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  1. I'd like to have the choice as to how large the inventory size should be, and choose if I feel it robs me of an experience or not. For those that deeply care about making hobson's choices over poop and bones they can keep the inventory size small. For others of us who get no sense of pride or accomplishment out of making those decisions, we'd appreciate larger inventory space. Particularly in the late game, its just annoying. Just make it a server config option.
  2. Problems with GCs aren't just limited to C# either, all of these problems are familiar to Java devs. A language like Rust or Erlang that have much more strict concepts of object ownership can eliminate or greatly reduce the need to GC objects, while not requiring manual deallocation mistakes like C.
  3. Starvation mods TOS seems mostly concerned with controlling redistribution of models that they've licensed from third parties. If you've produced a patch to Starvation that does not redistribute that licensed copyrighted content, then it would seem a lot more likely that if you ask them for permission that they'll grant it.
  4. The backpack container is in fact big enough to hold all the items. The problem is that what I'm used to in stock is that I open up the backpack on the ground and hit 'R' and I get all of my items and clothes while the belt contents remain in the backpack because I have no room. Backpack doesn't go poof. Then I wear clothes to free inventory, open the backpack again, and hit 'R' and now I've got belt contents back. What seems to go wrong is that even with the belt contents still in the backpack it goes poof with BB. So whatever the PoofCheck is in the code its doing math against the wrong thing and getting confused by the larger sized container. You'd think it would just check for the bag being empty or not, but it seems to be doing something else.
  5. With bigger bag, if you get killed and pick up your backpack hitting 'R' on a full backpack will cause you to lose your belt contents. With stock, if you die with full bag and full clothing, hitting 'R' will transfer all but your belt contents to your inventory, where you can wear your clothes, then go back to the bag and hit 'R' again and pick up your belt contents. With bigger bag it goes 'poof' and belt contents are gone. I'm sure that can be worked around simply by being more careful, but I've accidentally done that like 3 times now.
  6. So what is working fine is SGBB with the default SMX xui.xml skin. I haven't tried the sirmod xui.xml without the SGBB so don't know if that fails the same way or not. And yeah I've got the rest of the SGBB changes. I've got larger backpack, 3 slots in forges, etc all working -- it was just trying to copy "xui - sirmod+.xml" over "xui.xml" that it spammed me on the console.
  7. I'm trying to use the sirmod xui.xml out of SGBBA16.3B12R4-22-A16-3B12R4.rar and it seems to be barfing NREs as soon as I open the bag up. I'm on mac which complicates it all a bit, but the base SMX UI appears to be working fine so far (for anyone else on MacOS who happens to find this I did have to put most everything under the 7DaysToDie.app directory but the "Mods" folder needs to go into the parent folder so "[...omitted...]/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/Mods") As far as I can tell the only file that is in the SIRMOD rar is xui.xml and the SGBB rar "xui - sirmod+.xml" file looks like it replaces that, so I just copied that to xui.xml and got the console spam. Copying back and I get working base SMX UI. Not sure if I've missed something dumb + obvious tho...
  8. The problem here is that we have irreconcilable differences about which camps we are in. I'm in the camp that would like larger storage, and particularly larger mobile storage. I find it unrealistic that we'd be able to be level 200 and build out own skyscrapers with fully automated turret defenses and nobody has managed to salvage a 24 foot box truck or a semi tractor in order to ship piles of stuff in between bases. Which is not to say that I want to see those kinds of player-driven vehicles added to the game, I'd be happy with a mega-mini-bike-storage and some suspension of disbelief. But from a gameplay perspective I don't like having to choose between abandoning bases with all kinds of stuff in them vs. doing a dozen runs across the map to ferry stuff. If you wanted to fit this into the existing game without increasing the amount of scavenging that users could do, then maybe just some way of dropping off items in storage at traders and transferring them between traders. Then you ferry stuff to a trader, have it "shipped" across the map (imagine fleets of brown UPS trucks in the background), and then can pick it up at another trade all the way across the map and ferry it to your new base. As long as you build somewhat close to traders, then its not too hard to ferry lots of stuff around. But then you can't hit a town with 2,000 slots of storage open and strip it to the bone in one pass.
  9. How about at least having larger storage / backpacks / baskets be game configurables? Then the default could be kept the default, while some servers / players could choose to cater to scavengers. Kind of like LCB size, drop-on-death/exit and such being configurable.
  10. hooking a motion detector up to the drawbridge was one of the first things i wanted to do with the electricity system.
  11. FWIW, kickz mentioned this idea in his stream as well:
  12. I've had that stuck on my player for weeks on a stock vanilla server using totally stock game. If you google it has come up for other players as well. I don't think it has anything to do with this mod. I also had it in alpha 15 as well.
  13. ^^^^ i've spent most of my server playing time now on PVP servers and typically joining 1000+ day servers. as long as the map is 10k sized there's a ton of places to hide out. only time i've really had a problem was one time i immediately got found by a couple of characters yapping in chinese who immediately homed in on my base because they clearly had all kinds of hacks going on. that was the last time i've played on a server that didn't ban CN. i would suggest first fixing all the hacks, and then playtest it more. and right now its nearly impossible to have an above-ground base in PVP so everyone pretty much just digs and hides, then people use xray clipping attacks to find them. bases need to be a bit more defensible so that it takes longer to break into them, and where you can leave a well-built base exposed for 24h and come back and it'll still be there (or you'll hear the auger running and can go hunt down the attackers). steel bunkers also could be easier to build. right now to build a thick steel block that has no weak points, and which forces attackers to go through X blocks of steel requires sitting around and waiting for layers of reinforced concrete to dry. literally the game has a mechanic of watching paint dry. i sort of understand its to slow down rebuilding a base that is being attacked by zombies during horde night. but the fact that the timer on the blocks doesn't run if there's no active player in the region is pretty annoying. and there's always that one ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ block that takes forever to dry... also right now its possible to level up your character and your armor to be able to survive fall damage from 200 blocks and there's tricks like the fact that zombie gore is infinitely soft. so you can summon a horde, have them drop down a pit and die on spikes, then hop on top of the gore and start attacking the spikes (or possibly if there's enough gore just hop across all the spikes and start augering doors and walls). the fact that zombies hordes are so useful for griefing on servers and that they're unaffected by land claims is also a bigger issue on PVP servers. the goodies from horde night are good, but their use as an offensive weapond is a bit unbalanced.
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