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  1. No I'm not misunderstanding. I know he was talking about POI lootroom because he explicitly said 'nerdpole smash and grab.' Most of us long-time players are familiar with it. I haven't heard about a 'key' implementation since I don't follow the devs diary thread but I'm basing my comments on his original post. My point is still the same. Let us do what we want since it's our world. If it's a bug then fix it. Nerdpoling is more like a strategy/shortcut. If you've done the same POI dozens of times and are familiar with it why can't you take a shortcut? If we want xp we'll go through the normal route. If we're just there to loot the final chest, let us do that. Don't force to fit your playstyle. It's like the issue with undergound bases. Some players liked to bypass the horde by hiding undergound. Then they made changes so that zombies dig and you could no longer hide underground (or at least hide easily) during horde night. After a dozens and dozens of horde nights I sometimes like to take a break. They like to force 'full experience' on us a lot...
  2. Step 2: This won't do much and you'll still have the same problem! You'll still get lots of the same type of tools/weapons at the same gamestages (range) Step 3: Won't do much except instead of one type of crappy primitive weapon you get a variety of crappy primitive weapons. Again you still get a bunch of them during the same gamestages (range)! Step 4: Seems like endgame that has nothing to do with linear loot progression issue. You're just adding another quality here. Step 5: Seems like a questing but instead of you starting it whenever you want, it's forced upon you. Also don't you already have this in-game with the different wandering hordes? Step 6: NO. Why prevent the player from doing whatever they want? If they want to cheese it let them! Its their world give them the freedom to do whatever they want! You allow them to enable cheat mode to spawn in items but you won't allow them to place blocks down (e.g. nerdpole)? Yes, fantastic logic there... Some ideas: I think that gamestage should be ignored for looting. For all loot there is a chance to get the higher level tiers albeit that chance is very very small. However the chance goes up when you loot specialty/treasure chests and when you use the looting skills/items. So there's a very very very low chance that you get a level 4 pickaxe on day 1. Suppose you get one. You're set right? Nope. If you're low level then you're less effective at using higher tier tools/weapons and they also degrade much faster. It might be better to use a tool appropriate for your level. However at least you found a higher tier tool which you can use later. Bottom line, we don't want to have dozens of the same types of tools/weapons. We want variety so that looting appears more random. We like to scavenge and we get excited when we find new and better stuff. Give us incentives/motive to loot more.
  3. Thanks I'll switch to stable now. Backing everything up first though just in case lol.
  4. If you're playing experimental can you use that savegame on the stable branch as long as they're both the same version/build? Eg. I'm still on experimental with b180 savegame. If I switch to stable now, can I load that savegame and will everything be fine? Haven't done that before so just wondering if it's possible.
  5. Geez calm down! Why you so angry bro? He just said one statement about tree stumps and honey! He's not writing an essay about them or 'blabbering' as you say. You have a grudge against AtomicUs5000 or something? I'll bet most of us know a lot of trivia that you don't know. Should we fact check everything you say as well? And be rude about it along the way? Bottom line, don't get angry just because you happened to watch a video on Youtube that most likely most of us haven't seen. Just correct someone politely if you know more about a topic than someone else.
  6. The nerf from around 20 food* was definitely needed but yeah I think they overdid it. Using it to make glue is fine. IMO, at the minimum it should also be used in food recipes just like normal corn. Since it is 'super' then it should be able to give more nutrients. Say, 1.5 to 2x nutrient when used in meal recipes. When raw it should have the same nutrients as normal corn. Heat (eg. cooking) unlocks its potential. * - Don't remember if it was 15 or 20 but it was OP for a single RAW food.
  7. You kind of answered your own question there. You play on default difficulty which makes enemies essentially pushovers with the right weapon. You're level 71 with lots of points/perks that can give you huge advantages. Also, A19 is very different from earlier versions including changes to game mechanics, perks, gamestages, weapons, mods etc. Not to mention you've played since at least A15 (and before that) so you're more experienced now. It's possible they were somewhat nerfed along the way but I think more likely that the combination of any the above makes them seems weaker.
