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  1. We added to the game: - metro 50 km long - 3 new dungeons - a system of portals between cities - PDA - personal teleportation system - bonuses for full sets of armor - tool modifications - slots for some weapons
  2. madmole! Can You make the merchant have a limited amount of money? So that this can be enabled in the settings? Is it possible to do this ?
  3. Madmole, Have you thought about adding huge bosses leading the Horde? Like these, for example
  4. coming soon [video=youtube_share;fH0DGHwodMM]
  5. Added new modifications to the game interface: - information panel with three sections about rules, Patronage and tips for the game - increased the chat area twice - added "Disable chat" button https://vk.com/greenisland_7dtd?w=wall-177530934_1793%2Fall In the game, you can choose the complexity of the additional 5 steps. Добавлены новые модификации интерфейса игры: - информационная панель с тремя разделами о правилах, Патронстве и советы по игре - увеличена область чата в два раза - добавлена кнопка "Отключение чата" https://vk.com/greenisland_7dtd?w=wall-177530934_1793%2Fall В игре есть возможно выбрать сложность из дополнительных 5 ступеней.
  6. [video=youtube_share;UfIh-4vek38]
  7. New boss on the server [video=youtube_share;9q4348Aa-sg]
  8. [video=youtube_share;X141CQrc7WU]
  9. Make it possible to rent more than one vending machine (cntVendingMachineTrader). Can be add in perk Better Barter, or find books.
  10. I confirm: the problem on the server NET: LiteNetLib: SendData requested for unknown client EntityID=5000,.... NET: LiteNetLib: Client disconnect from:... Player set to offline:...
  11. Map remade under version of A18 stabl. Fixed flat roads. [video=youtube_share;nWeWSGbmJIg] Карта переделана на версию А18 стабильная. Дороги сделаны более ровными, без резких взлетов по высоте. Новый данж на карте.
  12. Summary: excessive CPU consumption in the game menu Version:a18 b143 Platform: (PC or Mac) PC OS/Version: Windows Game mode, mp host/mp client/sp /client on dedi (RWG or NAV) Did you wipe old saves? (yes/No) Did you start a new game? (Yes/No) Did you validate your files? (Yes/No) Are you using any mods? (yes/No) EAC on or off ? Status: NEW Bug Description: start the game and see Task Manager Reproduce steps: start the game and see Task Manager Press F1 to open the console, then type dbs This will open a panel in game for you to type the bug in. once done click ok there will then be a SCREENSHOTS folder in the main 7 days folder. 1) 2) 3) Actual result: Expected result: 0% CPU
  13. Thank you! When creating the world, we also used Your messages on the forum! Спасибо! При создании мира мы пользовались также Вашими сообщениями на форуме!
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