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Dedicated server - How do server owners handle respawn of entites / repopulation


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So the question is how do people handle respawn of trees, cars, destroyed loot boxes in buildings?


seeing as by default none of it respawns once destroyed.


Is there any server side mods that can handle it or scripts?

been trying for a few days to find anything but it seems like there isn't a really big community for hosting as you find with other games.

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Ravenhearst has added the feature to respawn cars (vanilla ones anyway). When you wrench a car it leaves a plant in its place that will eventually respawn the car if it is not destroyed.

I am not sure about tree respawning. I suppose there may be a way to mod that too but as you get seeds when you chop trees you can just replant.

There is a way to reset chucks of map so if a building has had its loot crates destroyed I guess you just reset the area it is in.

I think if you delete the region the building is in, in the saved folder when you restart the game that area will be like default.

That is why they tell you not to build in some areas on servers as the may reset that area to fix damage.


Am sure there are posts on here that will explain more/better than I did.



lol, see...2 posts were added before I even got mine finished...

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Hi there Busi,

I am part of the team that manage the well populated OZ.NZ Rawhope vanilla server. We run several management mods behind the scenes to help us keep our server running smooth and well managed.


Other than resetting the region files, like The Hated Crew mentioned above we use a great scripting mod created by djkrose to use for smaller "on the fly" jobs


Here > https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69772-djkrose-s-Scripting-Mod


This fantastic script gives you the ability to type this command into the console dj-regen Which Regenerates a chunk or custom area based on the world seed.




1. dj-regen


2. dj-regen <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2>


3. dj-regen from


4. dj-regen to


1. Regenerates the chunk of the current player's position.


2. Regenerates all chunks of the given area, extended to chunk borders.


3. Saves the current player's position for usage 4.


4. Regenerates all chunks of the area from the saved position to current players position, extended to chunk borders.


We only do small regen's at a time, and ONLY when there is a small number (under 10) players online. Which is very rare on our server (unless ofcourse Tfp's announce a17 comming, then our numbers drop, lol) But be careful not to regen to much at a time, the large load plus many players online can be a heavy load and crash ya server, we have learn't to keep it to smaller jobs.


Each region is 32 chunks by 32 chunks, and each chunk is 16 blocks by 16 blocks, so we basically just fly over the area that needs fixing or regening, and type the command into the console and BAM, everything in the 16x16 block size is back to day one.


But for on-going large areas/towns/cities, we do have reset zones, infact all our towns are marked out as a reset zone, (helps to use Botman server manager to mark out those and maintain those0 then every 2 weeks Our server owner resets those town regions back to day one.


Your more than welcome to drop on by our server anytime, check out how we do things, but in saying that Botman also has a dedicated server set up with all the same mods we use on our server, for trying and testing for people like yourself. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?52933-Botman-server-manager-official-support-thread


The combination of the mods we use and the DJKrose script works perfectly together for maintaining our server. We have worked hard and closely with these mod creators to make our job of managing our server much easier for us and for others like yourself.



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