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  1. Yeee, I smashed them and lag no more. What sort of distance would be ok? This place has plenty of bedrooms etc. The building is 30x30 and has 3 floors plus a twisted attic.
  2. Uhh, yeah. A lot of lights. In every room lol. That's probably it.
  3. I made our LAN-party house as a prefab, but it's extremely laggy. It's a three-story house and the area in total is about 70x70 wide. Outside it works normally, but when you enter the house it's all slow and stuff. Naturally in the editor there was zero problems. So far we've used it only in Navezgane just north of Bobs boars. Is it Navezgane that's not so fond of prefabs, or have I goofed up something somewhere?
  4. @faatal any news on the wearables menu? I know it's not a huge issue, but annoying nevertheless, when you're going plaid-speed in the character menu tuning your gear.
  5. Ooo, hey. Since it's our pretty and snowy biome Finland's birthday n' all next monday, would ya release A20 at say, 6AM GMT +2? Finland would really appreciate the b-day present early in the morning. Thaaaaaaaaanks! 🥳
  6. Thanks stallion! Gonna be a nice boy and wait. That being taken care of, TFP, has the armor/clothing/accessory regarding wear/scrap/edit been fixed? It's a wee annoying when some gear has these buttons and other gear has those buttons for commands. Absolutely. I'm just being jumpy on the fast lane with the turn signal on, like a normal 42yo server hoster is expected to behave 😁 BTW, I love them compopacks a LOT and we appreciate what you guys are doing to enhance the game. Take your time and make it guuud.
  7. Thanks! I don't remember when we started using cp the first time when A19 was released, so what do you reckon, will it be a waste of time if we try using the latest update when A20 launches next week?
  8. Traders dance? Is Rekt twerking? I had some questions about compopack working with A20 at launch, but now all I have in my head is Rekt whining "Is thät all ya gonna baaai?!" while shaking his ass at a strip pole. Dammit.
  9. Dear lord, is that tennis match still going on........
  10. Also a jungle / swamp option for random gen maps would be nice. That's probably more of a mod thing, but would be a nice add.
  11. As a base builder, I'd like to have more different paints, drapes and high end Fürni. Gotta to make that base look pretty and representative, you know. High end storage crates with more paint options. Aaaalso a metal sign would be nice, since the wooden one don't fit in an otherwise stylish environment. Vanity, I know, but hey, need to have a sweet base!
  12. Nice guns n' all, but about those backgrounds. Are they ingame pics?
  13. Okei then. Got the installation sorted out. Put the house in place in the world editor and then copied the location coordinates. Then went back to the server and put them in and viola! We have a neue building in the game. Bit of a hassle, but got it done. Plus one tree didn't vanish after the server was rebooted, but was in the middle of the building and it went through a couple floors and the roof. Annoying, but I can live with that minor thing on this server. Thanks for the helps gyus!
  14. Nice! Thanks! Is it the Navezgane -> My Game folder? I got that one and started the world editor, but all the original buildings are in place (we took down one and made a base) and none of our stuff is visible.
  15. One instructional video says to hit K after Z in order to get a menu open, but I'm not getting anything. And under esc, the game just gives me the option to export.
  16. I did the following. Hit F1 -> typed dm & enter-> hit Z, but what next? Ah, the world editor. But won't that open a whole new game? We're on a vanilla Navezgane. edit. it did open a new one.
  17. Btw, the gameserver is on an actual server and not on my computer.
  18. Hey @stallionsden, or anyone else, do you know how I can paste the prefab on a server we're playing on already? Got the prefab set on the serverside and I'm the admin and flying around, but can't find a menu from where to insert the house on the map itself.
  19. I mean I'm trying to make the ramp/slope less than 45 degrees as found elsewhere in the game on hills, roads etc. A more smooth angle, so to say. Also, how do I fill the gaps between solid blocks and grass, sand etc, since it leaves the annoying gap between them where you always drive your bikes and get stuck. Or are they even possible to fill?
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