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  1. No offence but having 3 posts to your name doesn't scream of wisdom. Could you please provide some evidence for ongoing and planned game optimizations? This game is how many years old and you think there will suddenly be an optimization design phase? This is like the cart leading the horse. Bottom line is 8 players is not much of a multiplayer experience. All the active servers seem to have much higher player limits.
  2. Ok so the Pimps said 8 or 16 players max with a little wink. Doesn't seem like a very hard limit if a single client can cause such server instability. Is the game design philosophy to just plow forward?
  3. This is not a request for technical support if you read my post. This is more like group therapy. Every server out there I've played on had a regular reset, so please don't pretend this is a one-off issue.
  4. The game brings be back from time to time, but I ALWAYS stop playing for the same reason: The Perpetual Server Reboot required to keep multiplayer functional. It's hourly chinese water torture on every server and it completely breaks immersion. Have the developers completely given up on a game with a functional garbage collection routine? They just keep plowing forward? Literally any other game seems more appealing after a couple of these annoying reboots.
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