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  1. Okei then. Got the installation sorted out. Put the house in place in the world editor and then copied the location coordinates. Then went back to the server and put them in and viola! We have a neue building in the game. Bit of a hassle, but got it done. Plus one tree didn't vanish after the server was rebooted, but was in the middle of the building and it went through a couple floors and the roof. Annoying, but I can live with that minor thing on this server. Thanks for the helps gyus!
  2. Nice! Thanks! Is it the Navezgane -> My Game folder? I got that one and started the world editor, but all the original buildings are in place (we took down one and made a base) and none of our stuff is visible.
  3. One instructional video says to hit K after Z in order to get a menu open, but I'm not getting anything. And under esc, the game just gives me the option to export.
  4. I did the following. Hit F1 -> typed dm & enter-> hit Z, but what next? Ah, the world editor. But won't that open a whole new game? We're on a vanilla Navezgane. edit. it did open a new one.
  5. Btw, the gameserver is on an actual server and not on my computer.
  6. Hey @stallionsden, or anyone else, do you know how I can paste the prefab on a server we're playing on already? Got the prefab set on the serverside and I'm the admin and flying around, but can't find a menu from where to insert the house on the map itself.
  7. I mean I'm trying to make the ramp/slope less than 45 degrees as found elsewhere in the game on hills, roads etc. A more smooth angle, so to say. Also, how do I fill the gaps between solid blocks and grass, sand etc, since it leaves the annoying gap between them where you always drive your bikes and get stuck. Or are they even possible to fill?
  8. I have no idea how to do this when making a prefab. Is it possible to not make the terrain so steep? Has this been answered somewhere? If yes, I'll pay good thumbs up for a link to that topic or a youtube tutorial. I'm not even sure with what keywords I should use to search for an answer...
  9. Was expecting a picture of Joe Thornton 😛
  10. Any news about the water overhaul? How will the water behave after the overhaul etc. I fancy digging a moat around my base and running the water in from a lake or the ocean 😁
  11. Hooray! Found the troublemaker. It was this mod that caused the problem. Funny enough, it didn't cause any issues for my friend. Thanks for the help https://7daystodiemods.com/riles-fixes/
  12. Same problem here, but my friend doesn't seem to have any issues like this. I've tried wiping everything 3 times with a fresh install and deleting my character from the server, but no go. The problem seems to appear when going melee on anything. At first I can exit the command line but then the thing crashes completely and only a character wipe will help. Just started this server yesterday, so that shouldn't be the issue. output_log__2020-11-17__16-44-32.txt
  13. Hey! I have this weird problem with compo-pack 43 when used with nitrogen. It's weird because no one else has it on the server we play on. We all + the server naturally have the same compo. But I seem to be the only one getting flickering graphics and walls that are not supposed to be there and which I can walk right through. If I reboot the game, I get the immediate area to work, but about one min walk in any direction the graphics start flickering and there come the extra walls and objects in POI's. Any idea what's wrong? Tried searching but I'm not really sure what to look for... What I've
  14. Steam name: Ultrafunkula Hours played: 683 Started on Alpha: A16 Discord name: Ultra Native language: Finnish, Swedish and been speaking English since 1990.
  15. O right, the Arizona thingy. Forgot about that... Yay Madmole and devteam! Should probably visit the forum bit more often
  16. Gonna give my $3.50 here. How about a jungle biome with palmtrees & coconuts and whatnot? Toss a tiger in there and some mangos too. Ooh, and you could make a challenge called 'Bye tiger'. But seriously a jungle biome would be fun. Doors! I would like this opportunity to request for different door models. While creating pretty bases the illusion is broken when you get a crummy looking door smacked together with scrap stuff. Same goes for tables and other furniture. Now I know stuff can be added with mods, but I'd like to see them ready to go without the need for modding. More different p
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