Statler or Waldorf? 😉
  8. Ok so I've just generated again under b27 and at first glance it still seems pretty good, can't guarantee the POI distribution will still be as good though.
  9. I've been playing on a map I created with the much maligned 17.2 b20 and it's been an absolute blast. Great variety of POI's and towns, admittedly it took three or four seeds before I found this one but this one is a keeper. Haven't tried a new map on b27 yet, will probably wait for the next update as I've still got plenty of exploring to do on my current playthrough.
  10. Try setting your blood moon to every day with a variance of 20 and see how well your new fangled maths will help you then 😁
  11. For those of you trying to find a decent RWG map, try MegaMap5000 as your seed on 8k. So far it seems very cool, will update with pics if I get a chance.
  12. I've noticed this when playing on our co-op server but in single player it seems to work fine. It seems like like stamina regeneration is occasionally abnormally fast.
  13. I'm running with a 1080ti at 3440 x 1440 with everything maxed (except vsync and motion blur are turned off) and generally get around 50fps. It does sometimes drop to 25-35 fps in busy poi's but it's generally very smooth possibly due to gsync monitor. My processor is an i7-4790K.
  14. I crafted my first bicycle at a traders workbench and then spent ages trying to place it just outside before realising that it was the traders land claim that was blocking me.
  15. Ah right, thanks. It's not an issue, just thought I'd check it wasn't just me
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