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  1. Sphereii: 4000 hours and have 'tested' almost all major and minor mods (Darkness Falls currently). All made massively easier with the launcher. (Been using for over a year.) Very thankful. Just donated a small mount for thanks. I only have one very trivial thing to note. After you have have used a mod (or 2, or 3...) there will be an quicker way to launch in the bottom right window. Although, you do need to be a little careful as the 'Delete' button is right next to the 'Play' button. And, while I was responsible a couple times, a faulty mouse was responsible once as well. (This reminds me of remoting into Windows servers, and the logoff button was right next to the reboot button. I wonder how many production servers have been accidentally restarted at inopportune times?) Anyways, thank you so much for the launcher and all the effort that went into it.
  2. Started a fresh new game. (Exact same specs.) Day 5 same thing. BUT, this time I noticed it started happening when I approached a really big POI, big burgundy mall with a high rise, shops, and a skate park, blue parking lot. (Name = HotelDeStallion) Once it starts happening can't get it to stop. Even after I run back to base, exit (everything) and reload.
  3. Default mode: (Not survivalist. I started one that way - but...) 300 Bow: Most zombies 7-10 shots to head. Some 20-30. (ZERO misses.) 30 AK-47: (Not counting an occasional miss.) Deer 8-10 shots (head/body and half were stealth. And you will chase them for a long time...) PIGS 10-20 to the HEAD as they are coming at you (and it still killed me. Didn't think a pig would survive an entire AK-47 clip - let alone kill me in 2 hits.). Wolf head - entire clip (30 - in 2/3 shot bursts) - and didn't kill it. Rabbits 3 shots and still not dead (3 different rabbits.) Gave up chasing. (Worse than deer...) No white meat for you... Is this 'simulating' not being a very good with weapon/skill and almost all 'hits' are actually 'misses'?
  4. ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. Parameter Name: s Started ~day 4. (SP. Use Launcher. Completely 'fresh' install. RG = 'Woody'.) Was thinking it might be chunk related - I don't think it is. Have also emptied backpack and bar - still happens. Happens every few seconds. (ESC cancels...) Also cannot exit game (easily) after it. Esc brings up Exit and Options - but cannot select either -and game continues in 'background'. (The Exit menu is mostly transparent and does not stop the game from running.) Would be glad to provide any info or files, or check anything. Just let me know if you want me to do anything and what that might be.
  5. "All 'starter' weapons like Wooden Bow, Wooden Club, Bone Shiv are considered a Primitive tool accessible to everyone. So points in Primitive tools controls that. Same goes for Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe and Stone Shovel. We didn't want to lock people out of being able to craft the Basics." Apologies. Just found the primitive crafting perk. (Was going to delete my post - but you were too quick!) I promise to play for more hours before posting anything next time. So far, the mod seems/feels incredible. Seriously.
  6. New first game. RG ("Woody"). Put 3 pts into blunt and bows (Lvl = 2). Crafted new bow and club. Both are 25. Should be 50? Repair repairs to 24.
  7. Subquake, imho, the interface (all interfaces - esp crafting) is incredible. I'm mostly ok with all the new crafting choices with just a couple of maybe minor details: 1. Everything is very informative - except for trying to determine which crafting objects need what crafting tools. Might be kind of nice if description for the objects mentioned the tools that could help it. For instance, Smithing table would mention Smithing Hammer, etc. 2. Copper comes after steel? 3. I haven't checked xml's, but have a lot of time in a couple games and have never found a welding torch. Nor can I figure out how to make one. Search can't find it. (And I have tried searching from just about every crafting object.) Massive kudos for all the great work.
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