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  1. I am cool and handsome and everyone likes me. np.
  2. Ya I know... I was hoping for A20, heh. They can tell us more of the sets though, if they have them mostly figured out. He teased that the plant fiber set was actually viable when maxed out. More information would be dandy.
  3. Oh crap MM was on, maybe I can get him to talk about more of the armor sets. Any news you guys can give us on the new armor sets that are coming?
  4. I do not really know a lot about Valheim. It looks fun, but I probably will not try it for a while. One cool thing about 7days is that you do not have to even bother building a base after a while. You can just fight the horde at night, without a base, even on the hardest settings, even horde every night. You can basically just loot or do whatever you want all day and just fight the horde at night. I am starting to do that in my current world, but I still like starting off inside my base for fun, and faster exp. Oh, and I fight them with melee so I do not make or use bullets.
  5. What is funny is how many more copies you would likely sell, just from the novelty alone.
  6. When you said that, the image of turning the games story mode into a dating sim, where you date the traders, popped into my head. I can see the player base romancing trader Rekt now, with a popup dialog box, with an anime bishounen version of him winking at you. I believe the entire community supports you on this new vision of 7 Dates to Die.
  7. Yeah, although I am pretty sure they have said before they would like to get the number higher than 8. If it were 16, then they would balance it around 16, so it would be easier for new players anyway. 16+ has a bit of a better horde feel though. It is whatever the game engine and technology will allow though. Maybe that will be a surprise for A20?
  8. Oh, I totally do. I play insane, nightmare, 64 zombies, horde every night and permadeath. But they balance the game around default settings, and I know they have been wanting to make the default a higher number. Was just curious if they had made any advances where they believe they will be able to up the default number. After playing 64 for a while now, I think players would really enjoy 16+ zombies. Somewhere between 16 and 32 seems about right.
  9. Have there been any advances where you guys feel like you will be able to up the default max alive zombie count to 16, or greater?
  10. So basically, what you are saying, if I understood correctly, is that.... Drones will have the ability to fight with pipe batons and stun batons, as though they were dancing swords, if you put them in their inventory... but only those weapons. Great change!!! Glad you let us know!!!
  11. Nah, I am just looking for alternatives to sledge when playing insane/nightmare/64 zombies/horde every night. Hard to beat the sledge 1 shot power and aoe knockdown. IIRC, the stun baton shock damage is pretty terrible. If that were buffed, it could suit my play style better. Rather go 10 intel than str. Looking to use minimal bases, or no base at all, to fight the horde, but also keep it interesting by keeping the kill count and exp high.
  12. I am VERY curious about this. If the stun and or shock damage were buffed, it could rival the sledge, or maybe be the best aoe crowd killer.
  13. Yeah, it would be cool if they were buffed when you spec into them and are holding them as your primary weapon. I think with a fully modded Q6 junk turret, I could 1 shot or almost 1 shot the very weakest zombie on nomad. Slightly more damage and a way to increase the range while holding it would be pretty nice. Oh yeah, and I think I told you before about how I was using the bone knife with the game on insane, nightmare, 64, horde every night, but that I found out that I could actually just use a str build. I mentioned that I was going to start trying to sledge because it would probably be pretty great and the knockdown would save on repairs. Well, it totally does, lel. I am a huge fan of the sledge now. Got a few videos of my horde nights if interested. I am still 50/50 on if I will 1 point the bone knife at the start though. Plus, I am not sure if the bleeding slow effect is actually working atm. Does not really seem to be.
  14. It would be cool if the turrets were slightly better when used as a primary weapon though. Maybe a buff to range and slight range in damage if you spec into them and while you are holding them as your primary weapon. The game is pretty damn good atm though, and I am sure there will probably be some weapon tweaks once bandits are in, heh.
  15. Yeah, it would also be cool if they were slightly better when used in your hands as a primary weapon. Probably would not change the way I play now though, since I am a sledge boy... but having the robotic sledge and turret as primary options would be cool.
  16. Well, my guess is that MM has been wanting to simplify some of that stuff, and do some of the things like Valheim did. They are now playing Velheim and he is probably like "Look, see, I wanted to do that, and it works fine!" Now he is wanting to do some of the crap the rest of the team had probably been fighting him on. MM seems to have a good feel for what works, so the changes will probably be fine. Reducing the cost of repair kits and making weapons actually do damage were pretty good changes. I mean who would honestly want to go back to the minecraft style box crafting at this point? Heh. Plenty of people were upset at the time though.
  17. They probably want to simplify it for newer players, while at the same time freeing up room for other things, and freeing up time for new stuff they expect the player to be doing. Bandits and maybe npcs will be a thing in the future. I do not really care that much if it stays the same or changes, although I have never been a fan of burning clay, but they made it renewable so its cool, whatever. Although, I do like having my main loot room in a 3x3x3 cube(5x5x5 structure), and having less workstations inside would be pretty great.
  18. Yeah, and I have a pretty good idea how some of the conversations have been going... MM: "look see, I wanted to simplify a bunch of this crap so we can do some of this other stuff... they did it and it works. Screw it, we are doing it!"
  19. Because of what they did to my family... and free honey... But nah, I use a lot of frames and wood, clearing out pois, with the difficulty maxed. Spikes, wood structures, lots of crafting recipes, probably cooking.
  20. Sounds good. +1 for the idea. Seriously though, I am sure the changes will be fine. There will just be more gathering and crafting, instead of gathering, waiting, then crafting. A lot of that stuff is just a time sink. They can probably make it less confusing and get more players into the game as well. Hopefully we will have better stuff to do with that time, like random encounters, bandits, and more quests.
  21. Okay, gotcha. Sounds good. Thumbs up.
  22. Oh damn... that is cool. How is this going to affect building and building experience gain? Do you get exp placing them, or is there a frame of that material you upgrade?
  23. Yeah, the story was kinda meh, but the combat was good. Playing as a Sorc was pretty fun, and the magic was done really well. The pawn system was actually kinda cool, but they did it wonky so you could only have 1 save file, which was kinda annoying. The game would have probably been a lot bigger if it had multiplayer, and if it was not only for consoles for a while. Dragons Dogma 2 probably coming in 2022 though.
  24. Watch that and tell me if you can see my vision, heh.
  25. True. The simplifications you have made to 7 days have been great. Really like the repair kits. Not that hard to make, but could lead to disaster if you forget to bring one. I am interested in your next unreal game. I would love to see a 3rd person game that borrowed heavily from what diablo 2 did right, with their skill system and loot system. I would also probably copy the combat and spell mechanics from Dragons Dogma with that game. Dragons Dogma had some great combat, and is one of the few games that really nailed playing as a mage. A Diablo 2/Dragons Dogma hybrid game with survival and building elements, based on dota mechanics, where building requires gold, which you primarily find dungeon crawling and fighting in the open world. How close am I?
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