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  1. Hail survivors! This post is for those of you who own/run/admin your own server, or those interested in doing so. The 7 Days Admin Coalition is here to offer support to the admin community in technical and non technical ways. Website: http://7dac.spectralforceservers.net Discord: https://discord.gg/8cbXWrf Once you join the discord you will be in the rules channel, from there just read and you'll figure it out. Thanks for coming to my Zed Talk. -Spectral Force
  2. Have you downloaded the mod launcher? That will have smaller mods. IIRC if you want a custom zombie, you'd have to do that in unity I believe and "dress" them there.
  3. According to the error there's an issue in your recipes xml. Somewhere you have a block named Soccer Ball that doesn't exist. Remember to be case sensitive. "This" is different that "this" There should also only be a Parent Folder and child folder. Also what Guppy just said. Forgot about that since I don't use any scripts except the export script.
  4. This was the link I meant to share: There is a script you need to import in unity to export blocks, unrelated to mmd. You can find the script here: https://github.com/7D2D/Templates-and-Utilities/blob/master/ExportAssetBundles.cs
  5. FYI your attachment is coming as invalid. Also have you followed Xyth's tutorial on custom blocks? Not sure what your "block" is either or what you're trying to do. Blocks don't generally require scripts...
  6. Did you see where I said A19? Figuring they could address this issue in 2 alphas...
  7. Hey MadMole You mentioned vehicle mods for A19. Would this including more than 2 passengers? It woudl greatly help with groups to not have to roll out in a convoy, esp if zombies are attracted to sound (or will be?).
  8. Will this work for say modding our own music in to use with radios? I'm working on a radio mod, just have to add a little animation and do the sound editing for the current way to implement it.
  9. I had an instance in A15 or A16 where it rained for 73 straight days, hope that makes your day. Plant fiber clothing didn't help much either.
  10. MM: Will the C4 be remote detonation or time based? - - - Updated - - - There's a modlet by Xyth for CCTV in the works now.
  11. PvP is low priority for the devs it seems, as the game wasn't meant for pvp in its conception. There's no guarantee of pvp optimization.
  12. The majority of those known issues are minor and can wait while more important things can be addressed.
  13. That's some good work there Pimps. Thanks for allowing the option for multiple LCB's again!
  14. Spectral Force

    Origin UI MOD

    Is there still a version of this for A16.4? I'm helping a friend set up a server and she doesn't want to migrate to A17. Thanks.
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