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  1. i don't have a high end and it doesn't turn into a slide show on horde night I dip to 40 from 60 but still not a slideshow
  2. Not being able to place forest ground around my desert base. Maybe I want a sandy pathway instead of gravel. Hate that it's not possible anymore.
  3. All 4 of us on our server are also having the same problem with looting. Opening a chest will freeze for a second and prevent using anything until the container is destroyed which remains in a state of "item in use" but also says it's empty. We are going to try update to the new stable (previously using the old) to see if it makes any difference. It's only happened with the dark brown chest in the loot rooms so far! now we have avoided those chests after day 1 and 2 seeing the issue replicated in other Pois among all 4. Yes - copied all the files correctly only 1 person is trying to loot the chest at the time no red/yellow text in console for client or server
  4. does this need to be installed on clients if i put it on dedicated server? Does it do anything on the dedicated server? Just curious thanks either way
  5. I really enjoy the music but the combat music is no good to me I'd love to keep it on 100% especially being at the base is amazing but again the combat music ruins it for me. If there were sliders I'd love to turn that part of it off
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