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  1. Yeah, although there does not really seem to be much of a benefit for pumping from the shadows atm. I am pretty sure you can do most POIs the stealthy path just as well without it, using a shotgun. Even better honestly if you are doing the POI backwards and breaking through walls, lel. I say this as someone who does not really care about stealth, I am a robotic sledge boy now. A shotgun waking up and entire tier 5 POI would honestly be a huge buff to my build, because it is nothing John Henry(my fav robotic sledge) and I can not handle, and we would get it done way faster.
  2. Yeah, I think there are a few spots in that POI where they are scripted to hear you, depending on where the zombies spawn, but I that one spot was the most obvious because of how careful and slow I was all the times I did it. They actually seem to trigger a little after you get off the ladder, when you go to cross, but depending on how you got off the ladder you might have hit that spot. I am sure, although you can still do that without pumping the sneak skill. If the from the shadows skill were just tweaked so that the spot range of zombies during the day were no so huge when sneaking it would probably be worth getting. Yeah, you used to be able to quick fire the bow, just tapping and letting arrows fly, and the damage was still good. When it was like that you could almost use it like a pistol. Last I tested it though it seemed like quick fire shots were doing crap damage. A nurse had like 3 or so in here head and I was like, okay, that is not right lol.
  3. Yeah, that is the one spot I believe, from your picture. So it is a scripted spot like I thought. It was 3 or 4, but above it looks like he found that it is just a scripted spot you can not do anything about.
  4. Yeah, from playing both types of builds it seems like it would be way easier to get a sneak attack melee kill with a sledge and zero sneak skill than it would with a knife and from the shadows maxed out. Pretty sure I have gotten a number of sneak attack melee kills on my str/intel build, with my flaming steel axe and my headlight on, lel.
  5. Yeah, although you can do pretty much the same thing with a loud weapon and zero points in stealth atm heh. I always laugh when I sneak attack kill a radiated zombie with other zombies nearby and try to guess how many I can kill before they wake up when I am shooting a shotgun in the room. The main thing I notice playing stealthy and non-stealthy is that I can usually do the POI just as stealthy either way. So if I am only really waking up zombies at scripted spots, then it just makes me wonder why I invested in the stealth skill at all, cause I can do the same thing without it and a shotgun.
  6. Yeah, that could have been it in that spot, they might be detecting me through the wall if they are on that wall. There are some spots that seem to wake them up that are not in that range though, It could even be that some spots are still making trash noise after you break them lol. If you want to check it out though, I think business_burnt_02 is a good one to check. I think if you just go though that with like 3 or 4 points in the sneak skill you will spot all of the issues, or whatever the cause is, if there is no issue. Like in the second room, there is a door on the right with a minor loot room, and I think even if you break that trash and stuff and do not wake him up, if you walk past a certain point a ways away from the door he will wake up inside. I am just trying to help out. I normally play a str/intel build... I love those robotic sledges lol.
  7. Yeah sure, I believe one spot is business_burnt_02, right after you go up the ladder and have to pass through the elevator shaft. I was sneaking past the left wall in the elevator shaft, if that helps. I can not get on an take pictures atm, but I can later if needed.
  8. Nah, I was not walking over trash. The one spot is after you go up the first ladder. I got up it and was fine, then I had to go back into sneak mode. I waited a bit after going into sneak mode and then as soon as I passed midway by the wall they wake up and come for me. Maybe they are actually right next to the wall on the other side or something and their visibility range is glitching through the wall? I noticed while playing that in a number of POIs there seemed to be spots where I would be sneaking, not hit trash or anything, and my stealth says I am super stealthy, and certain nearby zombies just wake up.
  9. Okay, I tried out a pure agility build and beat the day 7 horde... and while I thought I understood how it was supposed to work, after doing a quest on business_burnt_02, I don't get it. First I thought having the sneak skill at level 4 and wearing only light stuff I would be able to sneak around and get mostly sneak kills, but then I noticed during the day time the zombies still seemed to aggro on me at the usual range. Then I figured okay, well I can sneak around during quests and can probably clear it out without aggro if I am careful... but then I am doing a quest and the zombies aggro on me while I am in full sneak mode, from a completely different room, with a wall or 2 between us. I did the POI twice and they seemed to aggro in the same spots no matter what I did. So I am just confused as to how it is supposed to work. It seems like, from playing my str/intel build, that the points I put into sneaking do not really do much of anything. I can straight up just go into sneak mode on a non sneaking build and shoot a radiated zombie with a shotgun, with his buddies in the room, and everyone just keeps sleeping, lol. Like in most cases I could just do a POI just as sneaky with a pure str build and a shotgun. Sleepers do not care, you can shine a light in their faces. They do not care unless you hit a scripted spot where they wake up, or I guess almost touch them or are super loud. Honest question, how is it supposed to work? If I have 5 ranks in sneaking and hit a forced aggro spot can I just sit there and then they will lose aggro and go back to sleeping? Should I move away and hide somewhere else and they lose aggro? I just seemed to have better luck sneaking by playing my str build and going into a building backwards breaking through a wall, cause I seem to bypass the scripted spots, although sometimes they spawn sleeping almost on top of me, lel. Now I am not ranting or anything. I just finished my test run so it is just feedback. I am curious if there is something I am missing, or if it is not working as intended. It feels like something is not working right or I am missing something. I went pure agility and put all my points in bow, from the shadows and hidden strike. I finished horde night at level 17.
