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[MODLET] Quality Effectiveness Bonuses


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This is a new version of the Quality Damage Bonuses modlet. I decided to make this a new version in case someone just wants the damage-based one. This one affects much more than just damage.


Damage was scaled down to 10% per level (up to +50%).

It adjusts the durability per use by 5% per quality level (up to -25%)

All ranged weapons get a 5% bonus per quality level (up to 25%) to:

- Range

- Rounds per minute

- Reload Speed

- Spread

- Weapon Handling

- Weapon Attack Speed


I am still testing to ensure these are all having the desired effect. For instance I reduced handling, mainly because it seems like lower is better, but I am not sure what effect this has.


Note: I cannot modify the Recoil number displayed, but it is just a display issue, I believe, since hte recoil settings are able to be modified, it's just the display value I couldn't modify.


All future updates will come through the main thread.


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For instance I reduced handling, mainly because it seems like lower is better, but I am not sure what effect this has.


It seems that your adjustments to handling are backwards. When comparing a level 1 pistol to a level 2 pistol, all stats show green modifiers except handling, which is red. I assume this means lower handling is worse.

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In one way it sounds like it would be easier to handle a small pistol than a rifle, so higher is better. But the blunderbuss messes with that theory..

If it refers to for example how easy it is to hold steady while aiming and such, affecting your accuracy, not the guns accuracy, then I would think a rifle is easier to hold steady while aiming. And easier to control recoil to get sights on target quicker after a shot. Which matches with the stats you posted.

I have never fired a rifle in my life tho, so just pure speculation on my part.

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I have never fired a blunderbuss, but had to shoot regularly on a pistol and a rifle, the rifle was much easier to handle, believe it or not. You have a greater control over it, a shotgun, not as much. The shotgun is also 1.7, but then the .44 is like .6 I think, and that shouldn't be easier than a rifle.

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I've been trying to figure this problem out myself, but I'm left scratching my head. After installing this modlet, my items no longer degrade with use. Also, the weapons and what not have a faster swing animation, but the time between the swings seems to have increased.


Edit: It seems to only be on two items I crafted, everything else is working as intended, My stone axe and Iron reinforced club

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lol, nope, I typo'd the stone axe identifier. Updated the first post.


Sodyaler, what quality levels are those two tools that aren't degrading?


One was a level 5 Stone axe, and the other was a level 4 iron reinforced club. I noticed even my Level 3 Compound bow wasn't degenerating. But I found a level 4 iron pick that would lose durability when I used it.

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Okay so I had to remove the degredation adjustment per level as it ended up making the tool last forever.


Also I haven't been able to figure out how to get the delay between attacks to decrease at all let alone with levels. So I haven't been able to adjust the speed of the stone axe.

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No, what I mean is that AttacksPerMinute don't work correctly at this moment on stoneaxe and hand. I think "delay" is obsolete, but it works. I've played 2 hours.



