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  1. Ahh very cool, I did a grep through my mod folder and had found no reference for id=950 outside the vehicle mod which is why I asked. I really appreciate the quick response I wanted to make these available to my players and since I couldn't find a fix myself I came here. Thanks again you rock!
  2. Getting a spam error of "id=950 already exists" on my dedicated server. Tracked it down to the vehicle storage id's any clue why we'd be seeing that?
  3. Quit being an ignorant troll and explain what errors you are getting in your server log. Khaine's mods do work on multiplayer, you know how I know? I HAVE A MP SERVER RUNNING RIGHT NOW WITH THEM!! If you arent getting them to work one of two things is most likely. 1) you just dropped the files from the zip straight into the MODS folder without drilling down one level, the first folder in his zips is not used, you hafta go into that first folder and put the next folder into your mods folder. For example you will have -> khaines-modlets-a19-master-KHA19-96BBMFW -> KHA19-96BBMFW its t
  4. Not certain exactly what the vehicles mod is supposed to do but it contains no functional alteration that would change the vehicle beyond its economic value. Missing a file maybe?
  5. installed on a dedicated server freshly wiped for a restart with b173 no A18 mod files at all. System started screaming warning messages spammed in the console window while trying to log into the server. Uninstalled each perk mod in turn until all were gone, each one progressively screamed about its individual duplicate entry. Rebooted the server of course between each uninstall and clinet had to be alt-F4'd to desktop each time. Other mods on the server were already established to work happily together without errors during b169. Sorry I cant offer more help just thought you would want to
  6. tried all of these and all spammed a red warning about duplicate entries, locking up the client and making it impossible to join a game. (Clarification) tried all the perk mods.
  7. Awesome, My players love em, only thing is now they want them to be like badass boss mobs.
  8. By chance are the giant size animals a feature of Invisibleanimalsfix or a random mutation?
  9. Thanks for the heads up, I was wondering about that and was wanting to look at what you had done in that regard.
  10. So I am not seeing your zombie Xp rebalance nor your general xp rebalance on the github page.
  11. It sounds as tho you loaded it on an existing game, which means it will only spawn lootable pallets in newly visited areas.
  12. Any thoughts on how to get this working on a dedicated server?
  13. So about that dedicated server side patch for b199? Loving the alpha and all my players are freaking out because its the start of a holiday weekend and you have broken the servers the night before turkey day. So while I have nothing but praise for alpha 17 so far, dropping this on us the night before everyone leaves for holiday is umm.... bad.
  14. Very much appreciated, don't doubt that the non-trolls appreciate the clarity. Thanks for the Update.
  15. Thank you very much for the info.
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