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  1. All those nests awe from wild chicken 😜
  2. My daughter has drawn a 7 days to die picture for me ^^
  3. hey we are in a timeloop... we must break it befor 7 days can be released! but next time you wont remember what I said.... like allways...
  4. Random event manager = Sadistic AI Eventmanager Prototype
  5. Awesome... so let´s hop on the hypetrain... next Station, A20 ^^
  6. wait did i miss the Hitler Meme??? There can´t be a relase without it, right?
  7. If you want small enemys what about rats? the model is easy made, (make the Rabits ears small and add a tail)
  8. Perhaps if it´s that ould you should change something... I don´t know... ahem Airport Tile ahem because it´s too big for a POI 😜
  9. man that sounds awefull and it´s lasting for quite a while... you should cure that. 😜
  10. grappling hooks? lame. I want a ChooChoo Train... or even a HYPETRAIN ChooCHoooooo
  11. Ready to take off, captain. I am glad we take the Rocket instead of the train into Hypeland 😋
  12. Again? I mean the streamers just get it a few days before us. An it´s not the final version but the one before. Relax...
  13. ok, stuff happens, no big deal.. so livesong? 😜
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