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  1. That reminds me of the gamestop stock. The community had a big impact on it. I love it.
  2. Yes you can do what you want. You can also check it yourself 😉.
  3. Sorry you couldn't see it in the video. You can lock every slot you want. The L-Key for me it's OK.
  4. Hmm, how? Please help me. With a mod? Yeah, this function rocks!
  5. Hi Fun Pimps, I like to lock inventory slots how it is in the Subquakes mod Undead Legacy 2.2.84 for A19.3(b6). Is anything like this planned for Alpha20?
  6. Hi madmole, I'm reading every day in this thread. It's cool. The game, too. I've been playing Enderal lately. It's a total conversion for Skyrim with full voices in german and for example the dubbing voice of Angelina Jolie. I've reading there is an english Version, too. Here is the link: https://sureai.net/?lang=en I am looking forward to A19.
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