  10. So I have been testing out a pure agility build, going sneak, sneak damage and bow first. It actually is not as bad as I thought, although the good point about getting most kills as sneak attacks did not work as often as I thought. The zombies during the day and make you from pretty far away even with points in the skill, heh.... and sleepers do not really give a if you just shine a light in their faces from a few feet away without points in sneak, heh. I saw some of the subtle balance you have with exp though, like how all the building materials do not scale with salvage skills, and are mostly there for builds that do not go into strength. That was actually kinda nice, so I could get a nice building boost of exp that I did not think I would get. I also never really noticed that your looting exp was your game stage... that is kinda cool actually. Looting is probably a great source of exp for every build if you live long enough. I do still think the night vision goggles should have +1 agility though.... and it would be cool if there were a ghillie suit mod for armor, and or clothing, in whatever combination would work without making it a mess to implement.
  11. I think there sorta is, but it is under light armor... stuff like the leather armor... it gives a little more protection, but also slows you down some like heavier armor.
  12. Hey, is there any way we can get +1 agility on the night vision goggles? (If it was not already added since last I had them) They are probably the head wear you should be using if you are playing a sneaking build, although sleepers do not seem to care much about lights or if you have much sneak skill atm lel. It does not really seem like it would be a balance issue, but would give more reason to use them.
  13. Yeah, I have had them disappear, and thought it was already reported. It has happened to other people as well. I had not seen it in a while and assumed it had been fixed already. You should probably report it.
  14. AKTCHUWALLY... I shouldn't say this, but we are working to have a quality 6 stone axe in season 3. We are in talks for having Tom Hanks play the handle and Jack Nicholson is already approved as the sharp stone. An early draft had Michael Keaton as the handle, but in test shots it was found to be too difficult to distinguish which end was the sharp end, being that Michael Keaton is the poor mans Jack Nicholson.
  15. ACCHUWALLLY... I am making a drama out of it... I have a semi allstar cast, and have been pre-approved for 2 seasons, for 40 episodes. It is going to be amazing, believe me. There are valid reasons for using a primitive tool or weapon late game, but it looks like you only have a certain window to find T6 now, or else you are totally locked out. It is not a huge deal, but I keep hearing how OP traders are for gear, so having tier 6 primitive items in their loot pool where you usually see 1 per reset doesn't sound bad. I do not like using cheat mode and it is just a minor issue in my current game, so I figured this would be the place to talk about it, lel.
  16. If you were talking about the tier 6 primitive weapons, it would be cool if there were some way to still get them. Like you can craft them, or they pollute the trader loot(like maybe a good chance they have 1 tier 6 primitive every refresh), or you do what you said before and primitive items cap at tier 5, lel. Do you know if that unique stone axe is still in the game?... if so I might just go hunt for that.
  17. Okay, serious question... when you get into the upper game stages, does it become impossible to find tier 6 primitive items? I like using the stone axe, but I was unlucky and did not find a tier 6 stone axe, and I have been looting for a while and it almost feels like I am not going to find one lol. So am I blocked out of finding them now, or is it just really rare? If they do stop dropping at some point, is there any way we can get tier 6 crafting back, just for the primitive weapons and tools, at like maxed rank of the skill?
  18. Vultures are the best... they are like air dogs, and even the Devs QQ about them on streams... Vultures are the best. I still want to try an agility build, but having too much fun on my str/intel build. Going to start bringing 2 junk sledges with me to tier 5 pois, color them and call them by name. Plus I know the agility build is probably going to drag unless I go some strength first.
  19. Yeah, I was doing a tier 5 quest on horde day and did not have enough time to go back to my main base, so I went to a nearby test base... The thing is, I did not have a lot of ammo, but I did have 2 sledge turrets, and they did all the work, lel... This screenshot is not long after the horde ended, and before any repairs...
  20. Yeah, I think you do not get crits on the first hit if you are at 100% health, or something like that. After that you start to get them dumped on you. So if you are not seeing them you are probably not getting hit, or maybe there is a multiplayer bug, where the host gets all the crits lel.
  21. Yeah, it has pretty good range... a little short of the spear. I have seen a tier 5 steel sledge with 122 power attack damage, so yeah, it has a lot of damage, and its perk line does knockdown to the person you hit and can also knockdown those near your target. That reminds me, how hard would it be to have attack range listed on melee weapons? Not super important, but would be cool to see.
  22. Good call, I totally forgot that was a thing, lel. Although that one pole with the square on top would be nice to upgrade, because then dogs and zombies would not glitch through the pillars if I stack them.
  23. Wood Ramp Incline Filler It is not the only one under the wood frame options that can not be upgraded though.
  24. Is there a reason some of the blocks you can make from wood frames can not be upgraded? Not that it really matters, but I am using that one corner piece as a small ramp, because it works well with my base exit when the base is only 4 high, so I do not have to crouch going inside. I do not really need to upgrade it, but I can see it bothering some of the people I play with and their OCD, lol.
  25. Yeah, it just got to where I can kinda use melee in multiplayer now. If the range gets much shorter, and if the zombies range is not decreased a lot, I would have to go back to only using ranged in multiplayer. A while back there was just no way to melee without getting hit a lot in my multiplayer games, which is why I started liking the blunderbuss.
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