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  1. Watch that and tell me if you can see my vision, heh.
  2. True. The simplifications you have made to 7 days have been great. Really like the repair kits. Not that hard to make, but could lead to disaster if you forget to bring one. I am interested in your next unreal game. I would love to see a 3rd person game that borrowed heavily from what diablo 2 did right, with their skill system and loot system. I would also probably copy the combat and spell mechanics from Dragons Dogma with that game. Dragons Dogma had some great combat, and is one of the few games that really nailed playing as a mage. A Diablo 2/Dragons Dogma hybrid game with survival and building elements, based on dota mechanics, where building requires gold, which you primarily find dungeon crawling and fighting in the open world. How close am I?
  3. Would be cool if they get to the point where they can make 32+ max alive zombies the default. Zombie ai would probably be easier to balance if you can just throw more at the player, heh. Been having a lot of fun with 64 max alive.
  4. Well it was kinda like how the shades used to make you cooler, and reduced heat, heh. I think there might still be a few things like that in the game. The extended range would be be based on you being charismatic and being able to reach people, as in communicating or reasoning, but apply it directly, as being so charismatic that you can reach people better intellectually and physically, heh.
  5. What did you think about my idea of having the last rank extend your melee range? I can not see it objectively because it would fit my play style too well, heh. Or did you have any other ideas? I figure that whatever it is it should only benefit the player on the last rank... and that it should be something interesting, like parkour or something. Animal friend would be cool, but no way that would work, heh.
  6. Well I was playing Nomad with default settings not that long ago, but Charismatic Nature does not really need you to even play the game to see issues with it. The fact that it is useless for solo play makes it stick out as odd. The bonus to attributes also seems like it was just thrown in as a place holder. I do not actually care if it gets changed, just pointing it out. Just like I did with stealth... it seems off and should probably be changed, but I do not really care because I am not going to use it anyway. I have said the last rank should probably be something like better barter, so it is still useful as a solo. My favorite idea is still to have the last rank of charismatic nature extend the characters melee range, with a play on words about being able to reach out to people. Also kinda makes sense if you are playing as a Bard, heh.
  7. I am pretty sure you can already get to where you take very little damage with armor and other perks... depending on how the 10% stacks it could be OP, but kinda hard for me to test solo without doing a bunch of extra stuff. It is not like it would be hard to miss something like that with all the other buffs in the game. The attribute bonus is the thing I do not really like though. It is anywhere from 5 to 17 levels worth of perk points per player, but at the same time the perk is totally useless in solo. Being close to the player with the perk is not that big of a deal, because the radius was huge last time I checked. I think it might be the same radius as the hunting perk. I believe part of the plan was that there will be npcs or companions or something that the perk will affect. I think the perk should be changed, but I do not really care if they change it or not, heh. I do not mind being a Bard when I play MP if it is going to stay. I am sure some of the perks are going to get tweaked, and charismatic nature is likely to change, so I was just curious if there was any information about any potential perk changes.
  8. Sure. If you are playing with just 1 other person it is pretty strong. If you are playing with a number of other players it is OP. From what I remember, the range is actually pretty huge, like if you are clearing a 1 house and your friend is clearing the one across the street, they are in range. That part is fine. First rank, 20 health and 20 stamina... pretty strong early game for however many friends you have. This part is fine though. Second rank, 20% block and 20% melee damage... pretty strong as well, especially when mining or the team is rocking sledges. This part is fine though. Third rank, Nearby allies 10% less damage from all sources, take half damage from bleeding and stop bleeding twice as fast... Depending on how the damage reduction stacks, the 10% could break the game. I could see an immortal team of sledge users abusing this, heh. Might need tweaking. Rank 4, allies get +1 to ALL ATTRIBUTES when near you... lolwut... if you play with any kind of a large group, this is probably stupid strong. Lets say you only want to max out 2 main attributes, and that is all you care about... not only are you getting 6 levels worth of skill points, but for any you are wearing +1 gear for, you are also bypassing rank 9, as well as 10, getting another perk point. If your team has a 3 or 4 attribute build they are going for, everyone but you is going to get there 9 to 14 levels faster than they would otherwise. Most attributes have something useful you can get with extra points. Intel for double turrets and bandage healing. Fortitude for damage reduction. etc... Probably too strong. You can get your team too many levels ahead on attributes and possibly break damage reduction with the 10% While playing solo it is completely useless atm heh... If it actually worked on turrets or something it would be cool though. I have said before, I would probably dump the attribute bonuses, and make the last rank something like better barter or daring adventurer. Something to where it is still potentially useful for solo, or when not with a team.
