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  1. A simple review and praise. 2 weeks ago i started UL for the 3rd time, now im on experimental branch (opted since from what i saw isnt game breaking), and I could see all the progress done. Kuddos for that. The experience has been so good that after my first start of this 2020 mod (didnt played the previous versions) I donated to the author. Know for the pros of the mod: - its all around less arcadie style, on other mods after 2 in game days I normally get guns and bullets, in this one it takes time. - the weight system is genious with ups and downs, let me explain, a 150+ storage relying on weight is very good for the first few days because you can keep almost everything, for example on other mods that use the normal system, you might have a 100 plus storage bag, but it only allow you to use 20 initial storage. With this one its like, you can keep 99% of stuff that become usefull latter on. I hate it in the long term due to mining and building, ill do the explaning part in the cons. Another Pro change in gameplay due to this new system is for mining and use of vehicles, now I need that not so tiny mining car (6000kg) and all my forges/furnaces are on bedrock in the central mine. - weapons, that 38 gun or 9mm gun at the start sux and thats a good thing. I forces me to use the primitive weapons giving the feeling of progression, more than normal I find a iron pick axe that i wont use because my stone one do the same in more time but reparing... those damn repair kits! - Data Cards system its way better than the vanilla one, why? Because until day 40 (assume the hardest difficulty setting at start) I'm level 36 i and only find junk level (E) weapons that cost too much to repair (repair kits are easy to craft but expensive due to plastic bottles mainly). At day 64 (my current state) I'm level 59 (mined alot) and i starting to find the good stuff at low quality level. Now why is this important? Quality improvements and use of data cards. So my first move is to reach level A in mining tools (S level costs 2500 or 2000 Data, its expensive), then i need the data to research some items to fast craft like bandages, then i need data to craft stations (more than often trying to get data cards lead to finding the schematic you need and this should be changed. What all of this changed in my game play? Well, it extended time to progress and made me loot monuments i didnt before due to those damn books :D - The new picking system is a must, not in the way the minigame is concepted (kind of confuse for start) but try that jackhammer or valkyre to destroy the vault and... suprise! They reduced the damage done, so now you are forced to use those picks that you used at the start but like in all other mods when you get and auger its like useless! Like it alot. - Guns are a mix, you are starting to give us some diversity, but i find myself using the same mix, shotty from the start to middle wipe, then i use one auto (depends on ammo available) and its ok buts its the same with all other mods... suggestion, like the augers, one type of weapon to kill a type of zombie. Like one weapon for radiated, one for demolition zombies... I guess this would force players to diverse and balance the play style? - Vehicles are related to weight and this is game changing. Keep it up and please change somethings... SUV or military jeeps can hold 1500 to 1800. Thats more than needed to loot 2 POI twice (no loot respawn so i depend on the traders missions). Last wipe i got the big military truck... 12000 space that i never used, slow has hell so I benched it. Not to mention the big mining truck, 20k kg of space, but to big to use. Not fun. Another thing you need to balance, is the vehicle progression. In 3 wipes i used this: Bicycle then SUV, 2 wipes i didnt crafted or bought a motorcycle, didnt use a car (cop car is 1000kg but it cost the same to get the SUV). Maybe some change in the system would help? The Helis are fine for me, I get the small one or the big one (depends when i have the money to buy them and their availabilty in trader), I saw a youtuber (spanish one, Carry i think) and i guess now you can craft them, i would allow it, because it extends gameplay, you need money, then you need them to show in trader stock... But either way, Helis for me are fine the way they are. Cons for single play, that might be different for MP - Mining, so the praised weight systems gets downplayed the moment you progress to motorized tools. Jackhammer and Valkyre mine so fast that in 30s of mining iron/lead you have 500kg (around 5k of ore) and now you need to go deposit in you mining cart or storage. Its so painfull that i had to use creative (F1+CM) then i crouch and press H to get that limit ignored. Its so bad and basicly removes all the enjoyment of everything you built (tunnels for the mining car, the need for the mining car, gathering those steroids, etc), Its needs some love for sure, this shouldnt happen, Its like crazy. I understand that its like, if you focus on looting, you need to balance the ores you bring, some other mods i dont even mine because by lotting/scraping i get lots of iron and led, in UL since they weight so much i often throw them away. But for mining, its crazy. Know you might say, but man 20k iron ore should be enough, right? Well, wrong! In UL 20k ore iron gives 2k of iron ingots (1k iron plates), then (i dont recall exactly) from 2k iron you get 200 steel ingots (not sure if its a 10% or 50% multiple) that will be transformed in 100 stell plates. This represents 10 steel blocks... 