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  1. Looking good boys. Curious if I will be able to play feral sense on along with insane/nightmare/64/horde every night, in the new build... How large is the feral sense range, in game or map terms that I would be able to understand?
  2. Yeah, and like the crafting one that is said to make crafted items have 50% better stats, or whatever. Most people would obviously feel the need to swap it off and on when crafting, and that is just an unfun mechanic. It is still a long ways off so I figured it would be a good time to talk about it, so the devs can decide how they want to do it. They are already trying to simplify and unify things, so it seems like putting an annoying clothing swapping meta into the game is not something they intend on doing. I doubt MM intends to turn the game into armor swap 2021... or Barbie dream dress up adventure. Although, if it were like that old cartoon Jem, and you could change into hot outfits on the fly, with your magic hologram computer, by touching your earrings, I might be on board, heh.
  3. I was thinking more like having sets do interesting things. Just swapping constantly to get optimal gains is not really interesting or fun... Something like one of the sets giving a modifier to parkour, if you invested in it. Like maybe it allows you to do damage when you land on a zombie, or some kinda aoe. Or like a fireman outfit that improves the viability of axes, like extending axe range, or making the power attack a much larger aoe. Or maybe he puts fires out and cancels burning on zombies, when hit with an axe, but does massive damage when it happens, so that you would always want to carry a flaming steel axe. Or maybe some unique build using the stone axe. A Jesus outfit where when you drink normal water in combat, it turns to wine and you get the booze effect. Cheap constant beer for punching. A set where your hands empty hands become viable weapons, digging, mining and harvesting tools, but you can not use any tools or weapons while the set is equipped. Maybe a set where when you have the parkour perk, you become able to instantly walk over objects 2 blocks high, without jumping. A set where you can blind enemies, which allows you to do sneak damage without sneaking, with certain weapons, like bow and knife, but the chance is based on your from the shadows perk level. A set where you can zipline ;-P A set where zombie dogs no longer attack you, and are friendly, but it has to be equipped before they aggro you and you have to keep it on. Anyway, you get the idea. None of that will probably make it into the game, but something more along those lines, rather than 50% more harvest, so that everyone is just constantly swapping outfits...
  4. Since the new armor sets are probably still a while from being finalized... it might be a good idea to move away from having any bonuses that strongly encourage the player to constantly swap armor. Like if the farming set stays the way it is, most people are going to swap to the farmer clothes any time they harvest their crops, then swap back. If the sets are more about alternate play styles, and focus more on damage, attack speed, or more out of the box mechanics, like parkour, it would probably be better received. If it is really worth it to swap armor, for certain tasks, then it will become the meta, no matter how you talk about self control, and people will complain about it... and you will probably get a small % of bad reviews about it. It is still a long way from happening, so I figured now is the time to put it out there.
  5. It might be cool if the sneak attack weapons had a chance to cause a blinding condition, on headshot, based on your "from the shadows" skill. Then the blinding condition could cause you to do full or partial sneak attack damage. Would make the sneak skill more valuable during horde night, or situations where stealth does not work. Might be too strong, or not worth screwing with though.
  6. Nah, you should just reverse them. Make the easiest mode have the harder sounding name and the hardest mode have the weakest name. Have it go from "Hold my beer"(easy) to "weakling mic dirty pee diapers"(insane).
  7. While I kinda agree about spears and stun batons, and some of the others, the game is actually balanced for nomad difficulty. While I would enjoy more melee options when I play on insane, the game is not balanced around the modes I play. If they find a way though, I am not going to stop them, lel. Pack mule and well insulated will probably be viable after the armor changes. Only 4 slots will exist, and they might add more mods. The armor perks are actually really good late game. When you put fittings into your armor and you invest in the perks, the negatives actually go positive. The light armor one is both a nice speed buff and a really good stamina buff. Takes forever to get though. Parkour is amazing, although I usually do not get it. Great for playing on maxed difficulties, doing pois and fighting the horde outside at night. Deep cuts is actually stronger on the harder modes, because I believe the bleed damage is not reduced. It can be good on insane, but kinda slow, and the sledge is probably best. Rule 1 cardio is really good if you are someone that plays the game maxed out without a base. I usually max it pretty early on. It is one of the options to give you permanent running ability. Iron gut is okay... the main reason for it is to extend your coffee, and other buffs though. Not all of the perks have to be good though, and they have a pretty good system. Throwing spears could definitely be better though, and they could probably just make stealth function partially, when crouched, at maxed level, or for just a few seconds... but it might make it too good, or too annoying, because you would have to constantly crouch for max damage. Smoke bombs or a blinding condition? Some weapons have a chance to blind for full or partial stealth damage, based on your stealth skill? I do not know, but the game is not finished yet and there are lots of options... and even if nothing is changed, it is probably good enough.
