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  1. I usually kill bears like a real man, and by real man I mean I build a 3x3x4 cobblestone base, sometimes with spikes around it, then shoot them until dead from on top of it... just like in real life.
  2. Yeah I have seen some of those lol. Honestly though, on an agility build, something I plan on doing is getting parkour early. Then all you have to do is have ramp frames 3 blocks high randomly all over the place and if you get into trouble you can just jump on it and spam the bow or spear until they are dead lel. I also like the idea of just getting the sneak skill and sneak attack bonus and not even pumping a weapon at first. Then try to sneak attack everything, cause you can even shoot out a lot of the zombie jump scare spots and they wont even move and you can 1 shot them with a tier 1 bow. I plan on not even really having a base, and just using coffee and stuff on horde night. Sneak skill so high that I just sneak around most normal nights. I have not done a lot yet on my agility build though, cause I am still trying my str/intel building/robot build. On day 15 and I see I need to find the bloody turret schematic now, even though I have robots and intel maxed out.
  3. Nah, you just need some more good armor mods. A perk that negates the need for pocket mods would be more attractive it there were more good mods to put in its place.
  4. nb4 pm that says he paid $3,400,000 for the game
  5. Well I start the mine early and if I go at a 45 degree angle it is only 1 block in my floor to go down and I can easily walk up and down the ramp, and can see with just a torch moved every so often. Then hardly any of the actual mine is under my base, but is protected by it. I am usually just after stone so I just keep going down and end up hitting bedrock. After that I will start mining in straight lines at bedrock and if the game lasts long enough they will become underground tunnels across the map to other bases, heh.
  6. Yeah I try to do a bit of both, but you can get to 4/4 miner and mother load really fast just building at the start. I always have a large mine under my base at a 45 degree angle down to bedrock early game with just a stone axe. I almost never tech up beyond stone tools. This current world I was really unlucky though... all of my trader quests were like 1,500+ away(no dig quests), so I was like nope and did extra building for a day. Been looting constantly since day 8 though. Usually when the quests are not all 1,500-2,000 away I will quest most of the day and do my building and mining at night.
  7. Well I meant to mention that. I think I am on day 12 or 13... the way I play I usually power level, so maybe the balance is right. Nah, you can kinda bypass RNG with certain builds. That build I start strength and get miner and motherload asap, and I use the stone axe as melee. I find the trader and do quests if they are not stupid far away and then have a cobblestone base good enough for the 7 day horde before the start of day 2. Then I make a blunderbuss and iron fire axe(for a melee weapon, when I can) and start questing during the day and building and digging at night. I also will take points in intel for cement mixer and forge and start spamming concrete asap.
  8. I still do not really like how many parts it requires to make a tool or weapon when they are usually already gated by a recipe you have to find and steel. Like on my one world I am like over level 30 and have 8 intel and 4 in robotics and I can not even make a junk sledge yet, lel. I could do 5 parts, but not 15 or whatever it costs yet, heh. RNG ftw. I have 3 traders now so I guess it should not be much longer. Not really a big deal though. The build is really good, I just make sure I start off specializing in something that does not require RNG.
  9. This is how I used to build my bases in alpha 18. They were filled with wood poles and were basically solid cobblestone cubes, but you could still walk around and melee from the inside.
  10. Obviously you are making a medieval survival game that is kinda like a 3d terraria, where skeleton mobs and other enemies build their own towns and try to raid you. JK... you are making a train themed shounen ai dating simulation game where trains go on dates and dance for higher scores to go on dates with better trains.
  11. No I mean he actually said that. I believe it was in a video before he started a quest.
  12. I mean MM did say to loot it first and then start the quest and loot it again. He said something like "this is how you do it", but if they have changed their minds or think it is a problem now then that is fine, I do not really care. I do like being able to strip the ground and everything around a place though and have it all rebuilt when starting a quest.
  13. He has stated before that that is the way to do it heh. I usually just loot it first then only slightly loot it after I start the quest. Save that for the next time I get a quest there. I like that you can do that cause if you are someone that does not want giant holes all over your world you can just farm the earth and resources at a quest location then start the quest to repair it all.... and yes I do do that sometimes lol.
  14. At the risk of going too off topic talking about another game here, lel... look up Din's Legacy. It is the last one I played. That one has a mutation system where your character gets random mutations. Once you understand the system though, it becomes less random and more of a way to make stupid OP characters.
  15. They make some funny games with lots of faction crap and monsters attacking eachother and your town and stuff. The graphics are not great, but the games are pretty fun. Probably get boring after a while though. It would be interesting to see what games they would make if they actually were big and had a lot of money, heh.
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