10! The problem resides not in the proportions but on the mining weight limit. A solution for me could pass from using the mining candy and instead of giving only 100kg plus, give a 5k kg buff (this way i will still use the mining car). Give it some love, it deserves it. - Building its anoying when you want to upgrade thing to steel... So 300 steel plates represent 30 blocks. My horde base is a simple one, a ramp in U shape where on side is a ramp and the other side is a 2 wide tunnel by 3 high that ends in a hatch system (in terms of vertical height, its one hatch, one empty block then a square block). Know normal progression goes from wood to cobble (tunnel needs to be cobblestone), then i upgrade with cement and then with steel. Its a pain in the ass, because its like 10 trips to upgrade! This time i even made the base next to it... still a pain. Its a small con, but we need to think this way, the mining is not near home, so i need to bring the steel home, then store it, then take it to the horde base, then use it... - Hordes... melee all day. So the first 2 hordes (at least for me) are balanced and really small, but when you progress they because lame, and lame, and more lame. Cops and Demo, i use a shotgun and problem solved. Since i use a tunnel that end in a hatch barrier and combine it with electrical fences... its too damn easy. One suggestion is to remove the fences, engines and generators from the trader, they are cheap and even if they wasnt cheap for me is a first buy. And they break balance. Example, my first 2 hordes i used a prefab, ground level, but it had cement walls, so i used a room, put some cobblestone blocks and made a 2 wide tunnel with hatchs (by the way reparing wood hatch cost more than reparing a iron one, i almost died because i didnt know i need a bunch of materials), on horde 2 i had the robot hammer, it helps alot but on horde 3... damn, i though i was safe with iron hatches (hordes have 12 zombies or 16 i´m not sure the setting i use, i tend to increase it when its too damn easy). Horde 4 i built a mix of wood a cobble horde base, with 6 electrical fences (30w) a small engine and, well Its horde 9 and i upgraded wall just because i can, not because i need, the electric fences are OP more than you might think, and thats ok if we had some things added to the mix. So if you dont want to add more zombies, at least change somethings to make them more resistant to passive defenses, like the Demo and cop be ignored by electrical/robotic, the spit of cops doing more damage to structures, etc. I guess some brainstorm its important, because you give tools that at a point in time are uselless and thats not very rewarding. A simple change in the lockpick system (the nerf of tools to destroy vaults, safes, etc) made a game changing move, maybe try to focus on the hordes? - Carpenter tables progression needs a look. I found it frustrating to craft one level 1 to learn a level 2, then i need to craft a level 1 again to craft a level 2. Then i need that level 2 to learn the level 3, to craft the level 3 i need to craft a level 1, then a level 2 then the level 3. Its not related to resources, because that wasnt the point, its the system. And I validated my frustration when a youtuber said the same thing. This mod is aweme, all others have their space, but you know what would bring some spark to this mod? A end game thing, like DF. I saw a video that the mod now have a special treasure where you get a mod that increase loot bonus. Good start, although i really dont know how to get that treasure map. What i mean is, see the minigun (i only use it on that POI with the swiming pools that have like 100 zombies coming from the ground) and the Thor hammer, why dont you make a thing, either treasure map (lame that the video i saw, it was in the open and all the zombies were standing still, it was a nice horde but they didnt search him) or some POI where you will find the schematic for it and this is the only way to get it? Like the Scifi doors, nice thing but at day 64 i can have them even if i only have S mining tools learned and the rest come from loot? Even the quality of loot i found realy pleasing that at day 28 i had a C level double barrel and the rest was either E or D level... I dont you make it less expensive for all levels except level S and eliminate all C and above levels from loot? I mean, i wont craft shotguns because (round numbers): - S level mining tools, around 6k data cards (120 schematics) - stations and cruclible around 8k data cards I have now around 9k data cards in stock that i could put in SMG but them i need a wrench but then i might want to make armor... err.. armor it is - so level S armor 6k data cards... and so on. Getting initial data cards is easy, small POI to libraries, but if you use vanilla settings it will take 30 days to respawn, wich means that using all those weapons, armor and so on parts its like... But if i cant find level S loot, I'll do it right? Maybe :D so Having special treasure maps to get S level schematics is a plus (i wonder how MP goes by, since when i play it, those libraries POI are stormed the same way tier 5 are). Post is long enough, the mod is so good, so challenging (thats why some youtubers dont focus on it and only spanish ones do, Carry is one, Buck Fernandez another and Garmelon is the smaller one, but desearves some love. I saw that you entered one of the GrandSpartan sessions when he did a solo live, his play style is the oposite of this mod, what he likes is action to enternain the audiance, thats why he did a small one, was 2 or 3 lives and thats it and he got back to the one you need to use the toilet). I love it. If you use Game Launcher, just presync the mod. It will update the game, take one note, the menu normally says that new version is availabe but game launcher doesnt have it. That anoyed me sometimes