  8. Ah I come back 1 day later is this thread explodes with tons of comments and replies (not to just to me of course). I'm not going to read all of and will just reply to this one. This will probably will one of the last replies for me for this thread. Most people amass canned food early game because they cannot make the high level food recipes immediately. But if they get lucky they can kill lots of animals if they find guns/ammo and/or find seed/food recipes and start making tiered foods. It all depends on the RNG and your playstyle. Generally, people who like farming and crafting food will continue to farm and craft food. Likewise, people who only want canned foods will stick to canned foods. They may switch to the other food type just to try out the new mechanics, but generally when people like something they continue doing what they like. Again you're talking about your gameplay and experience. First I'm in SP so the game is easier than MP even though I play on insane mode now. Secondly as we discussed in other threads I played in a style that did not increase my GS that much for horde night so I could spend more time gathering resources and building my base. My early horde base design worked pretty well as well. By the time demolishers came I had a pretty rock solid horde base. Right now I think my GS is 500-600+ (due to insane mode) or around there. Taking a break atm though to do RL stuff. Don't you mean houses made of reinforced concrete + steel upgrade? . Joking aside. I have no issues with high level GS horde nights (500-600+). My turrets and blade traps do most of the damage and I take care of the rest when they're stunned on my electric posts. On most high level horde nights demolishers barely make a dent in my overall horde base. Even when I mess up and the demolishers destroy the reinforced concrete/steel blocks and/or traps/turrets, those blocks are easily replaced. I have all the 7/7 books so I can make things in bulk. For resources I have half a chest of (full stacks) steel ingots; same goes for iron ingots; tons of stacks of rebar frames/scrap iron; chestful of wood; about 2 chestfuls of gunpowder; crap ton of 9mm, shotgun shells, 7.62mm bullets, , etc, etc. I'm a hoarder, remember? Simple. "Pure fun" you said it yourself. Do I even need to explain more? You actually *don't* get it if I say I enjoy farming/making food and still ask me why I do such things. Again, I enjoy farming, making food and hoarding mass quantities of everything. It is fun for me. I actually bought stardew valley but have yet to play it. Spending too much time cycling through my games list of CDDA (mainly), 7D2D, Project Zomboid, Rimworld plus RL. Can't add another game to the list. Off-topic: This thread has ballooned fast. I hope TFP staff is going through this thread and taking notes of everyone's opinions and suggestions. Using feedback from customers can be invaluable to developers for the future.
  9. Obviously I would get food harvests by putting points in that skill. Though I respeced and reduced the LOTL level because I'm at endgame and I wanted to try other builds. You're wrong on two points. First, food spoilage will have effects on all players but mainly in early game. We don't start with mass amounts of food (unless you spawn it). So any food you collect will eventually spoil (I'm sure that food would spoil in 1 or 2 days, not weeks if they added that mechanic). Collecting mass amounts of meat for example will cause the majority of that meat will go bad fast unless something is done to slow down spoilage. That brings us to the second point. I'm presuming that if TFP implements spoilage they'll allow you to connect power to fridges/freezers (which makes more sense) so that food will spoil much slower. Once you reach that point food spoilage would be less of an issue, depending on your luck and/or playstyle. Since you play with others I'm sure you'd be able to have working fridges in no time. So it will not affect you guys as much when you're progress further in the game, either through luck or by leveling. Forcing a playstyle? Just like weather affecting your temperature in 7D2D and having to wear puffer coats or dusters? Just like having to eat/drink? Spoilage adds more to the survival aspect of the game and makes it more realistic. BTW, I also hoard other things as well, but since the thread is about food I only mentioned food. Yes that's your playstyle. You learned something about you and your team's playstyle in this alpha and tweaked it in a different game. First of all amassing food because I like it is not considered wasting time to me. It might be to you but not to me. Are you starting to understand that wasting time means different from person to person? Not yet? Ok let me give an example. Person 1: Likes to spend time playing games. Person 2: Likes to spent time reading. Person 3: Likes to spend time doing outdoor activities. Each person might think that the others are wasting time but each individual enjoys doing their own activities so it's not wasting time for them. Secondly, I only take few hours in game to harvest the food. Then I batchcraft stews, drinks, meat/potatos in separate campfires, each with their own timers. I leave and do other things like go exploring, quests, or mining. So it doesn't really use that much time.
  10. Obviously you haven't heard of hoarders. Look it up on google...for your own sake. In addition how is mass collection of food/drink any different from collecting lots of other resources? We store them for use later when we need them. For example, I'm sure you have tons of gunpowder lying around or perhaps stacks and stacks of wood, iron, as well. Same goes for bullet casings/tip. Or perhaps you've already turned them into bullets, shotgun shells, etc. All of them for later use. For me since I'm SP things pile up which is fine because as I'm a hoarder, I collect mass amounts of everything and keep them, even if I don't need/use them. The mind boogles because you don't understand that people have different playstyles and that 'managing their time better' does not make sense in that regard.
