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  1. Getting weird error on the buff infection mod. First noticed when started game red errors flagged up as would not load. When go into buffs.xml file just shows "10800 10800" which is clearly why not work. Figured must have corrupted when downloaded it so tried again. Still same. Weird part is if go to edit the file the whole xml data suddenly appears as it should but when try save the xml or come out of file it goes back to "10800 10800". Any ideas?
  2. Great got it.. File structure looks good. Thanks again. Essential mod for me
  3. Thank you.. i use the 7d2d mod launcher which manages DMT so will place your harmony folder in my mods folder as you suggest. thank you for your much appreciated work
  4. could i check do I just drag the harmony folder into my mods folder within 7d2d like other modlets? Oh and does it need new game or will it work when added to existing save game?
  5. Update: yes does exactly as you explained on the tin... items can craft now visible and brighter. Perfect. Love it... great job!!
  6. Aah ok greyed out due to lack of resouces to craft makes sense... thank you
  7. Hey Sirillion, thanks for latest update. Only slight constructive feedback is certain items in crafting screen on left hand side can appear dark with new backdrop. Example attached. It would be cool if items were greyed out like that until unlocked then became brighter once unlocked. Seems pretty random at moment. As you can see corn (bright yellow) and duct tape (grey) same dark tone but grey pipe vivid and easy to see? The inventory items on right hand side are fine just number of craft items on left side?
  8. Not yet....left vanilla game at 19.1 but may look to update now Khaine says his mod is upated on the launcher
  9. Hey Khaine do you know roughly how long before you mod is updated on the 7d2d mod launcher? Still shows 19.1
  10. awesome thanks dude.. i am a nexus member but must confess must missed that mod. cheers bro
  11. gpcstargate - Where do you get the wireless junction boxes?
  12. C'mon Lurker pls update.. the community needs you!
  13. Thanks Mumpfy that should resolve issue I reported
  14. Sorry to post again but had situation with several zombies walking over mines which exploded but didn't affect any of them. No blowing up in air or dismemberment. They just appeared to walk through them. Know you were looking at that (which is doubtless caused by headshots only) and just wondered if that could be improved? Unless governed by Spherii core mod which is outside your control. Just miss blowing them Z's up lol
  15. Hey Khaine.. loving your mod. On the 2 pipe weapons you added have crafted both. The pistol is fine but the rifle is little difficult to use ADS (i disable crosshairs btw) as characters hand slightly obscurs the sight at end of the rifle. Any way to alter that slightly so have clear ADS?
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