  9. In solo it is useless, in multiplayer it is too strong. I do not have a problem with it, but I do not see the last rank of it sticking around. Just curious about what the plans are for it. If they really want to keep it in the state it is in, I will just abuse it in multiplayer for fun, when I am not going solo. I do not really like using stuff that I think is going away though.
  10. Any word on any perk tweaks, like charismatic nature, which is both the most useless and OP perk in the game?
  11. Normally I have more than I do in my current game, probably just bad luck, although I usually never have a bunch of seeds early on. I now play on insane/always nightmare run/64 zombies/horde every night/permadeath... so I do not get around as much as I would like heh. I have not found any of the usual crops randomly in the main 2 towns I have been searching. This is not a food issue though, I have plenty to eat, but I have farm plots with cotton, goldenrod and aloe atm, because I have nothing else, heh. On day 21 and I do not even have a coffee seed. I just left like 10+ farm plots empty because I dont really need that much cotton, and still making more aloe seeds. I doubt they would put snowberry seeds in if they did not put in recipes for them though. Since I posted this I will probably find a bunch of seeds in the next kitchen I search, heh. Either that or I can go into the snow biome, since it is nearby, if they are still full of blueberries.
  12. Probably been brought up before, but have you thought about letting us craft and grow snowberries, for players that want to farm early, and have no luck with seeds? Sure they are kinda crappy, but better than nothing if you have like 10+ farms and no food to grow in them, heh. Not a big deal, but if it were an option I would be using them in my current game. Strange game where I am on day 21, and have found no corn yet. The trader has yet to even sell anything that I can turn into seeds. Half my farms are straight up empty, heh.
  13. I dare you to share more information on the clothing sets that have not been discussed yet, unless you are scared... Plant fiber set being viable when high enough quality sounded interesting.
  14. I tested it and it looks like the bear, chicken and mountain lion all despawn after about 2 default game hours. It is possible I wasted that much time, so I am not going to worry about it. Not like I was exactly timing it, heh. Still kinda short, I would probably do 4 or 6 hours. Maybe it was shortened in one of the updates, because I know I killed a wolf on horde night, then forgot about it after and started mining... remember and was like "oh crap it is probably gone", and it was still there after a long time. Good to know anyway.
  15. I do not disagree. The game should not be balanced around the mode I am playing, heh. The despawn time on the mountain lions corpse seemed very short though, and both times a horde was summoned while I was fighting it. In this same version of the game, I am pretty sure I have seen a wolf corpse laying around for over half a day without despawning. In this case, I was fighting a mountain lion, then a horde was summoned. I actually did not even kill the mountain lion until half of the horde was killed, and somehow it despawned before I could get to its body. I doubt it was any more than an in game default hour. Something just does not seem right about how fast it despawned, and it died far away enough that none of the zombies should have destroyed the body. Pretty sure it was still there when I was killing the last zombie. I am just not going to bother with mountain lions until I can 1 shot them or have better gear to kill them. They are a massive waste of time and stamina atm for me. Plus they only give like 25 meat. Garbage.
  16. I mean, not really much of an option... there were like 10 or more of them and it is set to insane/always nightmare run speed. They were dead within a few real life minutes, and I guess the corpse just despawned right before I got to it. I mean, if they are going to spawn a horde every time and despawn almost instantly, I will just ignore them for now. Not worth the stamina drain.
