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Friendly Animals


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for 7 Days to Die
by Swiftpaw Wolfheart


This mod makes coyotes, wolves, dire wolves, mountain lions, and bears fight zombies too along side you.  They are invincible, so run to them for help fighting zombies and hordes!

FA version 5 requires A21
FA version 4 requires A19
FA version 3 requires A18

Version 5.1
Version 4.0
Version 3.2


1. Unzip archive.
2. Place the "FriendlyAnimals" folder inside your Steam Library's "7 Days to Die/Mods" folder.
Note: If you don't know where your Steam Library folder is for the game, you can get to this location by going into Steam, right-clicking 7 Days to Die > Properties > Local Files tab > Browse Local Files


<<< BUGS >>>
This mod is far from perfect, but if I get free time to improve it, I will.



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On 10/17/2022 at 3:06 AM, mundojao said:

What an excellent mod, but how could I remove the invincibility of animals?

Friendly fire is disabled in my mod,  This is the way I prefer to play so that my team doesn't have to worry about hurting each other.  Invincibility is the solution to disabling friendly fire for non-teammate friendlies.

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