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24 hour 7DtD marathon


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Hey everyone :)

I hope this is allowed....

At the end of October my husband and I are completing a 24hr "gaming hero's" marathon for a cancer research charity (this is a cause close to our family's heart right now.) We will be playing 7 days to die for 24hrs straight with no breaks in game time.

if you anyone is at all interesting in donating whatever you can, however small, we would be really really grateful (I can post the link to our fundraising page if this is allowed and people are interested.)

We chose 7 days because my husband used it to propose to me and we had a loose 7 days theme to our tables at our wedding breakfast so it is a special game to us :)


TIA to anyone who is interested in helping I

us take down a horrible life changing disease. We will be posting hourly updates to show our progress (and to prove we managed to stay up all night - not an easy feat with chronic fatigue! haha)

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Clare - he made a large wall out of concrete and then wrote "Sarah will you marry me?" with wooden blocks on it. He then used spot lights to light to up. I used to do 24hr shifts so he did it all whilst I was at work on a file called "tests" and told me he'd been playing around with base building etc etc. I went away for the weekend and when I came back he was like come and check out my test base, it's awesome. and then when I came out of the base it was outside waiting for me. he then proudly thrust my ring at me haha. funny thing is I really protested going on to look at his base. I was really poorly at the time and I just wanted to go to bed, glad I gave in now haha.


I'm on PS4 so we should be ok, we don't get too many crashes :)

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