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  1. Does that mean the blunderbuss gets to stay? heh Not that I really care, but the last build or 2 I used it a lot, and it is pretty fun. Great for cheap ammo that can 1 shot, and the range is not really that bad. It was really fun with run n gun and faster reload. Either way I am probably moving on to throwing spears though... at least for my first build when it hits experimental.
  2. Nah, like I said it is not really an issue. I was just suggesting zombie events and making conversation. The game is pretty good the way it is and I am just waiting to play the crap out of the next update, and I had not posted recently.
  3. Yeah, the zombies probably have rabies or something, which reminds me... I am apparently immune to mad cow disease. So when there is a mad cow scare and no one is buying it, I am all over it for cheap steaks and very high quality meat. Allow me to use this forum as my person twitter and talk about myself constantly now... Actually, hmmm... something about the game... actually the game is pretty good now. I do often think the zombie damage is too high vs blocks, and I kinda miss frantically repairing boarded windows while trying to survive in a crappy wood base during a horde. It is not really a big deal though, and I am not sure how you would fix it. I did think that it would be cool if zombies did reduced damage and a large number of zombies in 1 spot would trigger a zombie event, kinda like vehicle events that have been talked about. Like you see an area and it is highlighted and it shows you have X number of seconds to repair or kill the zombies or the entire wall is coming down. It could be fun, but would probably be a lot of work to stop people from exploiting it, and it would have to account for player blocks in the area and height. Still, it was something to write about while I am waiting for the next updating, in preparation for throwing so many stone spears that I crash my game.
  4. The first thing you need to cover when you make an alpha 19 video is a stone spear modded with a scope and a drum, then throw it.
  5. I am curious about what some of the improved perks look like. I am guessing the attribute increases are removed from charismatic nature, so I wonder that the 3 ranks look like now. QoL perks should be much more tempting now.
  6. Just waiting for the update, so I can litter the world with thrown spears until it crashes the game. Not really much to talk about other than how stupid people are in acting like a slightly worse flu season is the toilet paper apocalypse, and shutting down the planet so people actually starve lel.
  7. The game is fun and going in the right direction. I am just waiting for the next experimental build to play the crap out of it. np.
  8. Hey Gazz, are you planning on having spear throw damage increase with points in the spear skill? If it is a balance issue, you could always have the damage kick in at like rank 3 or 4 of the skill. I just want to primarily throw spears next update, and would also like to have a reason to invest in the spear skill.
  9. Looking forward to the perk tree reduction. Hoping Gazz has it to where I can 1 shot a basic zombie with a headshot, on nomad with a thrown tier 5 stone spear, with spear mastery maxed out. That would be a fun and cost effective ranged killer for low stress situations. Although if the zombie lag attack changes work, I might just use melee instead in multiplayer. Too laggy with some of my friends atm. If not I will just use bows. The intelligence melee turret sounds interesting though. I still think it would be funny if rock throwing damage became a thing. It looks almost too funny when you hit a zombie in the head with one not to be a thing. Either way, now I will finally be able to justify getting parkour maxed on all my builds. Word.
  10. Are there going to be any buffs to spear throwing builds? Last I remember playing, I believe putting points into spears did not really increase throw damage. So even with spears maxed it still took 2 thrown headshots to kill a basic zed on nomad, which was exactly the same as someone who put no points in it at all. Sorry if this has already been said or changed. I have been away from the game for a while and have not seen anything about it.
  11. I mean concrete, powered workstations, whatever... it does not really matter as long as it is balanced and fun. If you start making concrete harder to make though, you should then probably make it harder for zombies to break. I mean most blocks break like paper, and you are not even going to use wood for anything a zombie is going to touch. That whole tier is kinda usless TBH. I did not read a lot of this stuff because TL;DR, but it just looks like people are trying to make the game less fun and more tedious again. It does not really matter though as long as the end result is balanced and fun.
  12. As a ranger, I am unable to shoot multi-shot arrows. Multi-shot arrows as an ammo type would be fun, for my arcane archer. Rather than remove the blunderbuss, it should be buffed to hold all mods and be tier 8... oh wait, what I meant to say is that it should be a basic weapon for every build, or every build should have a basic primitive ammo ranged weapon. Or not. Nets and slingshots... I want a net that shoots slingshots, and maybe the slingshots will shoot guns. Superman always ducks guns and takes bullets, so we know that guns are the superior projectile.
  13. Are the advanced running shoes supposed to be really rare? I have not found them yet in any of my games. I know they exist because my cousin found them in one of his games. With that one book you can craft the athletic jacket and basic running shoes, and I find lots of basic running shoes. Would be cool if I could craft the advanced running shoes. I do not think you can craft them now, unless I missed something. Did not see them in the craft list.
  14. Yeah, I mean I was not bashing it or anything. Just saying I do not use vehicles now, for the most part, and will probably be less likely to use them with that mechanic. Just general feedback. The mechanic would not affect me much anyway lel. Back when repair kits were harder to make, I would almost never use anything that required them, heh. Now that repair kits are cheaper, I actually use guns and stuff, but I still use stone tools most of the time. I just tend to stay low tech and conserve everything. I make a great partner in multiplayer.
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