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Epic Cities by McTaco


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I have found many threads asking about an endless citiy across the whole map. After 12 hours fooling around with the RWGMIXER, I found the perfect settings for that. I adjusted the city layout to not include rubble or broken buildings. Made the downtown larger. Set skyscrapers to be minimum of 5 per city. Mixed in Asia City to main cities. 50 POI per cell.


Now this is for War of the Walkers, as there are MANY more prefabs to make for much diverse cities.

Must have WotW mod installed. I'm using 5.2.5 atm.


Perfect mix of cities and wilderness:







FLAT WORLD: (a little laggy / Ram Hog)









if there is enough request i can edit almost however you want. i had one that was more mountainous. let me know if you want that:D



version 1.0.0 http://www.mediafire.com/file/25b4qajh6idtzlq/rwgmixer_1.0.0.xml




EDIT: You will need to start a new game to see a new world


EDIT2: NOT to advertise, but you can check out my server with the Perfect mix running right now

query info:

you will need to have WotW+BBM 5.2.5 installed






Epic Cities was build using these versions of mods*

WotW 5.2.5

Ravenhurst 3.0

Valmod version="Last edited by Valmar; 10-28-2017 at 02:15 AM. Reason: A16.4 Update "


*they will work with any update, however, if the mod creator updates their RWG file, I will have to as well, my mod would still work, but you would not see the updates to their RWG file, till I updated mine.

Please feel free to ask me to update if I don't notice an update. I would be happy to.


...I will reorganize this post later to show all the versions, so you don't have to scroll through it all.

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which version did you want to use for ravenhearst?

1.0.0? Perfect mix

1.0.2d? Perfect mix

or 0.9 Flatworld



Thank you very much, I really like

1.0.0? Perfect mix

1.0.2d? Perfect mix,

so one or the other will be the one that is simpler for you. I'm playing on the Ravenhearst 3.0 version and thanks again.

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Valmod Epic Cities 1.0.0

here is your map, it does extend beyond this render. but max distance is still 10k



valmod version current. compatable with overhaul and expansion, and bigger backpack


Valmo(current) Epic Citites 1.0.0 download

don't forget to rename the file back to rwgmixer.xml


might I mention I started this EPIC CITES mod by:

1. enjoying valmod

2. wondering what all the hype was about with WotW

3. so I compared the files, and while relatively similar, the big difference is that WotW has over 1000 new prefabs(types of buildings)

4. I didn't want to fully move away from valmod, so I attempted to merge the prefabs into valmods world generator.

5. it worked :D dank building galour in valmod. (I can do it agin if anyone wants)

5. after analyzing more differences in the two mods, I decided it would be best to fully move on to WotW.

6. I wanted more building :D more!!! so I merged Asian town buildings into regular citites, and after 1 hour of failure, got it to work, but there just wasn't enough cities around.

7. so in about 9 hours, developed EPIC CITIES 0.9

8. realized there were way too many cities. lol

9. dialed it back a bit by adding mountains

10. got sick of the random biome gen, and after 2 hours, figured out biome per elevation, instead of random frequency

11. sat in awe at my work of art. 1.0.0 was born

12. profit?

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Valmod(current) Epic Cities 1.0.0 WITH WotW prefabs


its simple. just use my WotW version of Epic Citites, any version will work.

then copy in the prefab folder from WotW into your 7dtd/data folder overwrite all, if it doesn't ask you to overwrite you might have put it in the wrong place.

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I downloaded this mod from the nexus and use it all the time with WotW. I'm on a map called Walknchewgum most of the time and I love all of the Dwall prefabs. Loot-a-licious :) I don't really build much or farm at all. I loot constantly and enjoy uncovering the map. Thanks for the mod! I used the Perfect Mix version. I think I have the backpack mod with 72 slots, but would love one with 120, can I do that with your mod and WotW?

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ya, i personally use a 140 backpack mod i made for wotw5.3. update on the way. should be up soon. also i did make a 300 backpack mod :o its awesome, but sometimes i almost bleed to death looking for a bandaide in my backpack lol ;D. i have a 4k monitor so its not too bad, if your not running 4k, i would recommend the 140backpack. ill upload it soon

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