  8. Yeah, really curious if anything happens to spears, or maybe some kinda combo with throwing that can make them on par with the sledge. Sledge is great on insane. Would be cool if some of the other weapons were more viable on insane, but the game is balanced around nomad, and that is cool. Roland hinted that the stun baton might be getting some kinda buff, or something that makes us use the pipe version instead of the club, off perk. Sounds interesting.
  9. How is there arguing in this thread about coasters, of all places? lel Sorry the fun pimps, i like to ruin my furniture, by placing my cold drinks directly on them, like a filthy savage.
  10. I am always game to hear more information about the other armor sets... or how the drone is coming along, or any interesting new information. Hint, hint.
  11. Yeee, or the college jacket will be part of one of the sets with the baseball cap and what not. Hopefully they will give us more information about some of the new sets. It is one of the things I am most interested in.
  12. Yeah, the damage seems to go up, but not sure if the slow is actually working.
  13. True, but this time it was appropriate. However, if it were not, I would have done it anyway. 😉 I am actually playing Bayonetta at the moment. Owned it for a long time, but never really played it. Failing pretty hard at some of those quicktime events the first time I see them, and getting stone rank(worst) on some of the stages, lel.
  14. I have played insane, always nightmare run speed, 64 zombies, horde every night for a while now. I did it from the start. Not really that hard if you know what you are doing. I recorded my horde nights from like day 30 something to day 60 something. Done playing now until A20 probably.
  15. Yeah, but speeding up the base healing rate is the problem. I would rather just farm aloe and eat medical bandages. Or heal from eating. Once you get a huge farm though it is probably not terrible. I usually stay away from it though.
  16. As long as it drains my food I will probably not use it... at least not until I have like 300+ corn farm plots. Rather just grow aloe and eat bandages instead.
  17. I am guessing this is directed at me? Nah, I just would not have lost my chemistry station, because I would not have had an extra station to craft that does not act like a normal voxel(?). Was just annoying because I have had really bad luck with loot in that world, and was looking forward to using it. Then it died in front of me. Although it was also kinda funny. More annoying at the time... more funny as time passes. Pretty sure the simplified system will have a similar progression to what we have now, just it will be gated by upgrades, similar to the crucible, instead of crafting a new station, or something like that.
  18. Well I can think of another reason now for simplifying the work stations... So I am on like day 61 in my world with the settings pretty much maxed. It took me forever to find 1 acid... I finally got 5 total on day 60. I go to make my chem station... after the horde I go and get it and am like "cool, now I can spam pipe bombs for fun." My base is now at bedrock, and I did not really like how I placed my workbench, but did not feel like picking it up, so I decide I am going to just put the chem station above it and stick it to the wall. So I dig out a small spot for it to fit into the rock above my workbench. Looks green, all good. I place it.... it sits there for a moment then falls and breaks... LOL... I remember they used to stick to walls and stuff, and it let me place it... I was raging so hard. Now I am almost on day 63 and I have 2 acid... it took so long to get 5 that I am probably just going to go back and forth to the traders and buy one. I even have the book for better odds of finding acid, so I am not sure what is up, heh.
