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  1. Hey MM, Will animal farming be added to the vanilla game? All i want from the apocalypse is to have more pigs than everyone else. Also, with the new weapon attachments will there be any new guns brought into the game? Cheers!
  2. Can every block that appears on roads also be given ragdoll properties so they get knocked or destroyed by incoming vehicles depending on speed? The vehicle / player could take some damage depending on what vehicle and how hard the obstacle was hit. Maybe they can even knock the player out of the vehicle in some instances? Feels like we should also be able to knock down trees and smash into buildings if we go fast enough. Kamikaze Duke's castle? Also on the subject of killing zombies with cars... The weaker zombies should surely be getting killed or dismembered at the very least. A pe
  3. caatalyst

    True Survival

    Thanks dude! :-) Do you know if there are plans to bring in animal farming?
  4. Man just doing my first run throw of this mod and i have to say - amazing! Even stuff like putting kettles on the cooker and how they appear - great immersion. My only comment would be; - Quest chains that unlock new items and recipes. Currently it's a bit overwhelming as you have a lot of the modded content available from the get go. It would be nice to be taught about the new cookers, recipes and stuff. - Make some of the modded item recipes a bit more interested. I some how managed to make a blender / kettle / meat grinder all in my inventory with just the resources and no need fo
  5. caatalyst

    True Survival

    Hey @Spider, Few of questions; - Is animal farming in True Survival (If not it would be really cool) - Is there a way to set the zombie movement speed to always walk (day and night except for ferals and boss zombies like in vanilla) - Is there a way to run vanilla style RW - Will you be updating to 16.4? Many thanks.
  6. Lots of different guns in there too by the looks of it. Is this mod available?
  7. This is disappointing. I really thought the short render distance was a temporary thing while they got everything in. Well... I guess one can still hope they find a way to render things further away. Space engineers seems to do a good job of it with their voxel Planets.
  8. Is it not likely that they will increase the render distance of players and zombies during the optimisation phase of development?
  9. Man I really hope we get this level of weapon customisation. Combat becomes so much more dynamic when we have weapon mods and attachments. Imagine bipodimg on a window with an LMG and lighting up the hordes as they come charging at your base.
  10. I really like this idea! Gunna suggest it to the admins. I like the idea of a x2 or x4 protection bonus only but every player has an almost impenetrable room with one safe in. Not sure how hard it would be to police on a 40 man server.
  11. You need to test it in a proper PVP environment. It's not going to be the same in a controlled environment when you don't have to worry about the owners or other players. Build a 20x20 tower full steel walls with a 5 pit. Make it totally hollow and a room at the map height limit. spikes at bedrock. Hatch elevator access at surface level to the sky. Set LCB protection to 32x and / or 16x and see how long it takes you to make stairs out of the walls. There isn't another way in. If you do find another way in then please let me know because you will be discovering something that nobody else on
  12. The problem you've got is that bases are too easy to raid without LCB protection. Also trolling will be crazy. Folks will log back in and either have no base or it will be completely pink - - - Updated - - - Go set yourself up on lands of Anarchy. When you've got an auger find yourself a sky dong (base with pit around it that goes into the sky limit). upload your raid video afterwards :-D
  13. Yeah I get that and offered some solutions in PVP thread. - Make Nerdpoling an option to switch on and off when starting a new game - Make ladders break completely if the top or bottom one is removed (might still be exploited) A lock pick could be a good countermeasure to draw bridge / hatch exploits. They just need to be balanced so they aren't easy to get and / or break easily... maybe only a 50% chance of success.
  14. It becomes an additional tool to use that you can get by exploring the world. I'd rather spend a few hours playing the game doing things to get one door down if it reduces the amount of time i have to stare at blocks with an auger. Have you ever tried taking down a fully reinforced vault door with a pick axe whilst it has LCB protection? If you haven't go try it... then imagine knocking down 20 :-D Even with maxed out perks you will want to leave something holding down your left mouse button while you go away and have a smoke and a drink.
  15. You don't agree with lock picking or the method for attaining one? Ignore my description for how to get one. I've edited it as that was for server admins but unfortunately there was no way to implement it. The method for getting one is up to the devs but definitely should be rare and difficult to to get. - - - Updated - - - Dude seriously, go play some PVP and then get back in the debate. I will NEVER convince you otherwise because you've never raided a hatch elevator sky dong before. Also please make sure you've got shadow play running because I want to see what 'smart' techniques
  16. You understand everything that I've said yet you still disagreed with everything and told me that i'm a lazy raider...
  17. There are many issues with PVP right now that need looking at. Some are definitely more pressing than others and the hatch elevator bug has become increasingly problematic as it has become more widespread and known. I bring it up because it’s one that is relatively easy to fix. PVP isn’t necessarily all about killing other players and raiding but of course they are two massive parts that need to be balanced in order for it to work. Any player interaction that we can encourage is great. With all that said, it feels like 7 days is so close to been the best PVP base building game on the market
  18. Another idea I thought about was making the effect of the LCB dynamic depending on where the base was placed vertically. At a height of '0' the LCB could provide it's maximum set protection but as the player builds higher or lower the protection decreases. So if a player builds at the sky the protection bonus is almost zero, same for bedrock. This would encourage players to create more designs other than hiding everything underground or at the sky. Where you place the LCB vertically shouldn't effect the decrease. For example, if you place the LCB at bedrock it will still only pro
  19. What this does is forces the player to connect rooms together and instead look at using actual clever base design techniques like trap rooms, fake rooms etc... Rather than just locking all their loot away from other players forever. Raiding and been raided is part of PVP.
  20. Unfortunately dude I don't have time to Debate with you all day over a topic which you haven't even explored as a player. Notice we are in the PVP section now... How you choose to build and design in PVE I have no interest :-) If you want to discuss further I'll be more than happy to once you've done some PVP. With that said, you are right I'll explain the points I've raised and why they are a problem. Hatch Elevator Exploit I've copied my text from the A17 thread for you Stallionsden because you keep coming back with crap that I've already addressed. Raiding times are massively incr
  21. More LCBs = more range i'm afraid. Regardless even if they just have one, it is still a problem because of the protection and time needed to to to the sky room. All I can suggest is next time you start the game again, go try it on a PVP server and do some raiding to see. It bugs me because 7 days is very close to been one of the best PVP base building games out there. A few extra raiding tools to break up augering and some fine tuning of exploits would really help out.
  22. The problem is if you take away the LCB then it makes raiding way too easy. Also you open up to all kinds of trolling. Peoples bases will get dropped and painted pink inside and out :-D I think the LCB is a great thing. We just need some additional raiding tools to make it more fun. Additionally to the raiding rocket ammunition and explosive charges lock picks would be a great idea. Maybe they take a long time (2-3 minutes) with a chance of breaking / failing. They could be quite hard to get. Despite the lack of optimisation for large scale PVP, 7 Days is very close to been one of the
  23. Right let me lay out a stereotypical scenario for you in PVP because clearly it hasn't hit home despite the fact that I've tried to already give you a quick run down. If you actually played PVP you wouldn't be making a lot of comments that you are because you would understand the problems it has. A player builds a tower base, surrounds it with a 5 block wide pit to bedrock. They've got multiple LCBs hidden in their tower at different locations providing only 16x protection. The LCB covers 40x40 which is standard now since electricity was brought in. Lets say they build their entrance lev
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