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  1. I just hope A20 doesn't replace blunderbusses and primitive bows with pipe weapons when it comes to looting military or shotgun messiahs at low levels. As I mentioned previously, surely it would be better that the POI determined the loot rather than the players game stage, level or perks. This would provide a much more organic looting and exploration experience. If you want a commercial tier gun then go loot shotgun messiah or if you want a military tier weapon then go loot a military site. Just make them damn hard so that low level players think twice about looting them (more zombies,
  2. Expanding the early stages of the game is great IMO. I think I enjoy those earlier weeks the most as the game feels its most challenging. I appreciate the new loot system is WIP but I do hope it gets more interesting as it gets refined. There is definitely something very artificial about the direction the game is going in which sucks for a survival game when typically the big sell factor for these games is an element of realism and immersion. Going in a house and looting but avoiding containers just because your game stage is low and you know the loot will be terrible feels odd. Personal
  3. Hello, Are there any level by doing mods in A19? I was hoping to find something true to A15 ideally or even A16 would do the trick. I'm looking for mostly vanilla game play except with the classic progression system - thanks!
  4. Other than resource gathering, those activities are things that take less than 5 minutes which even on 60 minute days don't cover night. How are you mining and general resource collecting during the first week with a stone axe and barely any perk points to spend on resource gathering? During my first week, even once I manage to get iron tools the resources gathered are low that there is barely any point risking it.
  5. The more this gets brought to the forefront of conversation the better as it would be a welcome return by many. Let's clear something up as well that the OP touched on. Learn by doing does not mean spam crafting. Spam crafting bad is the most common response to learn by doing and it does not need to make a come back. (Even though it was a far better mechanic than the current system) Learn by doing can be implemented in a few fairly straight forward and easy to understand ways that would feel far more naturally and rewarding compared to the current system and there i
  6. Sorry I'm a bit late responding to this. I took a break for A17/A18. My counter argument for this would be that when a base gets raided, the hard work of the base owner does not get eliminated. Players only destroy blocks necessary to get to the loot and repairs can be made fairly quickly. Getting raided and raiding is part of PVP, suck it up and get back in the fight. Raids should not take a day or even half a day. Staring at blocks with an auger for hours isn't fun game play. I've yet to test out PVP since A16 so all the new explosives might have made it better.
  7. Most of the things I would see are the kind of stuff that better improves the immersion which can be important for a survival game. 1) Improvements to third person animations to make characters look more natural when they move and interact with the world. Quite often when I'm playing I get Half Life 1 nostalgia vibes when watching my friends character models move around 🙂 2) Improvements to the player character models and clothing so they look as good as the new zombies. Currently the player models look as dated as the animations. 3) More immersive first person animatio
  8. I can also report this issue. I run settings mostly high / ultra except for UMA at medium as this seems to tank FPS for some reason even before the update. My frames are generally 60-80 but can tank as low as 10-20 for periods of time. I'm not entirely sure what the cause it but I noticed that looking at the sky makes them go back up. In one instance lowering terrain quality to low seemed to boost my frames but it didn't feel consistent still. i9900k 32gb ram Nvidia 2070 Samsung 830 SSD
  9. Ahh so i just need to find any trader on the map to complete the quest?
  10. Hello, I've just installed this for A19 and everything works fine except when the find trader starter quest begins it says "No Trader" and provides no way point. Is there a way to fix this? I've tried creating two different maps but both end up with the same issue.
  11. Spam crafting doesn't need to come back in order for learn by doing to work. Instead we could have Physical Skills are learnt by doing. Things like stamina, digestion, weapon accuracy and recoil would all fit nicely here. Intellect skills are learnt from books, schematics or from finding and breaking down items you find in the world at the work bench. This would include things like crafting tools, weapons and blocks. The more you break down or books / schematics you find, the better you get. This would eliminate the need for skill points entirely and would be far mo
  12. With the new book system you wouldn't even necessarily need skill points at all. Learn by doing could be applied to all physical skills (Stamina, digestion, weapon accuracy and recoil etc) Intellect skills could be learnt by finding books. (Crafting tools, blocks, ammo etc) These two combined would be very organic and the book system would eliminate spam crafting. You could even expand the intellect skills by allowing the player to break down items they find in the world at the work bench to learn how to craft them. Maybe the more you break down the better you become at crafting them
  13. I really miss learn by doing. I think spam crafting has become a dirty phrase because it reads like a bad mechanic but in reality it is far more organic than the current system. It made progress feel so much more meaningful. Shoot a rifle more and learn to manage the recoil and accuracy better. Craft more tools, become a better tool crafter. It also tied in so well with night time when it's dangerous to go outside you could hide in your base and improve your skills. Each day you could feel the progress of your character as you levelled different skills. While this Alpha
  14. Will player character models and animations be getting a visual overhaul like all of the other game assets? Everything looks great in this game now but the character models and animations stick out like a soar thumb. It's killing my immersion in multiplayer. 🤣
  15. Hello there! I'm a returning after a while. I wasn't a fan of the direction the game went in after A16 and lost interest. I've tried with A18 but I really am not a fan of the skill and progression system. Are there any mods that bring back the learn by doing and action skill points system? Thanks.
  16. caatalyst

    True Survival

    Sounding good Spider! I really hope you find a way to get progression through doing back. Looking forward to getting stuck back in! :-)
  17. Will there be an increased number of zombies spawning in the world and will the breadcrumbs system be introduced in a17?
  18. Yeah my question was what are the chances of them doing a hot fix for it for alpha 16? The reason I ask is because Alpha 17 is still pretty far from completion.
  19. I know you guys are pretty balls deep in Alpha 17 right now but what are the chances of a hot fix for 16.4 that corrects the micro stuttering? It's really been one of the big put offs for me in alpha 16. I wish I could show you how bad the micro stuttering is for me. Literally like every 2-4 seconds I get a half a second freeze, sometimes i even get longer freezes. It doesn't matter what graphics settings I use or where I am on the map. That's on an i7 / 970gtx / 16gb ram / SSD setup. If Alpha 17 is still a while off it would be great to see this looked at.
  20. Jeep looks amazing! Looks like its going to be really fun to drive. I hope the collision on road objects gets looked at though... It got a bit like bumper cars at times.
  21. The new animations are coming along so nicely! Can’t wait to see more and I hope we get some more advanced movements along with them (prone, climbing etc) New POIs are also looking so good. One big no for me is the new targeting system. This is a big immersion breaker for me. I’d rather discover the toughness of an enemy through engagements and surely bosses can be identified by their character models / sounds / behaviour or even a sound queue. (When you engage in combat with them it could play an alerting SFX or even some power metal)
  22. I have to agree to some extent that in a16 the AI is really bad. I’m just not feeling challenged at all by zombies considering how easy it is to exploit them. I really would love a AI fixing patch more than anything else.
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