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Native Linux server (with management scripts)


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18 hours ago, laila said:

Someone replicated the error by attempting to run a dedicated linux server on the same type of hardware and got the same type of error. 

Output log here: 


That's me. @AllocI'd used this machine when we were testing A20, up to experimental and it had worked as a server. Was going to recycle it, but saw the posts about a20.4 on AMD and decided to test it. If you want any more testing done on it, I'm open to that. I'd just figured, it's so old, just ditch it if it doesn't run your software anymore.

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Talking to the EOS team, but nothing that we could fix. They are not sure yet if they will (be able to) fix it, definitely would take a bit. After all the Phenom II is over 10 years old by now ... :D 

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