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  1. No I'm not misunderstanding. I know he was talking about POI lootroom because he explicitly said 'nerdpole smash and grab.' Most of us long-time players are familiar with it. I haven't heard about a 'key' implementation since I don't follow the devs diary thread but I'm basing my comments on his original post. My point is still the same. Let us do what we want since it's our world. If it's a bug then fix it. Nerdpoling is more like a strategy/shortcut. If you've done the same POI dozens of times and are familiar with it why can't you take a shortcut? If we want xp we'll go through the normal r
  2. Step 2: This won't do much and you'll still have the same problem! You'll still get lots of the same type of tools/weapons at the same gamestages (range) Step 3: Won't do much except instead of one type of crappy primitive weapon you get a variety of crappy primitive weapons. Again you still get a bunch of them during the same gamestages (range)! Step 4: Seems like endgame that has nothing to do with linear loot progression issue. You're just adding another quality here. Step 5: Seems like a questing but instead of you starting it whenever you want, it's forced upon you. Also do
  3. Thanks I'll switch to stable now. Backing everything up first though just in case lol.
  4. If you're playing experimental can you use that savegame on the stable branch as long as they're both the same version/build? Eg. I'm still on experimental with b180 savegame. If I switch to stable now, can I load that savegame and will everything be fine? Haven't done that before so just wondering if it's possible.
  5. Geez calm down! Why you so angry bro? He just said one statement about tree stumps and honey! He's not writing an essay about them or 'blabbering' as you say. You have a grudge against AtomicUs5000 or something? I'll bet most of us know a lot of trivia that you don't know. Should we fact check everything you say as well? And be rude about it along the way? Bottom line, don't get angry just because you happened to watch a video on Youtube that most likely most of us haven't seen. Just correct someone politely if you know more about a topic than someone else.
  6. The nerf from around 20 food* was definitely needed but yeah I think they overdid it. Using it to make glue is fine. IMO, at the minimum it should also be used in food recipes just like normal corn. Since it is 'super' then it should be able to give more nutrients. Say, 1.5 to 2x nutrient when used in meal recipes. When raw it should have the same nutrients as normal corn. Heat (eg. cooking) unlocks its potential. * - Don't remember if it was 15 or 20 but it was OP for a single RAW food.
  7. You kind of answered your own question there. You play on default difficulty which makes enemies essentially pushovers with the right weapon. You're level 71 with lots of points/perks that can give you huge advantages. Also, A19 is very different from earlier versions including changes to game mechanics, perks, gamestages, weapons, mods etc. Not to mention you've played since at least A15 (and before that) so you're more experienced now. It's possible they were somewhat nerfed along the way but I think more likely that the combination of any the above makes them seems weaker.
  8. Nah it is not trash. Depends on situation really. Single zombies in the distance the hunting rifle is the go-to weapon. For groups and you can use the AK (well or in my case the M60). However I can sometimes one-shot radiated zombies in sneak mode with my hunting rifle. It is also my main weapon of choice during horde nights . The M60 is for close encounters or groups of zombies. I save my shotgun shells for my auto shotgun turrets.
  9. Just had a SP horde night. GS > 230 level 70. I had a horde base prepared with steel walls, iron spike traps, shotgun turrets and blade traps. The entrance was guarded by the blade traps, iron spikes and shotgun 2 turrets. I had 1200 7.62mms, 600 9mms and 20 molotovs, a tier 6 M60 with extended magazine/rad removal mods, a tier 6 pistol with extended magazine/rad removal mods. At the start of night the zombies all gathered around at this one spot on the other side of my base. I climbed up on my wall and began shooting down. To reach some of them I move more towards the edge - big mistake. S
  10. Haha we're similiar. I played starvation mainly because of the different crops and food recipes you make. Plus you can farm animals and milk cows! Electricity was also a thing (before A16 came out) in starvation A15 although it was a little buggy. Settlement NPCs is/was a nice feature as well. You should get yourself a queen and start beekeeping! It's fun. I have over 20+ beehives and am overflowing (around 2 chests of each item) with all the beehive products which is how I'm able to make all those apple pies! . As for Project Zomboid if you like making meals/drinks in games, Project Zomb
  11. I usually alternate between 7D2D, Project Zomboid and Rimworld. I'm playing modded PZ atm. Actually 7D2D's Ravenhearst mod v3.0 just came out a few days ago. I'm curious about it so I lurk around their forums/discord occasionally. Although I'll probably just watch let's plays instead of playing it. I hear it's kinda grindy or at least you need to do a lot of things to progress. I'm already content with Starvation. I'm more concerned about food spoilage other than anything else. My base has 4 fridges attached to the solar/battery setup so I don't want to lose any food. Elsewhere I already h
  12. Hi I've burned out on 7D2D and am playing another game atm. I have not done any of the tests I suggested since I just thought of them while I was out of town. 1. I have not done the test myself but the wire tool showing it powered is a good sign since that is a vanilla feature. 2. I came back to 7D2D (and A16) early January 2018 so what I saw is after what you witnessed. 3. No I have never seen infestation appear after with fully functional insect lights (using generator bank). Isn't that the point of insect lights? Seems like a bug to me if insects are appearing when crops are mature and
  13. I'm pretty sure I've seen instances where the light turning off is not just a graphical glitch. Try the following test. Attach the solar panel to the battery bank. Attach the insect/rodent light to the battery bank. Attach a fridge to the battery bank. Stay at the setup in the morning and watch the insect/rodent lights flip off. Now, drag the cursor (with the power tool) in hand and see if there's power to the fridge. Then try one of these two things. Leave the area for a long time, say 3 days to a week and come back and see if there is rotten food in the fridge (make sure the fridge has room
  14. 1. Sounds good. 2. Not sure what the new changes are but we'll see. 3. IMO they should also drop more meat since they are bigger and now even more tougher. 4. Sounds good. 5. Sounds good. 6. You already decided not to implement this change. 7. Hope you mean on all bosses, not just the bosses that drop glands. For example the abominable and radiated spider bosses drop other things. I am still experiencing automatic turnoff of insect/rodent lights if they are attached to solar and battery banks. They turn off at 6AM or whenever the night cycle ends and morning cycle begins in your worl
  15. I hope you are also doing your own testing (with regards to the advanced crossbow) to see that nothing is broken after the change among other things . I also have a lot of gauges but then again I have been playing for a long time in my world.
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