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  1. Yeah, I'm mostly waiting for A17, but I played a handful of hours just flying around and exploring new POI's. Church and Castle are pretty cool. I rarely explore anything small. I haven't found a retirement village yet and that's what I want to find. I'm a looter and those are Valhalla for me I LOVE Dwall's stuff. Might have to send him another $20 once this leaves experimental.
  2. The guy rarely comes here, q-dude. If you want help you have a better chance of getting it on his discord channel. Otherwise you have to wait until modders of other mods see your post. They're much more likely to help than Dwall; at least on this site.
  3. I kept getting several errors when installing the mod via the manager. I ended up installing it in my main 7-days directory and overwriting. This is less buggy, but not bug-free. If you get it running, I found a great seed for the sly ship (pirate ship) POI's. It is called Walknchewgum. Not my seed, just one I found in a 16.4 seed thread that works well with WotW and Epic Cities combo. You need a nice rig to run these mods in tandem though. I have an i7-7700k with a GTX 1080 and I still don't run on high.
  4. My opinion: Um guys, this is a mod. Not a paid for expansion. It may never get fixed, so live with it or fix it yourself. Same as any other mod. Dwall is working on 5.3 so he's probably not going to worry about bugs in 5.2 or earlier at this point. Now if you want to float him a couple hundred to fix YOUR issue, go ahead He might be motivated to help you in that case!
  5. Can't help with the chart. Nitrate is found all over the place in sinks and cabinets. It is also in several POI's as stalagmites and stalactites. Not sure how much of it you need. I'm not a builder, just a looter.
  6. Win one for the wild guess I pulled out of nowhere
  7. Have you tried different types of ammo? For instance, let's say you're using flammable rounds, go with standard. If you're using standard try the green ones or the flammable ones. Also, try different guns. Maybe it says beretta shotgun, but it really uses the Famas or AK47. Those are just ideas. I typically start over so often I never get much past stage 1 or 2 I'm probably not the ideal WotW player. I don't build, except on top of the ship or a Crack-a-book skyscraper and I use creative mode to build a house on day 1. I play just to loot and level up. I don't even care about fighting zombies at all. I still end up killing dozens of the things even on scavenger and with 4 at a time set on hoard days. My goal is to enter every building, loot it, and hoard it at my base. I give myself Taza's Stone axe in slot one and I put 500 bear pie in slot 3 and 100 apple juice in slot two and load up with lock picks. So my whole game is about exploration and looting and I love WotW for it! I also use Epic Cities so my game is a little stuttery since I have so many POI's. It even brings my GTX 1080 down to size! My first week goal is to find enough parts to make a minibike. If I die, and I suck so it happens all the time, I start over. Only one life for this cheater Floated $20 American Dollars across the border to you, Dwall!
  8. Rusty and Edie's was an infamous p0rn BBS, so it was mostly a joke. I was a local sysop back in the C64 days too. That was my first foray into the online world. It ended up getting me a good paying job and out of my mom's basement
  9. Pirate Ships disappear all the time; especially if there is burnt forest biome nearby or if you pass through burnt forest on the way to it. I've seen the Class Trader buidling disappear too, so that's a thing too.
  10. Yeah, but I'm old. 54 in a few days and I've been using computers to communicate since mid-80's. Rusty and Edie's BBS anyone? I love the Sailing Ship POI! It always has a working workbench and often a working chemistry lab. I try to find one of those and set it up as a base. The sails always fall after a few days but they rarely do much damage to the rest of the ship. Since it is high off the ground and has 6000 point blocks at the base, it makes for a great home. If you haul enough dirt it even seems stable enough to grow a garden up top; at least once the sails fall. I'm not sure if the sails would damage the garden, but no sense in taking chances.
  11. I don't even know what discord is.....Is it like IRC for young folks?
  12. Did you just try from inventory? Just click assemble on one of the parts if you have the recipe. I'd try but I'm at work...
  13. Thanks, razar. I guess I haven't been in the wastelands in any of my games. I do get a few frost zombies that are new and I've got one that is missing textures, but it doens't bother me. I could go edit it myself, but too lazy. I basically love all of the new POI's and the awesome loot that can be found. I play this game for the looting. This mod is just like the world's best icing for the zombie cake. I was level 28 on my first horde night! Even though I'm not a zombie killer by design, I killed 236 zombies in the first 7 days. That's really high for me, since I only attack them if they get in the way and I turn off all sleeper zombies, so the buildings are normally completely empty. I'm just dangerous enough with XML edits to modify the game for my style of play. Once I get the crate from the mod, I open it and then scrap everything but the trader note. I then open the creative menu and give myself the Taza Stone Axe at good quality; anything over 250. I use it instead of a shovel, axe, mining tool, hammer, etc. It's good for whacking zombies and all other needs until I have a base.
  14. Hmm, it mentions bandits and stuff, but I've never faced any. I have the game set to 4 zombies for horde night, but I've never seen a bandit. I do get random NPC's that attract all the nearby zombies for me. I can just walk behind those and get free kills for my counter I haven't seen any named zombies either so maybe my mod is broke. However, I'm only on day 4 or so, level 18. Maybe they come out later?
  15. Well, I have a forge and I have calipers, so I will look when I get home tonight and post back. I also have a workbench, but I'm only on Day 2 or 3, so don't have any of the advanced stuff.
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