  2. 2nd time playing the mod, glad to see some changes like the charcoal powder and stuff. Even the miner truck, it changed the mining thing due to the weight. One question: is it possible to have fetch missions level 4 and 5? because since tier 4 (inclusive) i only get clear or fetch/clear, and 1h for a big poi is too much. I get the balance, but at least tier 4 fetch should be possible, right? On suggestion for review, the mining wheight: 20k stone until 375 (my limit) but 5k iron. Sure, iron wheights more, fine, but the way its done, its like 70 fuel to get 5k iron, and im overweight... thats like 10s of mining. Can you do a brainstorm to fine tune this? Mining is a bit weird, with all the tiers in iron, i need to mine like 100k to get 10k iron ingots, which tranlates to 1k steel plates. Its crazy. On the other hand, you mine in just one "go" enough lead for all the bullets you need... you could do the mining car smaller? its a 3x3 vehicle, its a pain to navigate... And for me the mining extractor, just gives crap (sulfur, copper and iron ores) and it cost your fingers to craft. Looting seems balanced, im level ~60 at day 57 have all the tools at level S+ (learned the S+ tier), just found my first mini gun. Vehicles are genious, i use the police SUV (1700kg) to do missions, the military truck (crafting the repair is a pain, big problem finding an engine :) ) i use to transfer mining resources (and a mix of CM and H key to fly to the boxes, because dude, 20k iron is like 4 trips by foot, not good). But again, there is some overkill in the mod, im level 60, died 2 times (one at the start and one at level 15 i think), but from the moment i get the stats at the middle point, like crossbow and bats at skill level 30 or something, its not hard and like... the hordes are lame, really lame (set at 24, insane level, i got cops at day 21 and 28 but since then i dont see a cop or something). Like last time, i dont even get to a high level and im already bored. Think of something like the data cards, due to your system today im still going to search for crack a books to get cards and use data developing something. Hordes are really lame, 2 rows of iron hatches combined with a few rows of electric fences (activated at my will) and i get to melee all night without any big issues. Love the mod, keep up the good work.
  3. It might have been a world bug, because it was working then it didnt work, When i destroyed them they had full health but they werent working. Either way i replaced them again, and instead of accessing them through 2 hatches i destroyed one and it worked again as normal. Suggestions - Please review the amount of time to craft things, some stuff is too much. Although im not using it anymore the bites are too much. - Tier S should only be accessed by crafting, im on day 78 and except for the new sniper (and the mod handguns) i have everything tier S, so theres no point on crafting anything, plus i have no use for 11k research points. - The start of the mod is quite good, a player takes around 8 days to start to get tools and weapons that arent primitive, and zombies (warrior and even insane) hit hard, but now with gamestage 160~and top tier stuff its like... duh. It still takes 2 hits with hammer to kill them but when they hit its not a run away problem, and so after around 80h the mod is dead. - 2 furnaces (the mod ones) have the same impact as 5! I have all the time 3 screamers. - You can design a prefab that can be accessed through a quest (found underground bellow dirt) where the tier S stuff is for example. - I like the new "auger" designs but i would preffer something more rewarding than getting a tool that wont be that usefull at later stages. - Allow crafting a fuel storage, like the barrels with 200 gas, i had to use creative, in order to store the fuel (at later stages it doesnt really matter if i put them in a box or not). Players really struggle in the begining of the mod, which is good, but often they tend to craft or follow a path that is the vanilla path (crafting furnaces when they should focus on artisan and the carpenter table), my struggle is more in line with the impossibilty of crafting painkillers, which forced me to find a desert biome and craft bandages. Thats the thing i enjoy in this mod, at the start you will try to use all stuff you get, but afterwards... I only crafted an auger, and mining tier S schematics. Used 3 times research points to learn some items (food and ammo), rest i dont care because i can find and theres no point crafting them (gun parts and gear parts are... a waste). Cheers a keep up (made a 5€ donation for the first time to a modder, thats how i appreciate your work).
  4. Thx! So I have another one, mushrooms take 5min to grow... like i have 1k by now. Another one, i dont know if it happens in vanilla, i have a horde base without a land claim (never put one there) and i cant repair 2 of the electrical fences (one closest to the main structure). I destroyed them, put new ones and still the same, cant repair them. At the begining I could repair them, i deployed 2 hatchs to access them, tomorrow ill try without them. I'm on day 70 (around lvl 65) and have found top tier weapons level S but Auto Shotgun only level E (no new sniper), is it intended? The mod seems well balenced, im finding cops and ferals inside buildings, not on hordes and I'm still craping myself on 1 on 1 melee. Crafted Medkits for the first time ever. However Im starting to get bored with the routine (plenty of hours i know) so please think of something for a storyline like Darkness Falls, different games styles I know, but the adition of the bunkers was a game changer.
