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  1. I want to see the athletic set. College jacket, running shoes... a cap i guess... Obviously light armor, cause run speed.
  2. Yeah, I do not get the OP, and some of what they said is incorrect. I now play on insane, always nightmare run speed, horde every night and 64 zombies... it is like a completely different game. Only bad thing is now its kinda hard to go back lel. The only problem is that you need to either go with a no base build(eventually), exploit the zombie ai/pathfinding, find some way to limit base damage, or you use your quest locations as bases for the night. Otherwise you are just spending all your time farming for the next horde instead of playing the game. You
  3. Yeah, the knife is really great in the harder difficulties... seems like it still does full bleed damage. Although on the hardest mode with everything maxed out, the best base is probably not to have one, lel. At that point you are either wasting all your time farming resources or you are abusing the zombie ai in some way. I do still make and use a base for like a week or so, until I do not need it anymore, cause horde every night.
  4. Well obviously the top priority in alpha 20 should be toilet update. I am sure you are already working on it and it is the real reason for improved water. Listen, these vets want a REAL challenge and real SURVIVAL elements that allow the game to be their job... so you must make it so that players spend 50% of their game time using the toilet, at the very least. Pee pee poo poo is serious business and should be taken seriously. Proper toilets are the foundation of life and without it your society is exploded by bombs, just like in the fall of
  5. In my younger and more vulnerable years... Okay, so recently I have started to play on insane/nightmare/32alive/horde every night... not because I care about hardcore crap, but because I tried it and it was not as annoying as I thought and was actually pretty fun. That being said, does anyone know the current run speed of the fastest zombies on nightmare? I am pretty sure I can still outrun them with the athletic jacket, but not sure about a few. This is just info I should probably figure out before I go too far lel. Also, does anyone know wha
  6. Corn was thought of as only being animal feed back in the old country. Which brings the obvious questions, why can I not make popcorn, and then cover it with honey and candy it?! 0/10 game!!@!
  7. So I decided to try a Serious Sam styled agility/fortitude build and bumped the game up to insane, always nightmare, 32 zombies and horde every night, lel. It is actually a lot of fun. I do not really care about playing on the hardest settings or anything, I just thought having really fast zombies might be more fun and decided to try insane difficulty zombies along with it. They are really not THAT much more spongy, and your chance to randomly decapitate them means a lot more. It also makes me think that in this mode maybe the shorter
  8. You sure? I thought in an earlier version they said they made you run faster, and I figured it was just worded wonky on them now. It seemed like I was running faster. When I was playing with my friend and finally got them I was almost able to keep up with my friend on his bike, going through the grass instead of the road, and I was not super far behind him just straight up following. Maybe not though, I will test it later when I can play. EDIT: Yeah, I tested it and it seems like you are right.
  9. Yeah, that is what I figured. I was still testing out turrets and crap and it took so long to find some of the stuff I did not feel like restarting unless I was doing different settings, heh. I still have not found the steel tools schematic and I am level 87. Anyone know if the player can outrun zombies at the nightmare run speed setting with the advanced running shoes and the athletic jacket on?
  10. I found some bug where I can scrap a quality 1 robotic sledge and it gives me some error, does not destroy the sledge, but still gives me 3 parts. I can do it over and over as much as I want. Not sure where to report it if it is not a known issue. My world is a random gen world that was from like 1 or 2 builds before stable though, and I did have someone join my world once. I am also thinking about trying a serious sam style parkour agility/fortitude build. I might max out the difficulty, run speed and make horde every night. If I find the advan
  11. It does not really have anything to do with stealth being underpowered. Depending on the POI and how you do it, stealth is probably overpowered. It is more about "from the shadows" being irrelevant to playing stealth. Sleepers and scripted aggro do not care about your from the shadows skill and you can do the same thing with a loud shotgun, which is probably more of a problem with stealth mechanics in general.
  12. I have had a few issues with the overhangs on my small bases. I usually come out like 4 blocks, and I have noticed when I upgrade them with concrete, and then leave the area when they are drying, I come back and it is completely gone. It almost seems like the blocks are losing stability in the transition to dry concrete if you are a ways away from them. I will post a picture and the wood in it is the area that breaks off, and the area it is connected to is 1 block of plate overhang. It can probably be repeated by just making a structure like that, upgrading to wet c
  13. You are fine. Just jump out, refill it and jump back in really really quickly.
  14. Thanks. If those are the only ones that have it, my world only has 1 POI for a potential Taza's stone axe, which is the indian burial grounds, lel. I guess I should give up.
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