<item name="meleeToolStoneAxe">
<property name="Tags" value="knife,melee,light,tool,perkMotherLode,perkTheHuntsman"/>
<property name="DisplayType" value="meleeRepairTool"/>
<property name="HoldType" value="32"/>
<property name="Meshfile" value="Items/Weapons/Melee/Axe/stone_axePrefab"/>
<property name="Material" value="Mstone"/>
<property name="RepairTools" value="resourceRockSmall"/>
<property name="EconomicValue" value="5"/>
<property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="1"/>
<property name="SellableToTrader" value="false"/>
<property name="DegradationBreaksAfter" value="false"/>
<property name="SoundJammed" value="ItemNeedsRepair"/>
<property name="SoundDestroy" value="wooddestroy1"/>
<property name="FuelValue" value="50"/>
<property class="Action0">
	<property name="Class" value="DynamicMelee"/>
	<property name="Sphere" value="0.1"/>
	<property name="Sound_start" value="swoosh"/>
	<property name="ToolCategory.Butcher" value="0" param1="4"/>
	<property name="Sound_harvesting" value="open_animal" param1="organic"/>
<property class="Action1"> <!-- UseAction -->
	<property name="Class" value="Repair"/>
               <property name="Delay" value="1"/> <!-- Repair actions still need the delay amount -->
	<property name="Repair_amount" value="100"/>
	<property name="Upgrade_hit_offset" value="0"/>
	<property name="Sound_start" value="repair_block"/>
	<property name="Allowed_upgrade_items" value="resourceWood,resourceClayLump,resourceSnowBall,resourceScrapIron,resourceForgedIron,resourceForgedSteel,resourceSteelPolish,resourceConcreteMix,resourceCobblestones,resourceYuccaFibers"/>
	<property name="UsePowerAttackAnimation" value="false"/>
<effect_group name="Base Effects">
	<passive_effect name="MaxRange" operation="base_set" value="2.4"/>
	<passive_effect name="BlockRange" operation="base_set" value="3"/>
	<!--passive_effect name="DamageFalloffRange" operation="base_set" value="2.1"/-->
	<passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="base_set" value="11"/> <!-- meleeToolStoneAxe -->
	<passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="base_set" value="26"/>
	<!-- <passive_effect name="AttacksPerMinute" operation="base_set" value="75"/> --> <!-- A16 .8 -->
	<passive_effect name="HarvestCount" operation="base_set" value=".35" tags="butcherHarvest"/>
	<passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_add" value="-.3" tags="stone"/>
	<passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_add" value="-.8" tags="earth"/>
	<passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_add" value="-.5" tags="metal"/>
	<passive_effect name="StaminaLoss" operation="base_set" value="14" tags="primary"/>
	<passive_effect name="DegradationMax" operation="base_set" value="70,200" tier="1,6"/>
	<passive_effect name="ModSlots" operation="base_set" value="0,5" tier="1,6"/>
	<passive_effect name="ModPowerBonus" operation="perc_add" value=".15" tags="EntityDamage,BlockDamage"/>
	<passive_effect name="ModPowerBonus" operation="base_add" value="200" tags="EconomicValue"/>
<property name="Group" value="Tools/Traps,Basics"/>
<property name="ActionSkillGroup" value="Construction Tools"/>
<property name="CraftingSkillGroup" value="craftSkillTools"/>
<property name="RepairExpMultiplier" value="5.5"/>

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I think I've figured out the degradationperuse. It basically means it will use that many durability points per swing, so if you set it to a negative, you're essentially making it repair itself per swing. So if it's set to <passive_effect name="DegradationPerUse" operation="base_set" value="16"/> That means it will use 16 durability points per successful hit. I'm not sure what the default durabilityperuse for each melee weapon/tool is, but if you set it to <passive_effect name="DegradationPerUse" operation="perc_add" value="3,0.25" tier="1,6"/> that will start it out using 3 durability points per use at tier 1 and then making it use 0.25 durability points per use at tier 6. I hope this explanation helps


The only problem then becomes, each weapon has it's own set degredation per use and changing the value doesn't seem to use percentages. By default the AK47 uses 16 durability per shot, and the rocket launcher uses 50. I assume that any item that doesn't have degradationperuse specified means it will be set to use 1 durability per use. Then again, I could be 100% wrong with all of this

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You are right, however, my entire modlet uses this method to adjust all of the values for all of the items en mass. This allows the modlet to even work on items added in by other mods/modlets, as long as they are loaded first.


You see adding and subtracting a percentage adjusts the base value in all other cases, but for some reason DegredationPerUse seems to apply every use of the item, rather than adjusting the degredationperuse base value.


Note in your example you would want to change perc_add (percent added) to base_set

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I'm discovering that the AttacksPerMinute has odd effects. I am working on getting a WeedCleaver working again. I.E. Machete that swings SUPER fast. Tried using Delay in the Action blocks to no real effect. Moved on to trying AttacksPerMinute (yes I cleared Delay out) in the Base Effects.


Started with setting it to 300, yet the character would only swing once every 5 seconds.

Set to it 150, and the character would then swing once every 2-3 seconds. Backwards right?


So somehow there is a limit, a ceiling in there somewhere or something about the new systems that I haven't grasped yet.

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Flurry of blows uses perc_add 5% - 25% for attacksperminute

buffs.xml uses attacksperminute as a debuff with perc_subtract


So it would seem that the higher the better. But that delay between attacks isn't helpful.


Let me ask, if the total number of attacks the same with attacks per minute because of the delay? My tests indicated that they weren't but I didn't go as high as you did.

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