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  1. Chiming in to let everyone know that we have started a weekly show/podcast if you will. The shows are on Saturdays at varying times as the staff is international. If you want to see the shows live you can catch it on my twitch twitch.tv/spectralforce or you can join the 7DAC discord or subscribe to the youtube channel linked in the original post.
  2. Just bringing this to the forefront for any new server owners and admin who haven't seen this post.
  3. Hail survivors! This post is for those of you who own/run/admin your own server, or those interested in doing so. The 7 Days Admin Coalition is here to offer support to the admin community in technical and non technical ways. Website: https://www.7dac.net/ Discord: https://discord.gg/VwwYA5h Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCARhwiLrYLRHaqquwgaGODg Once you join the discord you will be in the welcome channel, from there just read and you'll figure it out. Thanks for coming to my Zed Talk. -Spectral Force
  4. Have you downloaded the mod launcher? That will have smaller mods. IIRC if you want a custom zombie, you'd have to do that in unity I believe and "dress" them there.
  5. According to the error there's an issue in your recipes xml. Somewhere you have a block named Soccer Ball that doesn't exist. Remember to be case sensitive. "This" is different that "this" There should also only be a Parent Folder and child folder. Also what Guppy just said. Forgot about that since I don't use any scripts except the export script.
  6. This was the link I meant to share: There is a script you need to import in unity to export blocks, unrelated to mmd. You can find the script here: https://github.com/7D2D/Templates-and-Utilities/blob/master/ExportAssetBundles.cs
  7. FYI your attachment is coming as invalid. Also have you followed Xyth's tutorial on custom blocks? Not sure what your "block" is either or what you're trying to do. Blocks don't generally require scripts...
  8. Yes they have to be placed on ground, I think desert as well. I had mine underground in my mine.
  9. Insert wood, export oil. They might need to be placed on sand/desert biome. I had mine underground and loaded it wtih wood, got oil shale.
  10. OK, once you unzip the folder you will have your 7DaystoDie_Server folder, you can copy/paste and merge that with the folder of the same name on the server. You can copy and paste the Mods folder as well. For the data Folder, copy and paste the Config and UMA textures folders over and merge them. However, with the Prefabs folder, you need to copy and paste the files inside the folder to the Prefab folder on the server. So go into the downloaded folder for DF, go into Data, Prefabs, press control +A to highlight all the files, then right click copy. Then Paste them into the Prefab folder on the server. Also make sure you setup your serverconfig.xml before starting the server, game name, server name, server description and all the other settings. One more thing, if you're server is running Linux, it's a more complicated setup and out of the scope of my knowledge. I setup a windows virtual machine just for my mod servers.
  11. I run this mod on a dedicated server and rarely have to restart it. I also play for hours continuously and never have these issues. I have 45 hours on my server playing this, my friend has almost double what I have and hasn't run into these issues. Like Khaine said, more than likely your hardware. What are your system specs?
  12. I remember asking for this FTP access way back when. Glad you got it implemented!!
  13. Awesome work Dust! Hope you didn't spend all this time to be overshadowed in 3 months when A17 releases
  14. I do believe there are some hidden poi's that might be military and require the key cards. You'll just have to explore to find them. If you buy the quests at the traders like the easy kill 5 zombies, you usually get 250 coins and a skill note.
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