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Duplication & other glitches


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After alot of very awesome update, I had to say it.

All parts of the game is way more balanced that in other similar games, especially the weapon crafting system.


But, I have always considered that the 7TDT cluncky graphisms, were the price that we had to pay, to have a smoothy full sandbox & mutliplayer game. When I bought this game, at the release, it's was ugly, but highly purposed for multiplayer, we had a radar to detect the sounds direction done by other players, the mining noise range was nearly infinite, making us able to track other players in all Navezgane, and of course, we had alot of weapons designated more to kill players than zombies.

In a such game, having low graphisms was the justified price to pay, to have in exchange, some high FPS and fluiditiy.


But now, the Duplication Glitch is our actual main problem, it's ruin absolutly all the multiplayer.

In PVP of course, duplication of PVP stuff allow you to upgrade to 600 quality and to indefinitly repair/reload all you stuff.

Just killing the PVP game 100%


BUT, in PVE too :

Duplication of concrete & frames

Duplication of high quality meals

Duplication of Rockets, Ammo, TNT...


Have you already seen these PVE servers ? that are ruined because some duplicators have built the Empire state building in the middle of the map in one night ? or destroyed all the POI with rockets & TNT ??


Then what options do you left to us to prevent that ? the Admin have to be here 24H/24 ? 7D/7 ?? To do the policeman ? And the Admin can't even leave his server for a week-end ? Cause if he comes back the sunday evening, all the server should have been destroyed during the 2 days before ? And also if the admin restore a 48h backup save, players have already left, cause players will lose 2 days of progression, nobody want to play in such conditions, and it horrible for the global feeling of the server community.


So if you dont manage to solve this duplication glitch that makes the multiplayer game so foul, SHAME on you, and on your programers skills...




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There was a fix for in in a16e, but it got removed because it basically broke 90% of the containers in the game.


Good servers run a server manager that can take care of the issue.


I'll also take a moment to point out, once again, that this isn't a game designed for PvP.

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You do realize that running the API mods with the duplication fixes requires no intervention right? Admins don't have to be on 24/7.


Also, shame on you for apparently not even being aware of what ALPHA development is.



Now if the finished product has these kinds of issues, you might be justified. As it is, the core features of the game are still being developed. Fixing the bug was going to slow down development of the real features of the game.



Lastly, if you don't like it on those servers, don't play on those servers. Find a server that uses the correct tools, and has active admins.

Also remember while you are doing this that the game is only designed for 8-player PvE Co-op. It's not a MMO. Hell, originally it was only going to be single player.

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