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Land Claim Block gives owner 4x damage and 4x repair


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The existing tweakable for 25% block durability isn't so useful because its global and just adjusts the damage blocks can take by everyone (player, zombies, and hostile players).


What would be more useful would be a tweakable so that only in LCB'd land, only the owner gets 4x damage, and they also repair 4x faster. Stock game mechanics would be unchanged. Most of the early survival game would be unchanged. It would allow for faster reconfiguration of bases, and faster mining mostly for late game. It would not make bases more vulnerable to zombies, or on PVP servers more vulnerable to hostile players.


It would make early mining to level up and get stone+iron 4x easier around the first base the player sets up. But generally it would reduce the overall "grindiness" of busting up your own blocks. It would also reduce the grindiness of repairing spikes after horde night, which quickly becomes unfun maintenance chores.


Keep it optional, just like the current 25% block damage setting.


Combine this with 4x faster crafting and you've got a server where players in late game (level 200, day > 100) can more easily manage larger bases.

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