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Games crashing


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For some unknown reason ALL my copies of 7 Days decided not to work. I keep getting a box saying the game has crashed. They are all separate copies of the game on my drive that worked perfectly fine last night.



OK, rebooted computer and they seem to work again. Seems strange that (so far as I could see) that my 7DTD games were only thing affected by what ever happened.

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The virus you got from that goat pr0n site didn't like 7days.


I was told goat pr0n goes well with everything...


So rebooting kicked the goat?


You gotta be careful, those buggers will eat anything. Next thing you know, it's eaten your GPU and you're blind.



My guess in W10 Spring update. Or a goat. Either one will crash a system just as well.


Still on W7 so goat it is :)

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