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  1. Friendly Animals 4.0 released! Change Log: 4.0: * Updated for A19.
  2. That's one of the core parts of what this mod does and won't be changed. If you don't like my mod, use a different mod.
  3. Is there a page/download somewhere for your mod? Sure, I could add more species to the game, thanks. ^n.n^
  4. Friendlies are invincible, period, there is no "selective invincibleness". It's right in the description: <<< DESCRIPTION >>> This mod makes coyotes, wolves, dire wolves, mountain lions, and bears fight zombies too along side you. They are invincible, so run to them for help fighting zombies and hordes!
  5. Yep, the only follow code I'm aware of is "walk towards sound player made" which keeps them too close to you constantly as you walk, so is game-breaking, but is quite funny.
  6. That would be hot! But for now I haven't put anything yiffy into the mod yet like that, but good idea. ^n.n^ There are lots of possible visions for the mod. I've considered renaming my mod Animals vs. Zombies, since that's essentially what it is. Everyone has enough food and can get along, it's just the zombies attacking everyone who is living that is the problem, so most non-zombies and zombies are fighting other than the more timid species who run away. "Friendly fire" is disabled via making non-player non-zombies invincible as well as helping them to be more helpful for when you'r
  7. Friendly Animals 3.2 released! Change Log: 3.2: * Removed anti-friendly animal quests, so you won't get any useless quests anymore. Upcoming features: Fresh meat rebalancing. Zombie tracking skill? Friendly Animal compass feature returning? We shall see!
  8. It's just a single zip file, so not a big deal, Mega works fine for now. You can reject quests.
  9. Google makes money in every way they possibly can from your data, like Microsoft and all the others, so I doubt anyone could do worse! I'm going with Mega, which has no captchas, Google spying, or Microsoft spying.
  10. Wow, https://7daystodiemods.com/ is actually just storing files on Github, and requires you to allow connections to Google to download mods. Because Google must always know everything you're doing! I'll keep looking.
  11. Both use Google captchas, allowing Google to spy on websites you visit and every time you log into them, and Github is now owned by Microsoft, so those are both big nopes, but thanks for the suggestions!
  12. Interesting, thanks! I wonder how you update a mod once you publish it? I don't see any login section anywhere. I don't want to have to fill out that whole big mod upload section every time I release a version. ^^
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