  11. Clearly you don't read people's messages before answering. I said spoilage adds more challenge to survival games which is the main reason why I want it to be added. Sure, spoilage will reduce stacks of food in storage in the beginning but for hoarders like me I'll evenly have my stacks and stacks of food/resources no matter what. Again (to repeat myself) I like to craft food and what is your problem with that? Well I make about 1.5 stacks of steak and potatoes and 2 - 3 stacks of drinks every harvest (3 days). I eat about 2-3 steak/potatoes and about 2-3 drinks per day and are over day 120 in my game. Do the math why I have several chests of food... What I do with my time is none of your business and most certainly does not mean I'm wasting time. Again that is YOUR style of gameplay which suits YOU. You manage your time how you like and don't say that I'm wasting time because I like to mine more or spend more time hunting/farming/crafting food/hoarding. You need to get this THROUGH your head, everyone has different playstyles/preferences and they don't always align with yours.
  12. Of course I earned it. Why would you even ask such a thing when I've discussed my playthrough with you in other threads - I've seen you chimed in some of the threads I've posted. I even specified my days in game (over 100) and that I have huge farms not to mention loads of food. I like to farm, craft food and horde resources so what? Do you have a problem with my playstyle? You think I have bad time management? You the one who complained about resources boulder being removed from the game and prefer to mine what's on the surface whereas underground mining is MUCH more efficient. I don't know what is wrong with you but I've seen your other posts. Why are you always trying to start a fight? People have different playstyles. Just because they differ from yours doesn't mean you should question what they do and how they play.
  13. Just because *you* don't know or can't imagine any other way to implement the spoilage system doesn't mean someone else can't. There are lots of people out there with great ideas and can come up with good designs. Wrong again. People generally use exploit to make things easier for them. They can still accept the mechanics/system and still use the exploit just because they can. But in the case of starvation mod, it is only an exploit if you make it out to be or use it explicitly. I played starvation mod for over a few hundred hours so know a little about how the spoilage works in the game. I guess the 'exploit' you spoke of in Starvation was food didn't spoil in the campfire output. Think about it. If food could spoil in the campfire's output box you'd be forced to babysit each and every individual perishable food created at the campfire. Stacks of food especially high level ones could take a long time to make. Do you really want to sit there and wait for them to finish? If you enable spoilage in campfires if you leave and come back any newly crafted food would spoil. It's also possible the mod's developers didn't know to make spoilage work with campfire outputs as well. Now explicitly placing/storing food in there just because it doesn't spoil is another thing but it is up the user if they want to do that. Also Starvation mod spoilage system was configurable. You could change spoilage settings in one or more .XML files and can disable food spoilage if you wanted. Anyone who didn't like spoilage in starvation could easily disable it. I liked their system. Food spoiled which in turn could be converted into fertilizer (back when fertilizer was used for farming). To slow down spoilage you could use the icebox or create a fridge (powered by electricity) to store your goods. Spoilage does add challenge to survival games and I for one hope TFP will someday implement this feature in their game. In my current A18 game, I have over several chests full of stacks of stews, meat and potatoes, all drinks, etc.
  14. *clap*. We all make mistakes (or perhaps misunderstanding?) and it takes big 'uns (not the ones Al Bundy talks about) to admit it in such a fashion after a lengthy discussion. Kudos. All this talk about probability brought back bad memories of my 'Probability and Statistics' course in university. Failed it the 1st time, retook the course and got a B+ the second time. What Viktoriusiii was describing sounded familiar but I couldn't remember all the details or the exact terminology for it. I'm glad the food system is not complete yet and they have plans for buffs for the meals. On a related topic (kind of) I think vending machines should not reset every day. Seems too OP and unrealistic. They should have the same (reset) timer as the traders or the same settings as the air drop (the default 3 days or whatever the player chooses). You see supplies dropped by parachute and 3 days is reasonable for traders to reset. Yet somehow magically all vending machines are refilled daily...
  15. Haha, your comment gave me a good chuckle there. Good one! As for the thread, IMO ferals should never spawn on the first day...ever! Although now I wonder if it's technically possible to get your GS so high on the first day that you find radiated zombies in POIS?
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