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Never lose your loot - OCD


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I wonder why i don't see that in the "common" pimp dreams, cause in 7d2d gathering resources is so important.. (not criticizing, just a bit astonished!)


Currently any zombie fight with more than 4-5 zombies can result in a loss of loot (stacking corpses, corpses hit by living zombies, corpses on other items like rocks or bushes etc..)


In particular, when you survive a hard blood moon you lose for sure at least 30-40% of loot(and fat/meat/bones) cause of stacked zombie corpses (i hate when i hear the classic "splorch" and a corpse -with loot- is gone)


Honestly it's the only strong "nuisance" i feel in the game from a practical point of view.



The less-chaotic solution i can imagine:


zombie death1 > ragdoll > zombie corpse1

zombie death2 (in a certain range of zombie corpse1) > ragdoll > zombie corpse1 grows into "small corpse pile", loot added, resources by slaughtering grows


etc.. etc..



a big stack of corpses can reach a maximum amount (in "graphics" terms) but keeps stacking loot until corpse-pile container slots are available


if the range to "merge" corpses is centered around the first corpse, and the stacking fills first the smaller stack of corpses in range i think that even in a very very fat blood moon the result can be good to look at and gives a lot to OCD gatherers in terms of loot and frustration.



as always, sorry for my bad english and thx for patience!

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kinda like the idea. goreblocks were sadly removed... but I was never a fan of removing them... bringing them back and actually stacking multiple zombies into a goreblock would be nice! :)


blocks can't contain loot, objects like corpses are a different thing.

the pile of corpses i'm talking about is just like a corpse, but with different model and with stacked loot from all zombies that drop dead in range.

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blocks cant contain loot? o_O

what is a cabinet then? because it behaves just like a block, paintable and all!


i bet that there are big differences between objects and blocks, and afaik you can't find any kind of block that can contain loot.

a big-object-that-fills-a-cube is not just a block for that reason.


i'm sure not an expert of 3d-unity-sandbox-blabla world but i see clearly many differences between blocks and items.



btw, just to clarify, i'm talking about "big items" not blocks!


- - - Updated - - -


One of the early a17 videos showed how they are re-working this system again to fix the issue.


wow i really missed that, ill check for sure! thx!

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