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  1. I am always game to hear more information about the other armor sets... or how the drone is coming along, or any interesting new information. Hint, hint.
  2. Yeee, or the college jacket will be part of one of the sets with the baseball cap and what not. Hopefully they will give us more information about some of the new sets. It is one of the things I am most interested in.
  3. Yeah, the damage seems to go up, but not sure if the slow is actually working.
  4. True, but this time it was appropriate. However, if it were not, I would have done it anyway. 😉 I am actually playing Bayonetta at the moment. Owned it for a long time, but never really played it. Failing pretty hard at some of those quicktime events the first time I see them, and getting stone rank(worst) on some of the stages, lel.
  5. I have played insane, always nightmare run speed, 64 zombies, horde every night for a while now. I did it from the start. Not really that hard if you know what you are doing. I recorded my horde nights from like day 30 something to day 60 something. Done playing now until A20 probably.
  6. Yeah, but speeding up the base healing rate is the problem. I would rather just farm aloe and eat medical bandages. Or heal from eating. Once you get a huge farm though it is probably not terrible. I usually stay away from it though.
  7. As long as it drains my food I will probably not use it... at least not until I have like 300+ corn farm plots. Rather just grow aloe and eat bandages instead.
  8. I am guessing this is directed at me? Nah, I just would not have lost my chemistry station, because I would not have had an extra station to craft that does not act like a normal voxel(?). Was just annoying because I have had really bad luck with loot in that world, and was looking forward to using it. Then it died in front of me. Although it was also kinda funny. More annoying at the time... more funny as time passes. Pretty sure the simplified system will have a similar progression to what we have now, just it will be gated by upgrades, similar to the
  9. Well I can think of another reason now for simplifying the work stations... So I am on like day 61 in my world with the settings pretty much maxed. It took me forever to find 1 acid... I finally got 5 total on day 60. I go to make my chem station... after the horde I go and get it and am like "cool, now I can spam pipe bombs for fun." My base is now at bedrock, and I did not really like how I placed my workbench, but did not feel like picking it up, so I decide I am going to just put the chem station above it and stick it to the wall. So I dig
  10. Yep... the buff lasts something like 10 to 12 seconds after you have hit something or gotten hit I guess. Easy enough to keep on all night running around. They key is that if you finish the light armor perk line, it reduces your penalties enough so that a full set of light armor fill the best fittings in each slot actually gives your character buffs, and makes you run at like 109% speed. The stamina buff is kinda like having coffee for free. Padded armor can not do this because you can not put the fittings on without first having a penalty. The same thing can be do
  11. Hot necro! Also, heavy armor actually lets you move around the fastest when fighting without a base on horde night, and makes you tanky. Military is the best light armor, because you can be almost as fast as heavy armor constantly, while also having a free buff similar to coffee on at all times, without drinking it. Padded armor is actually the worst light armor, but it is good enough. The others are much better once you find all the required components to take advantage of their buffs.
  12. Yeah, I used to kinda complain about how fast zombies destroy blocks, but really it was just because I wanted base designs where I did not have to actively repair. Even on the hardest settings though, it is not that bad, and I still usually need less that 300 concrete each horde night. You also do not really even need a base at all on the hardest settings... I am just using it for fun, and because the exp is higher. This is just to demonstrate how you can fight some of the hardest hordes possible, on max settings, without
  13. It is improving the existing stuff though. There are issues with drying concrete, and performance gains to be had. A lot of us are just used to it, but there is a lot of stuff currently in the game that is just a time sink. One of the things they are thinking about is new player experience, and there are plenty of players that will only play for 20-30 hours, review and be done with the game. So lets say I am a new player playing the game... if I know anything about the game at all, I am probably going to feel the time crunch, and I am also probably not going
  14. I am kinda curious about how the drone is going to work myself. I go through lots of small spaces, and wonder if it is going to be coded to follow me properly, heh. It would be cool if you could give the drone a stun baton and it would use it, since it takes a robot slot(?) anyway. Then maybe the attack would scale with your robotics and stun baton skill. I am still more curious about the item sets and armor sets myself. If the drone does just become storage for most players, have you guys thought about doing a crossover with Don't Starve to give it a C
  15. I am cool and handsome and everyone likes me. np.
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