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Prefabs and News from TopMinder A17(Tom)


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Prefabs and News from TopMinder A17(Tom)


The Origami-Gallery

A17.2 b27


by Pille & Top Minder (Tom)







Hideout - New prefab - Changed YOffset from -11 to -10 cause Editor differs by 1 with the Random Gen (for sure in wilderness)

A17.2 b27

2019 03 16

by Pille & Top Minder (Tom)







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Prefabs and News from TopMinder A17(Tom)


The destroyed Bluehouse - New decoration upgrade inside and texture adjustments.

A17.2 b27

2019 03 02

by Pille & Top Minder (Tom)

(Pille the wizard of density & vehicles)





The Hospital - Conversion from A16 with decent decoration upgrades

A17.2 b27

2019 05 01

by Top Minder (Tom)

Helicopter on the roof made by Pille


This is only the original A16 Hospital. More changes will come in Future.







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Prefab Modlet - Insert the Prefab:


- Hostel

- Villa

- Redhouse

- Woodhouse

- Pantilehouse

- Experimentalhouse

- 4Apartments

- Dormerhouse

- Roundhouse

- Stonehouse

- Shoppingcenter

- Spirallibrary

- Snakehotel

- SkyLoft Skyscraper

- Modern Art Gallery (Made by Pille & Top Minder)

- Origami-Gallery (Made by Pille & Top Minder)

- Bluehouse (Made by Pille & Top Minder)

- Hideout (Made by Pille & Top Minder)

- Research Vessel (Made by Pille)

- Lakeside Lodge (Made by Kam)

- Red Mesa Alpha Labs (Additional Level made by Pille)

- Watertank (Made by Top Minder)

- MinderManor (made by TopMinder, Helicopters & Tanks by Pille)


into your Vanilla Random World Generation


Copy the unzipped Folders into your "7 Days to die" Gamefolder,

restart the Game and start a new Random World Generation.


To get the Research Vessel, you need at least a 8K Map!


The Modern Art Gallery is a FPS optimized version. I have turned off some lights and deleted the Lightroom.

If you have FPS issues then delete the following line in this modlet:

<prefab name="ModernArtGallery(Pille_TopMinder)" min_count="1" max_count="1" prob="1" />


If you want the full version of the Modern Art Gallery, then you can get it here:




A17.4 b4

2019 09 20

by Top Minder (Tom)


Download here:













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The following commands can be used to generate the mesh files exactly the same way we would have in A16 with Hals mod/empty world:


Prefab Simplify

Prefab Combine

Prefab Export


There is a hastily put together video I done for some friends creating and editing the meshfiles for some custom prefabs


Sleepers are not too hard to configure, initially I copied a volume from another prefab in to the XML of the prefab I was working on, then using the editor to view the sleeper volumes I was able to move/resize/reshape it. Selecting the volume (it turns green) and pressing K opens up the configurable options (spawn group/size) and I believe you can configure each individual sleeper too by actually getting close to the corpse block and hitting 'E'.


Creating a selection zone and pressing F6 may allow you to create a fresh volume (can't remember off the top of my head),exploring this more is on my to-do list.


I'm hardly an expert but I believe that with the basics above you can start to experiment.

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Sry for the missing download Links. The Prefabs are Error free, but theres a problem with spawning error free in RWG. But now i think we have found a solution for it. I post it to Magoli and must wait until he has confirmed it as a solution. If not i must search again for the errors. Only if everyting is errorfree i can give you the Links.

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