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  1. Question: what is the best way to work on raising your barter skill? Do I need to just buy/sell more times or buy/sell higher value items?
  2. Just making it to where you don't rebound off of things when you jump too much would fix most of this. If I am wanting to jump up one block, and their is a ceiling above me, it's like it's made of rubber and bounces me back further than where I started. Making it just let you 'slide' into the spot would work. Same way if I want to jump into a hole in a wall, but with parkour I jump above the hole....instead of rebounding backwards, I just slide down the wall and into the hole.
  3. This really needs to be shared exp. The discrepancy between builder exp and combat exp is rather crazy, and adding in trap exp to builder (since they both are int tree...) makes the gap even larger. In our multiplayer game, my husband is the builder and I clear poi's and bring stuff back for him (as he gets things built, he also goes out and clears poi's). We sometimes also play with two friends (who mostly clear poi's, though sometimes we have them build to catch up in exp). If we have a long distance shared exp, the builder will be ahead by several levels by the first hoard night, eve
  4. Is there a way to remove an indestructible block.....like if someone misplaced it
  5. Thank you for all your help....I ended up wiping everything clean and reinstalling, it still gave me an error, so I deleted sorcery again, and now it works....must be magic lol excited to try it out!
  6. Just checked, my launcher is up to date (I just updated it earlier today), and I just Verified the integrity of my game files...still getting the same error...odd
  7. I just downloaded and tried to run this mod earlier (through the launcher), and it gave me Error: SDX build failed. Please see the log file. POP: Build error at stage 2: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. SDX Exit Code: -100 Error Compiling SDX: Can anyone tell me what's going on...and hopefully what I can do to fix it?
  8. Oh, that is very cool, thanks! Had another question...about where to find titanium. I read that it is badlands (that's the rubble looking biome correct), do we just need to keep digging (we dug some, but weren't sure we were in the right place)? Is there a landmark (like the ore mounds/sand in other biomes, I did a quick look in the badlands but I was in a tiny patch in a town and there wasn't anything obvious) we should look for, to start digging at?
  9. How do I craft quests? I have the quill, inkx2 and paper (forget how much was needed, but I put a stack lol) in my inventory, and there is no create option. I also tried in the workbench and writing desk. Am I overlooking something obvious or are these recipes not working right now?
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