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  1. A simple review and praise. 2 weeks ago i started UL for the 3rd time, now im on experimental branch (opted since from what i saw isnt game breaking), and I could see all the progress done. Kuddos for that. The experience has been so good that after my first start of this 2020 mod (didnt played the previous versions) I donated to the author. Know for the pros of the mod: - its all around less arcadie style, on other mods after 2 in game days I normally get guns and bullets, in this one it takes time. - the weight system is genious with ups and downs, let
  2. 2nd time playing the mod, glad to see some changes like the charcoal powder and stuff. Even the miner truck, it changed the mining thing due to the weight. One question: is it possible to have fetch missions level 4 and 5? because since tier 4 (inclusive) i only get clear or fetch/clear, and 1h for a big poi is too much. I get the balance, but at least tier 4 fetch should be possible, right? On suggestion for review, the mining wheight: 20k stone until 375 (my limit) but 5k iron. Sure, iron wheights more, fine, but the way its done, its like 70 fuel to get 5k iron,
  3. It might have been a world bug, because it was working then it didnt work, When i destroyed them they had full health but they werent working. Either way i replaced them again, and instead of accessing them through 2 hatches i destroyed one and it worked again as normal. Suggestions - Please review the amount of time to craft things, some stuff is too much. Although im not using it anymore the bites are too much. - Tier S should only be accessed by crafting, im on day 78 and except for the new sniper (and the mod handguns) i have everything tier S, so theres no point on c
  4. Thx! So I have another one, mushrooms take 5min to grow... like i have 1k by now. Another one, i dont know if it happens in vanilla, i have a horde base without a land claim (never put one there) and i cant repair 2 of the electrical fences (one closest to the main structure). I destroyed them, put new ones and still the same, cant repair them. At the begining I could repair them, i deployed 2 hatchs to access them, tomorrow ill try without them. I'm on day 70 (around lvl 65) and have found top tier weapons level S but Auto Shotgun only level E (no new sniper), is it intende
  5. Just use a gas can and research it The DH-800 loosing/using gas while parked is a known bug? Really like the mod and want to help, is there a list of known bugs???
  6. The perk that gives 25% discount in farm plots isnt working, with and without it cost the same amount.
  7. 2nd time im playing this mod in a19 and its a love hate relation. This second time i deactivated the weight thing, so i have a huge backpack which suits the griding style of the mod, so KUDOS to @Subquake But the main problem of this mod isnt the grinding and the stupid amount of resources we need to craft something (with that backpack, i dont mind), the BIGGEST issue with the mod is the crafting time. Example: Frost Bites (the med thing that reduce damage suffered, important for hardest difficulty level) took me until day 55 to find, i did the schematic and... 20 units take around 6
  8. Dont know whats happening but i have frame drops all over. From 144 to 25, random, any place. On other mods it only drops on horde night, and never bellow 80 fps. Anyone had the same issue?
  9. I follow a spanish one, Buck Fernandez, he does long series. Normally for the mods he plays Ravenhearst but he already said he is going to play DF for longer, Maybe hit him up (cheer up normally is enough). Game4kickz sux, that guy plays doesnt play a full series... Again, TOP mod, a real DLC tp the Game!
  10. Maybe a dumb question, but i cant craft the Future Technology book?! Where is it suppose to craft it? By the way, AWESOME mod. Its sad that most of the known youtubers dont play this mod to the end
  11. That's not an issue, and it's true. Building is a pain and I used creative mode to spawn blocks.i spent a full hour just upgrading my base from wood to metal. It's too annoying and in the end mods and modders need players,pré than the players need a specific mod. My suggestion is that at least you make the tools faster. Don't even care if I need 5 tools or to craft kits. By the way I edited the stacks, 500 stacks it's stupid in a game that you need to craft a lot of stuff and forge.
  12. I have an issue, cant dowload any mods, get the SharpSvn.dll error https://pastebin.com/7rYxkiag Forget it, google it and in this thread found we need to load game from steam...
  13. It is. I agree that its a cool add, better than Darkeness Fals, but its too many zombies. It would be better less zombies with more energy.
  14. Easy 1- go to the UI directory X:\7D2D\Alpha17\Ravenhearst\Ravenhearst_5_4_A17_4_Edition\Data\Config\XUi 2-open xui.xml file with noptepad++ (free and easy) 3- search for "windowTargetBar" line 641 if it makes it easier 4- remove the charaters to the left and right of it to get this <window name="windowTargetBar" anchor="CenterTop" /> 5- save and then copy the file to another place, you will need it because everytime theres un update, the file goes back to original. - - - Updated - - - I love the mod but this feature is important for me. Arcade or not, food isnt spo
  15. It wasnt, you need to change the XUI file (easy stuff). Did it, working and now its great. Every update we have to change it again, lame. Dont understand why its not active, since same zombies have different health.
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