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  1. Not yet....left vanilla game at 19.1 but may look to update now Khaine says his mod is upated on the launcher
  2. Hey Khaine do you know roughly how long before you mod is updated on the 7d2d mod launcher? Still shows 19.1
  3. awesome thanks dude.. i am a nexus member but must confess must missed that mod. cheers bro
  4. gpcstargate - Where do you get the wireless junction boxes?
  5. C'mon Lurker pls update.. the community needs you!
  6. Thanks Mumpfy that should resolve issue I reported
  7. Sorry to post again but had situation with several zombies walking over mines which exploded but didn't affect any of them. No blowing up in air or dismemberment. They just appeared to walk through them. Know you were looking at that (which is doubtless caused by headshots only) and just wondered if that could be improved? Unless governed by Spherii core mod which is outside your control. Just miss blowing them Z's up lol
  8. Hey Khaine.. loving your mod. On the 2 pipe weapons you added have crafted both. The pistol is fine but the rifle is little difficult to use ADS (i disable crosshairs btw) as characters hand slightly obscurs the sight at end of the rifle. Any way to alter that slightly so have clear ADS?
  9. Hey Khaine.. loving the mod. I have hordes set as standard every 6 hours but only seeing one or 2 a day. Is that expected because they spawn in various parts of map or should they appear near me every time?
  10. Hey Mumpfy getting following red error using new stable alpha19.1 when starting game:- "guppyParticleRadiationExposure.unity3d" failed to load. In HD_Mumpfyskins1/Resources file Don't know if due to latest stable update or not.
  11. Khaine can I ask... in your config blocks where you can change zombie hordes, below that is setting to disable crosshairs. Is that for guns in the game when ADS or is that just for cursor crosshair on the UI main screen generally?
  12. Sounds awesome... but get some sleep my friend!
  13. Thank you Khaine for your work. Can I ask if zombies take normal or reduced damage from fire and electricity with the head shots only option?
  14. Hey Khaine, gonna install your mod and give it a whirl. I believe Spherii core mod has been updated slightly to your version. Can I replace yours with his newer version or would that break anything in your mod? In settings for number of zombies in world I am bit confused as to how this works and best settings? Is it the total number on screen at any time or something else?
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