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miss the old graphics


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the old graphics were fine, now the new ones create lag and motion sickness, putting the graphics on low settings just is terrible looking, don't think i'll try to play again unless i hear they've improved the graphics


Yes, this! I thought I was the only one! I was wondering why I was getting motion sickness when playing this game! I have 1700+ hours, most of it in 16.4 and never had motion sickness as I do now! I play for 20 minutes then feel like throwing up! I leave for a few hours (to 'heal' up) then come back to the same issue again!


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Yeh the fov thing is weird; have you tried changing it with that console command?


It'll really help with the motion sickness part.


Hi can you tell me how to change the FOV thing or point me to the instructions? Thanks.

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Maybe I imagine it, but I feel a lag when I move. Like swing the axe or move forward, its like playing online with latency, a fraction of a second but enough that I notice it. Tried reducing the graphics, but the textures are basically just placeholders, so hopefully they do something to optimize it. I can't run other games like World of Tanks at a pretty high graphics level.

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