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  1. My goodness the Poem in the Black Bart's quest line is magnificent! Great work on that poem RichardPaul!
  2. It's great to see you back in action ShoudenKalferas. Thanks for the your work on this release. I cant wait to take a look at it.
  3. Today I adjust the height map, made the water a bit deeper, add a few more islands then flipped and rotated the map. It's has new towns and roads all regenerated after the adjustments.
  4. @DoomRanger yea i have been running into that also. I know in my case i'm sure it has something to do with my using a lake as the target color in painting the water regions into the map.
  5. @JCL thanks, Damocles and the TFP have done an great job with all of this stuff. it's been a lot of fun playing it. I can see some good choke points that aught to make it interesting for PVP. I been playing the map for a couple of weeks and find the views along the water to be a lot of fun to cruse along on a mini bike. I love getting out to some of the remote places on the islands and watching the sun set. It's interesting how each of the islands is connected by a single road. The road and city placement can be reworked also by running the height map through the Nitrogen generator again as a template. My main goal with building the Islands was to make it more interesting than just a big land mass, forcing players into choke points and make use of the gyro-copter to reach the other islands quickly. It kind of forces the players to think about things such as the gas required, it wouldn't be good to run out of gas flying between islands.
  6. Is this a server side only mod or would my players need to download an install the mod also?
  7. I have posted my map Alsep Island generated with Nitrogen for Alpha 19.
  8. This is Alsep Island and Atrum Island my 12k x 12k maps Generated with NitroGen v0501. They are both working on Alpha 19.0 Stable. Feel free to download and use on your private/public server. A preview map can be found inside each zip as well. Alsep Island Alsep Island is my original map and is currently running on my public server. Atrum Island Atrum Island has had the Height Map adjust a bit for deeper water, island adjustments and additions then rotated and flipped. It has all new roads and towns generated after the adjustments.
  9. Since when is it shame full to be a derp. Better than being an uptight @%$*#!. @MechanicalLensLet's play horse ... I'll play the front half, you be yourself.
  10. I never said it was an accomplishment ... it's a response to the crazy statement. Judgmental much?
  11. Is this going to turn into one of those HeroBrine situations?
  12. Well ... I did just earn the Meet Your Maker
  13. All my peas go to catching polar bears. I chop a hole in the ice, surround it with peas, then when the polar bear come to take a pea, I give him a good swift kick in the ice hole.
  14. or give us a way to construct a Can of Peas.
  15. @Damocles is there a way i can regenerate the map preview after replacing the biome.png ?
  16. Hey guys is the newest version of Nitrogen capable of producing island maps like Jericho Island server? UPDATE: Here is what i just produce taking a generated HM and using Gimp to modify it then exporting it to a new png and renaming it import_HM. MAP NAME: Alsep Island. It's up on my Alpha 19 (latest exp) if anyone wants to check it out.
  17. I feel the link in the General channel would be taken more seriously here in Pimp Dreams.
  18. has anyone attempted to make an MJ zombie? Might run into copyright issues i guess.
  19. A procedural cave system in mountains or a submap with expansive caves to get lost in might be fun.
  20. I understand, thanks for the explanation. I put in another submission to the Pimp Dreams.
  21. @Damocles by chance are you considering a cave system as mentioned in ? an option in your menu to add a cave system in random mountain ranges would be awesome. I also really like Roland's idea of having a submap just for expansive caves that way they don't interfere with the physics of above ground bases. In fact the idea of a submap kind of plays into a suggestion I had posted under pimp dreams some time back.
  22. Forums - 7 Days to Die Forums
  23. Steam name: Morggin Hours played: 1019 Started on Alpha:16 Discord name: Morggin#2172 Native language: Bad English Might give me something more to Blog about
  24. Now that I think about it ... I'm doubtful. Though I wouldn't hesitate to think there may be a few out there with 10k kills on some of the longer-running campaigns.
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