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Would you have a moment to talk about railings?

Robbing Zombie

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Try the centered version of those iron bars. They should be placeable on a diagonal.


Afaik, no but you can always copy the needed rotation from other blocks even if it's not available via advanced rotation menu (e.g. the leather couch block does have all rotations and can be used to get the diagonals). Ofc, it doesn't work without the copy rotation button.^^

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By the beard, Pille is right. I must be remembering an earlier Alpha, because I'm sure I've used iron bars on a diagonal before.


My recommendation in vanilla, then, is Metal Catwalk Wedge Corner Railing (start with the wooden version and upgrade it).



Wasn't hoping this one to be the only option, but I guess this is it then. Cheers guys! :)

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