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  1. As often suggested.. The End Game is: Limit urself as much as u can take it Always make poor choices choose the most useless perks u can find or even better dont use perks at all. Never use a trader Never read books Use only Tier1 LvL1 Weapons and Tools Armor ? who needs Armor ??? Sounds about right for a challenging End Game right ? πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
  2. So if R Concrete is gone. What happens to rebarframes ? are we supposed to lay out our bases with woodframes and upgrade all the way ? just curios
  3. The shells are normal size. He is just a gnomeπŸ˜…
  4. I was playing with my wife on our server and i got XP from crafting those stacks. I did read the book but dunno what skills is had at this time. Server is on 19.3
  5. All players have to leave the server before the host does. This way u wont have this issue again. If u still cant open containers restart ur steam. this should solve ur problem
  6. nothing to do with min max. What u suggest is a real pain on Insane/nightmaresettings. go kill a 64 horde at GS 200 with a gun u not specced in. just an exapmel.. its just no fun What ? please thats whats the game about those are the reasons to play the game. I realy enjoy them! But i dont like it to be forced to get new suff every 20 minutes just because someone likes to replace their guns or tools every 20 minutes. its useless inventory management and the time they need to code this they can use for bandits! they will be an addition ! Indeed it is a good feeling but if im forced to find a new gun every XX its no fun anymore its just another job i got to do with no WOW effect IT does because if all guns/tools get destroed from T0 to T3 it will hit the early game way harder than the latgame. just because u have to repair the T0 way more often then a T3 gun. i mean im kinda already done with that, u guys will just talk me down here because u live in theres forums and realy want that. I cant express myself as i want because this is just my 2nd language ... GL with this i hope it wont come but if, i wish u lots of hours fun with it.
  7. this is not a survival game anymore its a linear RPG with survival elements. unspecced guns are good? yah on easy settings they are all good even without any skills.
  8. this would make totaly sense ive there wasnt the skill tree where u spec in weapons .. once u choose a gun u not specced in u loose 300% DMG or more... which means u are stuck with kinda 1 or 2 guns u specced in ... there are no big tough choices to make... only option is to farm all day long for throw away guns to replace what ever.
  9. why on earth sould i use i a gun im not specced in ? or even try to build one? if i spec into snipers i play sniper only, or spec in strength too u play shotty so all u are doing is to hunt down new guns. again and agian. for what reason ? whats the reason to force me to get a new gun after every hordenight. how long should a gun last now ? 10 kills ? 50 kills? 100 kills ? i know i know its all to expand stoneage and early gameplay because they cant make the game any harder as it is right now.... so sad
  10. Cant see how its bad for the game. I think its great for the game if weapons and tools dont break after 5 repairs. U suggest we should craft a new Tool/gun after the old one brakes ? so we will be able to craft T6 stuff soon ? hahah never gonna happen
  11. i realy dont like anthing to do with that its just useless... instead of selling junk to the trader i would have to store the t3 q6 junk and switch it from time to time ... no addition to the gameplay at all just useless inventory management
  12. I will sit here in the Corner of the forums Super High pich screaming until this talk about any tool/weapon degration on repair has ended forever 😱
  13. there is no real diffrence if the tool goes from 100% to 80% of DMG in 5 repairs or if the tool brakes after 5 repairs. both is just plain anoying. we got rid of that for good reasons.
  14. if this is sooo good why didnt we keep the degrading system we had already ?
  15. i know him hes one of the best permadeath players , but also he cheeses the ai once it comes to melee combat. Btw im just talking about the very beginning of the game when u have zero skills. The more skills u get the less u have to cheese the ai in melee.
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