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  1. I do want them included, but not in a bunch of craters around the map. And those settings don’t change anything from what I can tell. It still generates them. Luckily in game the craters don’t look bad. It’s just a really strange way to handle the creation of wasteland.
  2. So this is my first time using Nitrogen, and I have a couple of questions regarding wasteland/burnland biomes. I *do* want to include them in my map. However, I *do not* like how Nitrogen handles their generation. 1.) How do I reduce the number of wasteland craters generated? I feel like there are just way too many of these things scattered about. 2.) How do I increase/decrease the size of said craters? Ultimately, I would like to have it generate one single large crater, or no craters at all, but have the wasteland biome just seamlessly merge with its surrounding biomes. I've looked in the config file, but I don't see any setting specifically about wasteland biome.
  3. I've adjusted the settings in all kinds of ways, and it still seems to happen. I'm running with 16 GB of system memory and 8 gb of video memory, with a card powerful enough to run this on ultra. I highly doubt it's due to strain on my system. As others have stated, seems that the problem persists even when settings are low and in some cases off, such as with AO. I have confirmed that I'm not the only person on the server experiencing the problem though. The other person reporting the issue runs on a much less expensive PC and keeps her settings turned down low.
  4. It also seems to be the same POI or POIs that get all glitchy for me. There's only been a few buildings, but every time it happens, it's those same buildings.
  5. Aaaaaannnd literally the moment I logged into the game just now, those blocks are back. So obvs not fixed.
  6. I'm not sure if it's happening in sp, as I don't play sp, but the server is entirely vanilla. However, I believe that I may have figured out that it's an issue with GPU memory. Regardless of the fact that my GPU is more than equipped to handle the ULTRA settings of the game, and despite the fact that GeForce Experience is optimizing the game for me, I think the poor optimization of the game itself is causing the graphical memory to become overloaded, and the textures are being replaced with these phantom textures when it can't draw them properly. I went into my settings and tweaked them some, lowering a few things (I'll edit to include screenshots of my settings for you) and I have not seen the problem since. That's what I ended up lowering my settings to. Now, even on full Ultra, I was only using around 51% of my GPU's RAM, so I don't know why the game kept doing what it was doing. And I'm not entirely convinced the problem is resolved yet. I haven't played enough on these settings to be 100% certain.
  7. I've done a lot of googling, and I've found a few threads here and there that talk about this, but there's never an answer for it, and it doesn't seem that anyone ever confirms that YES, it's a bug, or NO, it's a client issue with GPU memory or if it's just settings that need to be adjusted. I'm playing on A19, on a multiplayer server (I do not own the server). I run an i5 8600, 16 gb RAM, GeForce RTX 2060 Super. Settings have been optimized using GeForce Experience, but generally hover around ULTRA settings. LOD is set to 100. All of my drivers are up to date. Some POIs I have encountered have phantom blocks that you can walk right through. Wooden planks that don't disappear when broken, and lots of strange marble-like textures scattered around the building. You (and zombies) can walk through them, but they obstruct vision. A lot of the textures in the POI also flicker, as if two textures are on top of one another. Nobody else on the server has reported seeing this issue, but we may not be looking at the same POIs in the same area. It seems to go away *sometimes* if you leave the game and reload some time later. Leaving the game and coming right back in doesn't seem to make it disappear. In fact, I'm not sure there's any rhyme or reason as to when/why it goes away and comes back. edit: I've attached some photos of the glitch. This is the gas station where I've set up a temporary sleeping spot. The first picture shows a bunch of extra, phantom blocks in front of the door and windows. The second picture shows the gas pumps that have turned into phantom blocks. The third shows the gate to the backyard (looks like a giant block of gate textures), some of the phantom marble on the windows and side walls of the station, and a pile of trash outside looks like a black and white checkered box.
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