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Custom textures on guns - tools - minibike


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I Advanced a bit on the stuff I was working on, still couldn't get my hands on that freaking pickaxe texture but the bike is getting there and I managed to make a step forward on the pistols, one kind of golden for ELITE and one with a silencer, also adding here the picts for the fire axes, steel and titanium.


would love to have some feedback on this, maybe some ideas too.

hope you like it.











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DUST2DEATH: thanks for the tip, ill check that.


Tallon: not sure what you mean by that. im testing several different stuff, adding custom items, changing default textures, also trying UI. i fi ever get enough stuff togheter ill try to compile a mod.

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DUST is on it already... i think (since we are talking about it in another post) the main idea is a different minibike... my idea was to have 2 different looking ones, different max speed. I think DUST will get it done way before i get my hands to it.

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