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  1. The best way.. Old school exploring. Never fails! Find the POI yourself! lol
  2. Here's a sneaky peak at what i'm workin on.. This will be the new horse mod i release, but the old one will still be available for those who don't want the new stuff. Still a lot to do on it, but i'm workin on it atleast a little every day. Spoilers incoming!
  3. Ty glad you guys are enjoying it. i'm actually in the process of making a 2nd version that includes a POI where you'll go to earn your horse, instead of feeding a wild one.. It'll be a separate download so those who want to just feed a horse can. Still early going, but chunking away at it.. The saddle problem stems from UseOther not operating correctly all the time. Mostly in servers.. It's a known issue that i think is fixed in a20.. Pretty sure i read that somewhere. As for the legs.... Maybe. I'm not the best at unity stuff, so maybe when one of the expert vehicle guys figure out a way and share it with me i can redo them. 😛
  4. Lol.. its useful for some things, but not a custom entity. 😛
  5. It's a method TFP use to lower animal spawns without extra actual code. What it does is spawn an entity that is invisible, which dies on spawn. So it still spawns an entity there, but it instantly dies and is invisible, so you dont see it. Without this line of code, you'd see way more animals than you do in game now. Very useful for lowering total amounts of a certain type of entity without requiring reworking the entire spawning system. Just spawn a dead one in that's invisible to take a place of an alive one. An invis entity spawns with "buffDummyEntitySuicide" which adds -1000 health on start.
  6. Yep, create one, but be sure its a capital M.
  7. Tis an honor, good friend. My modlets are just place and go.. all you need to do is add them to your Mods folder. Double check you installed it to the correct folder. It should be in the same directory as you'd see "7DaysToDie_data" as a folder.. so a bit under that, you'd have your "Mods" folder, and inside that folder would be my "TelricsHorsesA19" folder. Urrrghh that dang wood sound. I've changed it about 30 times now. Must not be overwritting correctly. I'll go fix it tonight... Also you can thank @Jay_ombie for the jumping spiders idea hehe.. Okay just uploaded and checked out the spiders mod.. It's now set to Morganic instead of Mwood_regular.... hopefully it will stay that way. For some reason it didnt overwrite dropbox.. Both my backup and my live mod files said organic... but dropbox said wood.. /shrug
  8. Don't forget, if you started a new RWG, you'll have a POI that will spawn which has some salvageable planes and helis. If you find those you'll get a hefty extra chunk of parts.
  9. Yes clients will need the files downloaded. I made the nameplate part of the model, so you cant easily remove it sadly. I go for a more mmo / rpg style feel for my mods, so it fit. And the way i do entities, they constantly animate. I dont feel like learning a ton of unity stuff for a creaturepack style of modding. This way is easy and simple for me.. lol.
  10. Thank you! And glad you're enjoying them. I got some plans for the spider mod and working on a few of them when i get the chance. As for the sound, you can't change the volume of the sound through xml. But you can make them play less often by changing the maxrepeatrate property. That's how often, in seconds, the sound can be played. I'm not sure which one you're after for the less vocal part. To change the sound of the file, you'd need the original file and edit it in some way, then rebuild the unity3d file.
  11. Also, just uploaded some changes to the spidery mod.. Added new black spiders, and made spiders capable of jumping. Also changed the audio source of the spider, so now you can pinpoint where they are a bit easier. This mod will be getting a little more love eventually when i find time to sit down and do the things i have planned..
  12. Did a little change to the horses and biplane/heli mod. Added them to trader loots, but at a lower rate.
  13. Thank you! I just added it to the files.
  14. Yeah that's a love hate relationship for me.. I really enjoy finding work arounds with using xml only, but the limitations to work in are verrrrry annoying at times. It could be solved by code, but i dont wanna learn code. Plus that takes all the fun out of it for me 😛
  15. Well the problem isnt the timer, it's just that many many buffs do not work on servers. AOE buffs, randomroll buffs, even vanilla buffs like the useother buffs. Until there is more love for the buff system on a server, there isnt much we can do with mods You have no idea how frustrating this mod was. lol.. Ran into many problems with it, then finally got it to work well on SP, put it on the server and instantly got depressed cuz it dont work. lol.
  16. I only tested dedicated server. If you have a way to test a non dedi with a client or two, that'd be awesome to test out. I just know it doesnt transfer the buffs to Vincent when you use the tools on him on a server. I tried it on the server i run and instead of the 10 minutes of chopping buff, he got like.. a 3 second one. for no reason
  17. I just added a new modlet that's a proof of concept. It's an NPC that can get wood and stone for you. Try it out and lemme know what you think of it. I wasn't able to test much due to it not working on a server so timers and amounts of resources gained might need tweaking. Check it out. It's under the Entities Modlets and is called Telrics NPC: Vincent. This is NOT a mod for servers. It will not work. Servers do not transfer the buffs to the entity / to you correctly. So, sadly.. Single player only for now.
  18. You can change it for your server. Just change the weights in entitygroups.xml. Change the ones for the horses from .5 to idk... .2 or .25 or so and see how you like it. Is this on a server? Servers dont like buffs for some reason.. And what animation is that? The walking or the attacking animation (the one that's obviously not death... lol)
  19. I wish i could do models and textures like that, but i just dont have the artistic touch. the spider and most of the other models i have made are quite cartoony, but that's very much my limited style. lol.
  20. Thought i changed that.. must have uploaded the wrong one. Uploading a new one now that has that change in. I messed around with some color variations for different biomes, but just stuck with 1 color for simplicity. Might look into it again.. I can definitly add a jump to them like the spider zombies, so ill look into that as well. I'm not sure what you mean by the eggs like alien lol.. and the sound. still working on that. i wanna get a few more sound clips to alternate sounds, but between each different mod i have going on, buying new sound effects gets quite expensive... lol
  21. I dont see why it wouldnt work. I dont think there is anything that's a19 only in the mod. You might get some errors with the prefab part, but that can be deleted from the files.. delete the prefabs folder and then the rwgmixer xml from the configs folder. Lemme know if you try it out.
  22. Did a quick change to remove biplane and helicopter recipes from loot. Was left in by mistake since the first iteration required learning the recipes.
  23. Did a quick edit to the horses mod to make apples despawn after a while so the world isnt full of apple blocks. Also added a new modlet for a biplane and helicopter. Watch out for a plane or heli to fall out of the sky and crash, then go salvage it's parts to create your very own. Also includes an optional POI. If you want it to spawn, you'll need a new RWG. If you don't start a new POI, no worries. The mod works just fine without the POI. It's just for an extra option to get parts. This mod hasn't been highly tested for balance, so if anyone has input lemme know!
  24. Correct. any mod that adds new files that arent xml only will require all clients to have installed as well.
  25. Do you have it installed on client as well? Has to be on both sides.
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