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  1. ahh....damn....wanted something new to play with before A17 Thank you for the answer though
  2. @subquake Any idea or date you are shooting for to release the next update?
  3. cant wait for 5.3 to come out. I would do testing but my internet sucks and I drop off a server like no tomorrow....wish I could test it standalone wise. I know this is probably pissing in the wind but any info on when it **might** come out...
  4. love that house. Please, don't change the 'frequency' of that house. the hidden box has provided me with so many items
  5. ???LASER RIFLE??? Ok I really have got to try this...considering its to be released today or tomorrow though may wait for the "LIVE" version so I dont need to wipe. Hope it comes out sooner rather than later so I have something for the weekend.
  6. I wonder how one becomes a "Tester"
  7. Anyway we can get an approximate date? just wondering as I dont want to start another map if its to be released right around the corner
  8. I have had the same issue. I modified my fence building so the poles lay horizontally
  9. I found a welding torch at the Trader and I believe a destroyed building so far. Probably just random as I have the problem of not being able to find Red Paint to make a Vice to make a workbench.
  10. @Subquake Loving the assets you are creating, the UI is awesome and general feel I get from the mod is great. Although it kind of feels....empty. Just doesnt seem like enough zombies walking around. Have you thought about upping population of zeds?
  11. I just finished my challenge 100days no death insane with WoTW so was going to start Ravenhearst however going solo takes awhile to get going with this one. Will the new update require a wipe? If so I may just wait until you update before starting...
  12. Remove them?? I just shoot them all, sometimes they drop good stuff!
  13. I cannot seem to get Bowl of Sap to work. As far as I understand it you hold the bowl and left click a tree but nothing happens...
  14. Just started playing this mod and I got to say "Well Done!", seriously loving this and the UI looks awesome. I do have a problem with something though im kind of confused with. It seems there are more tools than slots for some benchs. For instance the Forge seems to have 4 such as Anvil, Crucible, Ingot Mold, Bullet Press.... In addition none of the benches have an outline for what actually goes in there. Is there a wiki somewhere I can reference to find out what I am missing?? And will this mod be getting Custom POI's?
  15. Twine? About to hit horde day and still haven't found much in the way of twine. Only got 7 so far and I have been trying to search every trash pile, vehicle and house I can find....Is it just ultra rare or am I just reallllllyyy unlucky?
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