  17. Is there anyway we can extra time to loot meat off of animals, before they despawn? I saw a mountain lion, and I could use some extra meat, so I decided to kill it at my melee base. Start fighting it, np... then a wondering horde shows up. This happened the last time I was trying to kill a mountain lion by my base as well. Does a single mountain lion summon a wondering horde? heh Anyway I kill it, then finish off the horde... and notice the mountain lion had despawned... super annoying. Especially because I am playing on insane/nightmare/64/horde every night. It did not even take that long for me to kill the zombies. Not even going to bother with mountain lions again until I have gear to kill them instantly. Huge waste of time, heh.
  18. The nail gun seemed to make a lot of sense as the intelligence pipe weapon. It already used to shoot nails, maybe still does, heh. The repair ability would need to be nerfed though. Either way it would be cool if it became a viable weapon linked to intelligence, especially with the "nail some chicks" quest still in the game. Robotic sledges are like my favorite thing in the game... even more since I discovered I CAN actually use my str/intel build when playing insane/nightmare run/64 zombies/horde every night. I can easily keep up with the horde until I need fortitude. Actively fighting off the horde in a melee base and repairing with a hammer constantly is a lot of fun.
  19. I still think it would be cool if you brought back crafting of quality 6 items, if you have 5 ranks in the required skill, but only for primitive tools and weapons. Then you would not need them as much in the loot pool, and you also do not have to worry about missing the game stage where they drop. Might become more relevant in A20, for people who want to rock pipe weapons late game. Also, is intelligence going to get a pipe weapon? Nail gun? Sledge turret that does not require robotic parts?
  20. I am sure, but that is not how I use the knife. I think a T6 bone shiv power attack to the head, on insane mode, will kill most of the weaker zombies, after the bleed damage is figured. 2 power attacks + bleed is enough to kill some of the others... probably not the fat ones. It has been a while since I tested it. I play on insane/always nightmare run speed/64 zombies/horde every night and perma death. So early on, I can conserve stamina, and just drop zombies with a few power attacks, since the stamina cost of the bone shiv is low. When the horde shows up every night, I stab them a bunch of my bone shiv, then repair my base as they bleed to death. I have thought about trying the sledge later on though, since it might still 1 shot them and knock the rest down, giving me more time to repair and them less time to damage my base. I always 1 point the knife at the start though, for that day 1 dps for almost no stamina. If they want to buff it though, I will certainly not complain heh.
  21. Yeah, although playing on insane/nightmare/64zeds/horde every night, the knife really shines. In the harder modes, you are more likely to actually let the bleed damage take effect to take advantage of the damage. Plus the bone knife stamina is really cheap and there is a slow effect on bleed. Although, later on, the sledge might really good in the harder modes as well. I have been meaning to test it, heh.
  22. Ya, we all know MM wants to go with less or no destructible ground, and more simple rust style building, while keeping the same options, for 7days 2. That way, he can put more crap into the game and have the option for rust style pvp if he wants... or pvpve.
  23. Yeah, I am not sure. I thought it worked when you get a physical melee kill with anything though. I wonder if flurry of blows works with knife bleed damage. Probably not. That would be cool, although not as optimal in my build. I might try and test it later if I get a chance.
  24. Hi. I believe that the SexRex stamina gain on killing blow currently is not working on bleed damage. Ignore me if I am wrong lel. Is this intended or could it be changed for A20? Just trying to plan out my build options for playing insane/nightmare run/64 zombies/horde every night/permadeath. Currently doing fine on day 16, but after this run, I feel like my points in SexRex are probably better spent somewhere else. If the stamina on killing blow worked with knife bleeding, I would have probably invested even more into it, and sooner.
  25. Is there any chance that we will have a way to get quality 6 primitive weapons and tools, after we pass the game stage where they drop, in A20? Some of us like to stay primitive most of the game, and kinda lame when you miss your chance at a T6 stone axe. I did actually find a T6 basic bow at a high gamestage, in a random backpack, in the current build, so maybe it is already in? Dev?
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