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  1. So you don't play PVP and yet you are telling me that I am wrong? ... Hilarious :-)
  2. Dude have you actually played on a PVP server? You know that if somebody builds a tower to the sky limit and has only a glitch elevator system to get to the top that there is no way in? You can't stack frames to get up there when an LCB blocks you building anywhere near. I've done many raids with nearly 1k hours I've got in this game playing PVP and I can tell you right now this is a problem.
  3. So if you have 30 steel hatch elevators stacked on top of one another and you close the bottom and it glitches you to the top I'd say that is teleporting through 30 steel hatches. I'm not really sure why you are trying to defend a damn right glitch / exploit. When you put it like that it sounds pretty innocent but like all exploits, it is abused by many players to avoid parts of the game like raiding and avoiding zombie hordes as I've already laid out.
  4. I'm confused. You're contradicting yourself in almost every sentence. Do you agree that teleporting to safe spaces through solid steel is a glitch or not? And just to repeat myself again, 7 hours to raid somebodies base by making stairs out of their solid steel walls to counter the hatch elevator is not fun, especially when you add in the LCB protection multiplier. It isn't smart... it's dumb.
  5. You don't see a glitch? How is teleporting instantly through solid steel from one location to another not a glitch? It's a big problem in multiplayer because players create 'safe spaces' that are inaccessible. It's a raid breaker. I expect it is also an issue in PVE because players can teleport themselves instantly to safety rather than fight hordes. Are you seriously suggesting that the counter measure is to destroy the tower instead? Even if i was that sadistic to go and drop somebodies entire base I wouldn't get any loot from that. Instead I could potentially be sat in front of steel
  6. Because it means players can make impenetrable sky dongs in multiplayer that are unraidable. Also it is a glitch and a bug. Do you honestly think the developers planned on making a hatch that could teleport the player through solid steel to a new location?
  7. Will we ever see a fix for the hatch elevator glitch that allows people to teleport upwards using stacks of hatches? It's such a game breaker on multiplayer PVP. Maybe if the hatches were two blocks high it would fix this?
  8. Character animations? It’s huge in terms of immersion, especially in multiplayer. Currently the game feels like half life 1 when you are watching your friends running around. Currently character models don’t even look up or down and move like robots. Also if they start adding things like jumping up and grabbing ledges, jumping over walls and new attack moves this paves the way for them. Also PVP will benefit hugely as we can actually see where enemies are looking.
  9. I think he means the new character animations. I can’t wat to see where my team mates are actually looking either.
  10. I'm surprised nobody has done a mod that eliminates the perk system or most of it and replaced it with something more organic with spam crafting mixed in. I miss spam crafting.
  11. Thanks for such a detailed reply dude! All sounds great. I know you said you plan to expand farming - I just wondered if you planned on adding animal farming and breeding too? :-D
  12. Man how cool would it be if you had to manually record days gone by? You could scratch them into the walls haha! Would be terrifying if you lost your record it couldn't remember...
  13. You could probably reduce the amount of loot in general. I mean the amount of food and items that people have left in their abandoned homes is pretty silly even on 25% loot :-D your average house can take 3-4 runs which seems a bit too much in my opinion. This is such a great mod though, it feels so polished even at the current build. I'd definitely like to see; Animal farming So many new recipes and focus on cooking it only feels right that we can capture animals and breed them :-D Custom Zombies I think we need a few tough guys in this mod too. Please don't make them all run t
  14. You could have them on the HUD but keep them super simplified. What if you just had a small icon for food and water. When they are green you are full or nearly full. Orange means you are hungry (below 50%) and red means you are starving (below 25%). The hue could change subtly as gain / lose hunger or hydration. Surely we don't need anything more than that? A percentage bar isn't even necessary for the player and it will definitely add more to the survival aspect as the player will be worrying less about numbers. You could even do the same with the characters health.
  15. Oooh wait I just had a thought. Stag + hoe = babies Animal farming confirmed for a17 Yussss 😃
  16. Aww that sucks I hope you manage to get in on there! Makes it so much easier to install without effecting the vanilla game.
  17. Get this bad boy on the mod launcher
  18. That's fair enough I respect that. As I said it definitely could come down a bit. When i'm augering I run with the game sounds at 6% so i can hear folks on discord :-) I do play PVP though and if they start to provide independent volume controls for tools and vehicles in the game we could end up with some players having an advantage over others and you would just end up with everybody turning off the sound of the auger / car. I guess the best way around it would just be to make the auger and vehicles significantly quieter for everyone.
  19. I think it's unlikely considering it was probably added so that it was intentionally loud. Keeps you on your toes as you can't hear who or what is coming from behind. That said, reducing the volume of the auger a little bit wouldn't be such a bad thing.
  20. Madmole Are there any plans to overhaul the your player character models to make them look as sexy as the new NPC models?
  21. Man I am so damn happy to see the motion capture getting implemented. I don't think a lot of folks realise how much this will improve the game, especially from a multiplayer standpoint. It's going to look so much better and be so much more immersive. To actually see where your team mates are pointing their guns is gunna be great! Maybe even a broken leg animation to come as well? Also confirmation of weapon upgrades and attachments / power melee attacks made me a little bit hard. Combat is going to improve significantly. I just hope we get actual projectiles as well instead of just ray
  22. After 1000 hours in game playing on a PVP server I have to say one of my biggest pains is raiding. With the current raiding system the game forces you to use primarily augers to break into another players base. The problem with this is that the LCB introduces potentially massive amounts of defence to the player bases. A well designed base can take hours to raid. So far I've spent 8 hours in alpha 16 raiding a single base. This is just silly and boring as hell to sit in front of concrete / steel blocks for hours simply holding your left mouse button. Why not reduce the damage multiplier you
  23. Hi MM, One last question :-D Will there ever be any updates to the player character models and the animations so that we can see other players looking around? Thanks!
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