  19. Yep... the buff lasts something like 10 to 12 seconds after you have hit something or gotten hit I guess. Easy enough to keep on all night running around. They key is that if you finish the light armor perk line, it reduces your penalties enough so that a full set of light armor fill the best fittings in each slot actually gives your character buffs, and makes you run at like 109% speed. The stamina buff is kinda like having coffee for free. Padded armor can not do this because you can not put the fittings on without first having a penalty. The same thing can be done for the heavy armor line, but it is not really good enough to get buffs. With the book that negates the run penalty though, you actually end up with something like a 114% speed buff.
  20. Hot necro! Also, heavy armor actually lets you move around the fastest when fighting without a base on horde night, and makes you tanky. Military is the best light armor, because you can be almost as fast as heavy armor constantly, while also having a free buff similar to coffee on at all times, without drinking it. Padded armor is actually the worst light armor, but it is good enough. The others are much better once you find all the required components to take advantage of their buffs.
  21. Yeah, I used to kinda complain about how fast zombies destroy blocks, but really it was just because I wanted base designs where I did not have to actively repair. Even on the hardest settings though, it is not that bad, and I still usually need less that 300 concrete each horde night. You also do not really even need a base at all on the hardest settings... I am just using it for fun, and because the exp is higher. This is just to demonstrate how you can fight some of the hardest hordes possible, on max settings, without a base, and not really even get hit if you do not want to.
  22. It is improving the existing stuff though. There are issues with drying concrete, and performance gains to be had. A lot of us are just used to it, but there is a lot of stuff currently in the game that is just a time sink. One of the things they are thinking about is new player experience, and there are plenty of players that will only play for 20-30 hours, review and be done with the game. So lets say I am a new player playing the game... if I know anything about the game at all, I am probably going to feel the time crunch, and I am also probably not going to read all of the tips and crap that popup, because there are too many, which simplification would help. So anyway, maybe I have my first small base built and I am about to fight a horde soonish. I figured out how to upgrade to cobblestone, so logic tells me that upgrades just happen instantly. I happen to find some concrete and see it made a dark concrete block. "Oh cool, concrete is kinda dark looking", probably not even thinking or noticing that it is wet and needs to dry. The first upgrade might have even been by mistake. I see my trader has a bunch of concrete so I buy it, and just before the horde shows up I use almost all of it and upgrade as much of my base as I can. "Wow, my base looks cool and is stronger now." The horde shows up and I go to repair... "wut, this looks as weak as it did before, is this a bug?... oh, and now it requires concrete to repair, which I am out of." Breaks, die rage quit. Maybe they keep playing and then figure out when it dries that that is what happened, and its not a bug, so then they decide they want to craft some... so they look to see what it takes. "Okay, so I need a forge, a workbench, and a cement mixer", if they even figure that out in a timely manner. Then they look to see what they need and might even miss what schematics are at that point, so they just think they need to spend a bunch of skill points to get all this crap. If that did not make them rage quit, they then figure out how to make all the stuff, and where to get the parts, and that they have to cook stone... "Finally now I can make concrete!" So they have their base, which is fine and structurally sound... aaannnnnnddd, they upgrade it all to wet concrete, lol. They come back after doing a short quest or something and find that half of their base has fallen apart. They missed the part where wet concrete has different structural integrity and then write a bad review and or report it as a bug.... lol. They can make it easier to understand and avoid some of this with simplifications... and what do we lose?.... not much really... most of that stuff was just a time sink anyway, and we have more time to quest, fight bandits and do the games story mode, when it comes out.
  23. I am kinda curious about how the drone is going to work myself. I go through lots of small spaces, and wonder if it is going to be coded to follow me properly, heh. It would be cool if you could give the drone a stun baton and it would use it, since it takes a robot slot(?) anyway. Then maybe the attack would scale with your robotics and stun baton skill. I am still more curious about the item sets and armor sets myself. If the drone does just become storage for most players, have you guys thought about doing a crossover with Don't Starve to give it a Chester skin? 😜
  24. I am cool and handsome and everyone likes me. np.
  25. Ya I know... I was hoping for A20, heh. They can tell us more of the sets though, if they have them mostly figured out. He teased that the plant fiber set was actually viable when maxed out. More information would be dandy.
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