  5. Just use a gas can and research it The DH-800 loosing/using gas while parked is a known bug? Really like the mod and want to help, is there a list of known bugs???
  6. The perk that gives 25% discount in farm plots isnt working, with and without it cost the same amount.
  7. 2nd time im playing this mod in a19 and its a love hate relation. This second time i deactivated the weight thing, so i have a huge backpack which suits the griding style of the mod, so KUDOS to @Subquake But the main problem of this mod isnt the grinding and the stupid amount of resources we need to craft something (with that backpack, i dont mind), the BIGGEST issue with the mod is the crafting time. Example: Frost Bites (the med thing that reduce damage suffered, important for hardest difficulty level) took me until day 55 to find, i did the schematic and... 20 units take around 600min (10h)!!!!!!!!! you are crazy!!!! and i did start this wipe with 200% loot so i get double the amount of junk and after 50 days i get 20 units... lame (will do CM and award the 20 instantly). SO for me the mod and the general idea is very enginous, suited for pve servers and even PVP, you really need to grind a lot, but you need to spend sometime around this and give some love to the ratios. For example, i follow a spanish youtuber Buck Fernandez and he started a series with the mod, wanna bet he will leave it next week when he realizes that the progression is stupid slow and he has to grind everything in a house? Last episode (yesterday) he was complaining someone told him that he had to grind everything he finds (thats the idea of the biggg backpack) and he said that doesnt makes sense, to do a 45min episode grinding couchs to get nails and so on because people wont see the videos, and he is spot on. So, give love to the ratios. Last thing, day 20 i didnt find get a mini bike (damn i dint even find a bicicle because i dont have found a handlebar so...) or motorcycle, by day 20 i had 45k coins and bough a car, then by day 30 i bough a buggy for 65k (?!). My point is, isnt it better to think of something that will give you the schematic for vehicles at a determinated level or objective?? Because right now the end game for the mod is getting vehicles (bough an auger but without handlebars im stuck... its ok) and i get them faster than i can get stuff to craft them (doesnt make much sense, but maybe its due to the 200% loot, so i get money fast, but even then i would get enough for a car by day 30 and i would never get resources to craft other stuff, i only sell guns, tools and clothes). Keep up the good work and think about some story line, something that would make me keep playing it. Played all the main known mods and this one is well built but suffer from lack of diversity of enemies and above all your effort should be more visible and to achieve that you should think in a storyline or historyline. Like when a player reach level 10 give him the bicicle (and 10 levels is like a 10h so...)
  8. Dont know whats happening but i have frame drops all over. From 144 to 25, random, any place. On other mods it only drops on horde night, and never bellow 80 fps. Anyone had the same issue?
  9. I follow a spanish one, Buck Fernandez, he does long series. Normally for the mods he plays Ravenhearst but he already said he is going to play DF for longer, Maybe hit him up (cheer up normally is enough). Game4kickz sux, that guy plays doesnt play a full series... Again, TOP mod, a real DLC tp the Game!
  10. Maybe a dumb question, but i cant craft the Future Technology book?! Where is it suppose to craft it? By the way, AWESOME mod. Its sad that most of the known youtubers dont play this mod to the end
  11. That's not an issue, and it's true. Building is a pain and I used creative mode to spawn blocks.i spent a full hour just upgrading my base from wood to metal. It's too annoying and in the end mods and modders need players,pré than the players need a specific mod. My suggestion is that at least you make the tools faster. Don't even care if I need 5 tools or to craft kits. By the way I edited the stacks, 500 stacks it's stupid in a game that you need to craft a lot of stuff and forge.
  12. I have an issue, cant dowload any mods, get the SharpSvn.dll error https://pastebin.com/7rYxkiag Forget it, google it and in this thread found we need to load game from steam...
  13. It is. I agree that its a cool add, better than Darkeness Fals, but its too many zombies. It would be better less zombies with more energy.
  14. Easy 1- go to the UI directory X:\7D2D\Alpha17\Ravenhearst\Ravenhearst_5_4_A17_4_Edition\Data\Config\XUi 2-open xui.xml file with noptepad++ (free and easy) 3- search for "windowTargetBar" line 641 if it makes it easier 4- remove the charaters to the left and right of it to get this <window name="windowTargetBar" anchor="CenterTop" /> 5- save and then copy the file to another place, you will need it because everytime theres un update, the file goes back to original. - - - Updated - - - I love the mod but this feature is important for me. Arcade or not, food isnt spoiling anymore. Making fighting more fun isnt about dying everytime because there are zombies that have the same skin and sound, but different health bars.
  15. It wasnt, you need to change the XUI file (easy stuff). Did it, working and now its great. Every update we have to change it again, lame. Dont understand why its not active, since same zombies have different health.
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