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  1. Cheers Fox! I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  2. Can anybody tell me which streamers will be streaming alpha 16 today and their local times? Can't wait to watch!
  3. So having played on two different PVP servers properly now and gone through having my base destroyed and all the standard stuff in PVP you would find here is what I think... Land Claim Block for new Players First a few points suggested in the OP. I DEFINITELY think increasing the durability of land blocks placed by new players to the server should definitely be implemented. Why? Because you have a few 'bully' groups who go round destroying and stealing new player bases within hours of them joining the server. This means that the new players just rage and quit immediately. I'd suggest mak
  4. Hello Everyone, Still pretty new to 7 Days and I'm very keen to get stuck into multiplayer. I've seen a lot of moans about bases getting raided while folks are offline and stuff. I think the territory flag / block is a great start but what about making it so that blocks within that radius can only be destroyed by certain very rare items in the game? This has been done successful in games in a similar genre, Exile Mod for Arma 3 for example. You could have wood chargers, metal chargers and concrete charges... maybe some more to cover all block types. When it comes to base raiding
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