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Opinions please


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Opinions please


1 7DaysToDie, Is a title. The title began as a good marketing idea.

It was a challenge offered, in a quickly changing world of gaming flux.

People have taken it literally as the end all be all of the game idea.

Read the original desire, offered in Kickstarter. The idea to make a game

so engrossing yet challenging that; for every 7 days that you survive, you

should count as an achievement. A caveat placed along with the ability to

build, destroy, develop, and way in the future after a truly solid foundation

were completed, rebuild society. The core game as many are coming to realize

is/was designed to kill your avatar.

Opinion 1 please.


2 7dtd entities/graphics have come a long way from stiff/rigid robocop animations.

Part of the changing game environment is because the author/authors are keeping

it relevant as they progress toward their end and or personal goal. Another part

is because of the genrephiles seeking to assert their influence over the game

development. Yet another is the readily posted comments regarding how easily the

included aspects of the game can be overcome by an exploit. This return challenge

shows holes and weaknesses that the author/authors plug in the next iteration. The

author is simply responding to the feedback by perfecting the game, The more feedback

the more changes per alpha, that shows real author involvement and dedication to endusers.

Opinion 2 please.


3 People inherently want a challenge as long as it is one that gives them an advantage

over others or causes them no inconvenience or affects anyone else but them.

Makes them appear more superlative ie: A Legend in their own mind. Much like Homer

Simpson, looking in a mirror and seeing a handsome, strong, potent, representation.

Opinion 3 please


4 7dtd Environmental/Graphics have come a long way from really, really, looking like an

enhanced version of Minecraft, to looking like the development of a triple "A" title.

Granted the shaders/pipeline/throughput need constant upkeep but part of that is the

game engine used is constantly staying relevant and perfecting its weaknesses. This in

turn is acquired and assimilated into 7dtd for the enduser benefit as well as progressing

to the end goal. Its a constant learning process, and not necessarily an easy one, or

there would be more prominent titles on the market using this engine. Also if it were so

easy then those that post their grievances and disappointments would, and more to the point,

should go build a better mouse trap. The engine price is reasonable and readily available.

Opinion 4 please


5 Immersion the catch phrase of the day, posts, the written word, prove (that word) to be

subjective, and purely opinion driven, see 3 above. Why would a smart person repeatedly butt

their head against a wall, or invest 100s if not thousands of hours in something if it were

not engrossing, entertaining, or worth their time. If not, reread 5, then why would so many

people invest in an upgrade, a new peripheral, and/or a new computer prompted by this game.

If a smart person, met another person, and that new person couldn't hold their attention and/or

desire and interest, but the only way to stay with that new person was to buy a bigger more

technically advance house, I may be wrong, but, A smart person's response to the new

uninteresting, unfulfilling, person would be TO "Kick Rocks".

Opinion 5 please


6 Value 20+ games for 20 dollars, 7dtd average invested by enduser dropping below 1 dollar per

version owned. Average invested by the author 5 years and salaries for staff, probably more than the

1 dollar enduser entitlements. Soon the end users opinion will really be only 2 cents worth.

But the end product will be priceless.

Opinion 6 please


Applied 10 second, K.I.S.S. rule

Colored text added for the TL;DR ers

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